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Guide to playing 3DS games on PC at Full Speed
Author Posted on 2016/09/05
Octoling This is a guide for playing Nintendo 3DS games on your computer at full speed and over. Of course, we will need some tools for this process.
Citra 3DS Emulator Unnoficial GCC JIT Build (CRO Fix) - http://download756.mediafire.com/s4jf9z3989mg/item39o9m99okvw/2016-09-03-fix.zip
Braindump (For dumping roms for the emulator) - https://github.com/neobrain/braindump/releases/download/1.0/braindump.7z
A 3DS with the Homebrew Launcher (Works on 11.0) - http://smealum.github.io/3ds/

First download the emulator (Linked above) and extract it to anywhere on your PC. Then after extracting the emulator you are going to need some games to play on it so first get the Homebrew Launcher (if you already have it you may skip this step) then after you get the homebrew launcher download Braindump, a tool for extracting your 3DS games to decrypted CXI roms (Linked Above) and place that correctly onto your 3DS's SD card. Go to the Homebrew Launcher with your SD card inserted and launch Braindump. It will tell you to choose a target (a game to dump) so chose your game (It can be an eshop game or cart) and press the a button. Be patient and let the rom dump, it may take awhile. Once the rom is done dumping boot up Citra on your computer, configure it how you want it (I will warn you right now it is extremely slow if you disable hardware render). When you are done configuring the emulator you can go to File > Load Game and select the CXI off the root of your 3DS SD card.

I hope this will help some people play their favorite 3DS games on their PCs at good speed and nice resolution.

Thanks for reading!