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[WIP] Coruscant 9
Author Posted on 2017/01/05
ShadowLink My newest custom track is somewhat stuck at 3/4 of the way through it's creation. I don't have the model I would like (Good Egg Galaxy's starting planet), but I want to add a stadium towards the end and a Star Destroyer. The course includes a placeholder finish line, a few steep and sharp turns, part of the Peach's Castle area from Super Mario Galaxy, and Gateway Galaxy's starting planet. I would like it to be one of the courses that play out in sections rather than laps, due to it's size, and include a cannon warp that takes you right before the finish line. I'm looking for someone that knows how to get the model (GEG's starting planet) and that knows how to do cannon placement for Custom Tracks. Thank you for your time. :linkMK:
Author Posted on 2017/01/05
Author Posted on 2017/01/05
PabloMK7 I love the idea :)
The GEG's starting planet should be inside an arc in ObjectData folder, there are a lot of tools to convert brres files to obj. The problem is MK7 handles about 10000 triangles, so you'll have to reduce the poly count. For cannon points, I can help.
Author Posted on 2017/01/05
ShadowLink Thanks. I'll tell you when the KMP is ready.
Author Posted on 2017/01/06
ShadowLink For the triangle limit, is it the whole track (KMP Objects, Track, Skybox, etc.) or just the road model?

The Cannon at the end. I don't know how to configure it, but the track is near completion. The cannon entity uses the KCL to identify when to trigger, but theres multiple options in the KCL Calculator. I want to know how to do it for future tracks (Wowser Castle, Toad Circuit 2, Rosalina's Observatory, etc.). This isn't covered in the tutorial you put on YouTube, so you might want to make one that covers this.
Author Posted on 2017/01/06
ShadowLink Progress Update:
Author Posted on 2017/01/07
mence Looks really nice! Love it.
Author Posted on 2017/01/08
Baoulettes Wow yes that look really nice
I was not expecting such quality :D
for sure this one will be in my game later just because it will fit in perfectly :)
Author Posted on 2017/01/09
Author Posted on 2017/09/09
ShadowLink Drastic Changes to the track design have happened, Textures are not Final, and this is not what you will see in-game. I plan to keep the same concept, but I decided to make it in EVEN HIGHER quality so that it can be ported onto consoles easier. Not the final polygon count either.
Author Posted on 2017/09/10
PabloMK7 That won't work on MK7 physics , there are some places where the road is too steep.
Author Posted on 2017/09/10
ShadowLink I figured that out after a while. It would work better if I flattened some sections, such as the spiral at the end and the s-shaped part towards the beginning. Thanks for the input though.
Author Posted on 2017/09/10
ShadowLink How do I do the boost pad animations? Or who do I ask?
Author Posted on 2017/10/07
ShadowLink Okay. So,... as per usual, no post-worthy progress besides PURE RAGE, but anyhow, the track is NOT coming to MK7 unless someone wants to be my guinea pig and test it :D. The course has a possibility of being on the DS, but will likely be VERY jagged because of the face count. It's set for Mario Kart Wii, but it doesn't quite work... Anyway, I haven't given up on this track, it looks beautiful, and It will be the Rainbow Road course for my Mario Kart Remake in the Unity Engine. Hope you guys like the finished product, though.