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[CT]Galvarny Falls - V4 Released
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
Baoulettes Hello

I present you here my incoming custom track.
After a long absence of myself (maintly due the fact i had to repair my 3DS) here I am.

This custom track had first design on paper because I love drawing I used to watch ton of mario kart video all game serie to get what their special touch is and my goal in all my CT for now will be to keep that special paw they put in their work.

So here we go I will post time line screenshot dev to in game this way you will know how i proceed in creation in case you wonder :)

ScreenShot :
All pictures are clickable to get them in full resolution :)
I started with a simple road first.

Then I started to apply a texture (notice that still the same I use now :D)

but what is a road without "wall" to keep them? Well terrain formation here i come :)

You will say, that good Baou but where are your promised falls ?! well here two tiny then ...

And so these two was too tiny ? you wanted to see it from close? here you go big FALLs and a bridge near it. Enjoy :D

That cool but i want another bridge ... and .. an ARROW !

Now what about we go Under falls but not in water more like... Say no more !

You want more falls ? mountain ? and more bridge and boost pad?

Now all my dev screenshot are done here the tiny map itself to give you an idea :)

Now let see my first test ingame maintly focused on Light system :)

Then more about animation of water and falls + alpha based on vertex colours (transition :))

Now what about this boost pad :D

Now well added sun (moved a bit since) better colours for water and fall, light as become a bit more yellow to put a different atmosphere.

Change a bit the Minimap reworked Tree to palm.
Added temporary Items box and coins on minimap (will it stay like that in game? no idea.)

Reworked Fully the tiny map :)

Here my Todo List :
Visual :
Need Value for "go through water" but no fallboundary... If anyone have thanks :)

Change Cameras

Minimap :


You have suggestion or idea for this CT ?
Idea for my next CT ? (theme will be ruins)

Change Log :
Update 4.0 :
Fix BCLIM for minimap.
Fix Minimap position
Now both minimap look Great in game

Update 3.0 :
Removed unused objects.

Improved Mipmap gestion to make the whole track look Way better.
Fixed Startline Shadow

Removed the following folders :

Removed following files :

Update 2.0 :
Removed lag in GP.
Fixed Texture rendering.
Modified Light Colours.
Modified Falls texture/colours

I open to any comment.
Galvarny Falls HackStock
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
mence It looks really great, especially for a W.I.P. You came back at the right time with CTs being possible to play again on 11.0.

There's not much I can really say as it's really well done! Make sure to add a decent amount of coins and 2 to 3 sets of item boxes for the track! Good luck and can't wait for the release.
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
MKGirlism I can't wait to try it out for myself.
There really should be a Tutorial on how to make CTs in Maya, though...
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
SGC Yellow Yep, it looks rather nice, like a mix between Yoshi Falls, and DK Mountain.

I agree, there really should be a tutorial for making CTs in Maya, I've figured it out a little, I'm playing around the KMPe, at the moment. (I think Baoulettes uses 3DS Max, though).
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
Miles Ermiiworth Great job, it reminds me of your wonderful MKWii CTs... I'm glad you make MK7 CTs now
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
Super This is inspiring.
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
I can't wait to try it out for myself.
There really should be a Tutorial on how to make CTs in Maya, though...

Doing anything in Maya was extremely confusing to me. However, I know it can be a powerful tool.

Nice track tho. I like the texture animations and the DK Mountain textures ;)
Author Posted on 2016/08/02
Baoulettes I myself own A9HL so what ever the version that good thanks to ntr layerfs :)

About coins and box they are set already.
I have 3 set of 5 item box to cover the road width.
Coin are placed for now not really great.
I will make a minimap with itembox and coins on it so you can see where they are :)

About a tutorial I can't really teach modeling but you gave me an idea for my next ct.
I could record my modelling session so for those who would like to see how I do on 3DS max I could send it :)

And thank you for the comment :)

about a release well as the todo is pretty short i think the release should be there soon :)

Edit 1 :
Here that tiny map :)

Edit 2 :
Reworked Fully the tiny map :)

Keep in mind I will rework Coins placements.
move a tiny bit set 2 of itembox ~
Author Posted on 2016/08/03
Baoulettes Hello
Sorry if double post isn't really great it just to show there is move.

Here a first release.
01 - Galvarny Falls MEGA
Feel free to mirror it ;)

Here as promised the source of it:
01 - Galvarny Falls SRC

so now here the know issue :
Minimap have weird padding.
Minimap (black and white) not correctly placed.
Falls don't show "splash" (I need KCL id ... but can't find ^^)
Maybe Lags on GP. I can't really fighter on it for today I did tried for hours they are tiny but still present :/
Camera cause they are totaly wrong.
SZS isn't cleaned else it doesn't boot.
No Gombas will be added, maybe Frog.

Here what you can do with SRC and / or szs
What ever you wish !
Put in pack , distribute , mirror I'm fine with if you reuse my model just give credit and we're are fine :)

About .max.
It require 3ds Max 2015 or superior with NW4C plugin installed.
CTEX have been made with photoshop Cs6 NW4C plugin.

Credit :
SZS Generator script by Pablomf6
Texture by Nintendo :P

Tested on OLD 3DS 11.0 E with NTR CFW :)
Author Posted on 2016/08/03
MK7tester Made a video on it so people can see how it plays. I tried to get his permission but he wasn't replying on Skype. Oh well, if he wants me to take down the video, I will.

Author Posted on 2016/08/04
Baoulettes eheh
No worry I had put that on my last past (needed an edit it was not appearing .-.)
so what ever you wish with the ct :)
Author Posted on 2016/08/06
Baoulettes Sorry for double posting (again?)
I updated that track with tiny fix :D

Removed lag in GP.
Fixed Texture rendering.
Modified Light Colours.
Modified Falls texture/colours

I open to any comment.
Galvarny Falls HackStock
Author Posted on 2016/08/10
Baoulettes Made an update on this CT :D
Fixed tiny visual issue, improved visual quality, cleaned SZS and removed unused objects in KMP (Thanks Pablo to notice me that ^^)
The update as been submitted in HackStore ^^

here a short video
Author Posted on 2016/08/10
SGC Yellow It looks really nice, I haven't gotten around to playing it yet though, since I've been a bit busy, lately.