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Battle Stage Tutorial([Tutorial]How to make YOUR battle courses work)
Author Posted on 2016/03/02
Arctus 64 Disclaimer: This tutorial was not made by me, I only decided to move it here from the archive for those who want to try their hand at creating custom battle stages.

For the past week, I've managed to get a fully functioning Battle Course(Take a look at GBA Battle course 2 for example).

Today, I along with the release of GBA Battle Course 2, I present you the Battle Course tutorial

First we have some prerequisites:
Your NSBMD generated through MKDSCM(latest) or Maya/3DS Max
Your NSBTX generated(Texture File)
Your Collision File(KCL)
All of the above in your battle Carc
MKDSCM(latest reccomended)
EFE(Reccomended if MKDSCM doesn't work properly)

Assuming that you have that done we now begin the tutorial.

Note: Remember to Save Often!!!!! Also make backup copies just in-case you do stuff wrong.

1. Cleaning out the NKM file

Step 1 End Result:

(Notice the CPU routes gone)

2. Making CPU(MEPO/MEPA) routes

CPU routes should be your #1 priority. In step one you deleted the CPU routes because using existing CPU routes would be alot harder then not.



2.3 (Neccesary Edits)

(There may be a time where you feel like adding one more MEPA/O point would be useful.)
2.4 Adding more main routes

(There may be a time where you feel like adding one more MEPA/O point would be useful.)
2.5 The Connecting MEPO

I split up the other main route, because I noticed there would be problem if we just leave it as a full Decagon.

2.6 Adding Height to all the MEPO points...
Use MKDSCM's auto Y feature on an object, and then use that Y value as an estimate for the MEPO routes.
For example:

Final Result of step 2:

Now we have all the points that were going to use. Now we need to Connect the routes.
3. Connecting the CPU routes
This is the most time consuming, math involved, hardest, etc. You need to make sure that you have your MEPO points finalized, the the MEPA routes

If you are using EFE, you should save the .carc open the same carc in MKDSCM and use MKDSCM as a reference. Open the carc with MKDSCM, open both the KCL and the NKM.

3.1 & 3.2 The Comes From Column
Now lets find the first MEPO point(This should also be the point where the first MEPA route starts).

Now take note of the point(s) around it that isn't connected

(3.2)Switch to EFE, now we take these two points and apply it in the MEPA.

End result:

(See notes at bottom for maximum amount of settings)

3.3 The "Goes To" Collumn

End result:

Now we do the same thing we did in 3.2, only in the "Goes To Collumn"
3.4 Now we go to point 26(because it's right at 0) and we take note of all the points around it.

Since this is The Connecting MEPO we apply all the points(except for 26 because that is the point/route we're working on) to the Come From and Goes to Column.

3.5 Apply 3.1-3.4 to all of the routes.
Step 3 End Result:

Now the hard part is done.
Step 4: Applying Starting positions, Point Value, and testing the track.
4.1 Take the black dots(starting positions) and put them in the track. Try and get it close to the Origin(Origin = 0, y 0). And adjust the height of the starting positions.

4.2 Go to the MEPO tab and adjust the point Value to all of the MEPO... Reccomended Point Values is between 50(for smaller sections) to 175(for larger sections.)

Now we test it in game....

And this works!!!

If this didn't work and freezes in game, go to the OBJI locate Object 6900 and change the Y value so that it is higher then the course(for example course is at 100 units on Y, make 6900 at 500 at Y).

Obji 6900 can control how many balloons you have. Its obji setting 1 is the number of balloons you start activated, and the second the number of balloons yow can use. In battle is always 00010005 (I think) 1 balloon activated, 5 you can activate. If you set to 0, you will get an endless battle.
The amount of settings in MEPA cannot exceed 4. Example of maximum amount:

From here continue working on your track like a regular custom track.