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Mario Kart: Super Circuit Hacking
Author Posted on 2016/06/30
SGC Yellow Arctus, and I have recently figured out how to use YY-CHR to edit sprites in MKSC, a simple edit can be seen here.

-----Tools you'll need-----

- VisualBoyAdvance Emulator, to extract the palettes for the sprites you want to edit.

- YY-CHR, to Edit the sprites.

-----Steps to follow for the Palette-----
1. Open your rom in VisualBoyAdvance.

2. Go through the in-game menus until you get to the Character Select Screen, and select the character that you would like to edit.

3. After you do that, go to Tools in the menubar of VisualBoyAdvance, and select Palette Viewer.

4. In the window that opens, go to the bottom and click Save OBJ, and choose the name and directory that you want to save to, this will save the palette of each moving object on-screen, including the character that you have selected.

-----Step to follow for editing the sprites-----
1. Open your rom in YY-CHR, and go to the button that says Input &address when you hover over it.

2. Type in 345800 and click OK.

3. You should then be at the first player sprite(Mario facing forward). When you gain your bearings, open the palette that you saved with VisualBoyAdvance and in the Palette selection, scroll all the way to the last row of the palette(this is where the character palette should be).

4. After you do that, go over to the tile selection and scroll down until you find the character you chose to edit.

5. When you get to your character, feel free to do whatever you want to with the character sprite.

Feel free to discuss anything related to MKSC Hacking/Modding, here.
Author Posted on 2016/06/30
Arctus 64 Well, I decided to upload this set of YY-CHR compatible files to aid people who might have trouble with editing the player sprites, you can find it here.
Author Posted on 2016/07/01
SGC Yellow I decided to do this, it turned out pretty nice. Now I have to do the rest of Mario's sprites.
Author Posted on 2016/07/16
Arctus 64
Feel free to discuss anything related to MKSC Hacking/Modding, here.

Well, looks like I can't read, so I guess I'll be posting my music hack here as well.

Well, I decided to read into how midi program changes work on GBA, and now I can safely say that the MKSC music hack that I made earlier much more closely resembles the N64 Circuit version than it does in my first attempt.
Author Posted on 2017/07/22
BM1467 Hey Arctus quick question, what program(s) did you use to music Hack MKSC? I want to give music hacking a shot
Author Posted on 2017/07/22
Arctus 64 I used Sappy 2006, although, I can't remember which version it was...
Author Posted on 2017/07/22
BM1467 thanks dude
Author Posted on 2017/07/22
BM1467 dang sappy doesnt work on windows 10 :(
Author Posted on 2017/07/23
ItemBox Not a hacker myself (just a lurker), but maybe you could try compatibility mode?
Author Posted on 2017/07/23
BM1467 ill try that

however the original error i got was this

"Run-time error '339':
Component 'vbalCbEx6.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid"
Author Posted on 2017/07/23
User 213 Then you're just missing a file, that's not Windows 10's fault. Try downloading that file off somewhere and putting in system32 or idk.
Author Posted on 2017/07/23
BM1467 I got it to work! I'm going to try to make a music hack
Author Posted on 2017/07/24
BM1467 ok i got good news and bad news

the good news is i found the table address for the song i want to replace

the bad news is when i replaced the song, and enter the game, it doesnt play anything just straight silence
Author Posted on 2017/07/25
BM1467 Honestly im willing to pay $5 paypal if someone can teach me or make a video on how to music hack Mario Kart Super Circuit
Author Posted on 2017/07/25
テクニカル諏訪子 Give me $995 more, and I'm in!


People here will help you at no cost, just as long as they know how.
If they don't, they won't. If they do, they eventually will. ;)
Author Posted on 2017/07/25
BM1467 yeah you'll probably right but i hope someone decides to help me if they know
Author Posted on 2017/11/02
WaluigiX Post removed by the author
Author Posted on 2017/11/02
SGC Yellow I removed the link to your hack, it's too similar to the retail version of the game with just 1 single change,
a simple Luigi recolor won't cut it.

You can re-upload it as an xdelta patch if you want, but I also recommend you make a thread for this hack,
if you plan on going on with it more, and doing more in the future.
Author Posted on 2018/01/16
BM1467 a friend and I are going to try to figure a way to make custom tracks for MKSC.

More to follow
Author Posted on 2018/09/15
WaluigiX I'm working on Dry Bones for Mario Kart Super Circuit.
I will post it on GameBanana when I finish.

I've finished. Download link: