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Sonic Adventure 64 - (C3 2015 Demo || Progress Thread)
Author Posted on 2016/05/18
Pablo's Corner

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Welcome to the Summer C3 2015 demo of Sonic Adventure 64!

It's been an interesting time developing this demo with LuigiXHero, BlackStone187 and DobieMeltfire. A lot of ideas thrown around and well, here it is! We hope you enjoy the demo and write what you think.

In this demo, you'll explore Emerald Coast and beat the Whomp King,
Collect 8 Red Rings, and collect 100 rings.

The Team:

This is Sonic Adventure 64! A mod of Super Mario 64 where you can play Sonic Adventure stages in Super Mario 64 and you can even play as Sonic!

More details to come soon as the mod is developed.



More to come soon!