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[TUTORIAL] Create custom Mario Kart 7 tracks (Basic)
Author Posted on 2015/11/26
TheZoroark007 1. The Model
2. The Collision
3. The KMP

Tools you need:
- EveryFileExplorer: http://florian.nouwt.com/EFE.zip
- The Tool KMPExpander: http://store.dshack.org/index.php?/file/168-kmp-expander/

1. The Model

The first step in creating a custom track is the model. To create a model, you can use Sketchup or any other 3D modeling software. Your model should not have more than 10000 polys and not more than 21 textures. After you have created your model, you should export it as .obj and and then you have two opportunities
1. Use EFE: When you use EFE, you only have to click File-New from File-CTR Graphics (CGFX) and select your model as obj.Insert the name of the course (Gctr_GlideLake for example). Then click the save symbol and save it somewhere. Now open the .szs of the course you want to replace and you are done. This is the faster way , but the textures have no transparency and your CT will most likely lag.
2. Use the NW4C Plugins (http://store.dshack.org/index.php?/file/3-ds-and-3ds-hack-pack/). To use them, move the plugins to your Maya/3DSMax folder and start them with the .bat inside the hackpack.Since I use Maya and I couldn´t find out how to use this in 3DSMax, I will explain this for Maya Users. First open up Maya with the .bat that is coresponding your Maya version and load up your model. Now press Window window open click
NW4C< NW4C Set Material Attidude and uncheck Fragment lightning.
Now click on NW4C (Gctr_GlideLake for example). Now open up the Folder you saved the file to and open CreativeStudio
(In the DShack Pack). Now load your course in there and select opttimize Now import the course with EveryFileExplorer into your .szs and you are done. This way takes longer,
but the result is much better!

2. The Collision
Every track needs a collision. If it wouldn´t, you would fell down the floor the whole time. So, how do we create a coll:
1. Take your model and delete everything the driver will never touch (like the cover of a cave). Attention: The collision must be exactly where the model is or it won´t work, so use the model of your Custom Track (CT) without moving it.
2. Export your collision as .obj and open up EveryFileExplorer (EFE). There click File
the fields where there is 0000 insert one of these values( depends on what the material should be,
like lava,mud,water,wall,road...):
Now save the .kcl as whatevername.kcl and import it into the same .szs file you imported your model.

and now the hardest part:
3. The KMP
This is something that tells the game where the enemy should drive, where you are out of bounds, where item boxes are and so on...
To do so, open up KMPExpander, import an already existing .kmp (you can dump that from the .szs you are using for your track). Then click view and select the .obj from your collision. You should now see many points and your course. Now you have to move the enemy points (don´t add new ones, that could cause crashing) and press the right mouse button and the KMPExpander will auto-calculate the Y-Value. Do this with all enemy points/item-points and (at least) the goal in the object section (you can also move everything there.)
And now to the part where most people fail: The checkpoints. First of all I found out that there is a min. distance between the red and green checkpoint, so you shouldn´t put them too close. But you should also do not put them too far I think... So move them around your track so that it has all the green points where it´s left from the driver and all red points right from the driver.
Now save and import the KMP into your szs.

You are now done! Now just insert the file into your romfs folder and rebuild!

EFE: Gericom.
KMP Expander: Ermelber.
Hack Pack: Nintendo, but leaked by MKGirlism.
KCL List: MKGirlism and Stewie1.0
Author Posted on 2017/09/09
ShadowLink Can you do a tutorial with blender, because it's slightly easier to have a basic track shape in there.
Author Posted on 2017/09/09
SGC Yellow Locking this thread from further replies.
The thread creator is no longer around, there has been no update of any sort since 2015.
If anyone want's to make an more up to date tutorial go ahead.

(Also making it in Blender is easy enough, just make it there export it to OBJ, then import it into Maya).