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Your Custom Karts!
Author Posted on 2017/01/30
tomix Post your custom karts here.

These shall be released fairly soon and hopefully be included in CTGP-7!

MKDS Standard

W25 Silver Arrow
Author Posted on 2017/01/30
ShadowLink Those look amazing!! The Detail though!
Author Posted on 2017/02/01

Just finished working on this, need to add shaders and the emblem spots now :)
Author Posted on 2017/02/01
ShadowLink Are you taking requests for custom karts? (I want the X-Wing instead of the B Dasher)
Author Posted on 2017/02/08
User 419 Maybe someone could port/remodel Wario's unused kart from the kiosk demo to mk7?

It would be cool to use a vehicle that was lost to the development cycle of mkds...
Author Posted on 2017/02/09

Silver arrow should be posted soon. I'll be working on the Dry Bomber from MKDS next.