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Kinda Unnamed MK7 Hack
Author Posted on 2015/12/01
szymbar Yo, Szymbar here presenting a project I was working on today.
(Actually I bet none of you expected I would do it but still :P)


(that's the name. It's canon I guess, unless I find a better name :3)

- 32 brand new Staff Ghosts, all created by me.
- Cyan Yoshi. Finally he's complete. I started making this texture hack from zero, since the incomplete one was really lacking.
- Egg 2. Yes, the bad boy from MKDS Beta is back ;)
- Custom Yoshi Emblem.
- Neaty SMDH file and shortcuts
And that's basically it for now.


Release date:
Actually now. Here's the download link. Will host in Hack Store when I get the confirmation email :P
IDK if I'll make any second or third build. I just wanted to make something MK7-related for once that would actually appear in the internets. And yeah, I'm kinda proud of it, honestly. I was a bit worried that I will never release anything out of my workbench since my hacks are messy as fuck, but thanks to Pablo (Pablohack&Glitch) I was able to make cool stuff relatively quick :P

- Me for all these four changes I made
- Pablo for CTGP-7 source and his batch tools that allowed me to make pretty fast and pretty clean hacks compared to before
- Yoshidude for patience :P
- Moczan/Toby Fox/Stevie 1.0/MKGirlism for inspiring me to do it again

Oh and I'm actually kinda eager to merge all this stuff into a bigger work, anyone interested? As long as you credit me. Aaaand we work together :P
12.1.2015-12.1.2015 Szymbar
Author Posted on 2015/12/01
Super Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........

Also, Szymmy, the language files are on the UI folder, common_xx.szs, and the top left file you see.
Author Posted on 2015/12/01
SGC Yellow I would help but I can only do MKDS specific stuff right now because the computer i'm borrowing doesn't support OpenGL.
But the least I can do is make some models but you or, another person would have to convert them because of no OpenGL support or,
I could just wait until I get my new PC sometime this month... I have been wanting to get into Mario Kart 7 hacking...
It'll take some thinking.
Author Posted on 2015/12/02
ステーウィ1.0 Is it just with all Yoshi's or other characters too?
Also, lol "Stevie1.0"
Author Posted on 2015/12/15
Megakoopax It'll be funny if all the characters were just all Yoshis, I'd play that.