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I just got an idea on how to test ds rom hacks without a flashcard!
Author Posted on 2017/05/27
Mallis So! As you can tell by the title, i have an idea. I bet others have thought of this but what if we exploit the download play function on a 3ds to load ds and 3ds rom hacks without custom firmware? I dont see why this isnt a bad idea. I dont know anything on how the dp funtion works but maybe someone who doeant have a life like me would be willing to look into it! If it is bluetooth how dp works then someone can make an app or program that loads roms like a ds or 3ds and on an actual ds or 3ds it would find it and download it to play! I dont know how to go about this but if anybody does and is willing please take on this project! If it is already a thing, again let me know!!
Author Posted on 2017/05/27
SGC Yellow Download play is kind of a touch subject, but I can already tell you that this would not be possible.
When you play a game via download play, the entire game is downloaded to the RAM of the DS/3DS,
and there's far from enough room in RAM to store an entire full length game.
Further more, this would not be possible on the 3DS, either, since when the 3DS enters DS download play,
it goes into DS Mode, and gains all of the limitations of an actual DS, including RAM size, and there's not really anyway around that.

Not to mention the DS, and 3DS use no Bluetooth technology.

I have played around with cracked versions, and dev versions of DS Download play on both the DS, and 3DS,
so I know a good bit about how it works.

You can play CTs via DS Download Play in MKDS via Single Card Multiplayer, but if you use an object that's not in one of the original download play courses, the game will crash,
this is because the full version of MKDS is NOT sent in download play, instead, a optimized version of the ARM 9, and such is sent to the guest DS, and far from everything is there.

When you play MKDS with another version via Single Card download play, you're really just playing a different smaller version of MKDS all together.
Author Posted on 2017/05/27
Not to mention Bluetooth wasn't a thing yet when the DS was released

So wrong.
Author Posted on 2017/05/27
SGC Yellow Oh, I see now, it was in 1998, I've always thought it was sometime around 2006, or something,
but I guess that's when it became main stream, my apologies.
Author Posted on 2017/05/27
Mallis then using what a 3ds uses to do dp, could it be possible to make something that you install to your computer, like a usb device and put games on there for download play, since it doesnt use bluetooth?
Author Posted on 2017/05/27
SGC Yellow No, if you read my post again, you can see that I said that it's impossible due to RAM size limitations, it cannot be worked around, or changed.
Plus, sending DS software to 3DS Mode Download Play won't work, either.

The amount of RAM on a DS cannot be changed, and you cannot fit full retail games on the RAM, there quite simply isn't enough memory.

Trust me, if it was possible to send full retail games like MKDS via download play, Nintendo themselves would have taken advantage of it.
(The Single Card Play mode in MKDS wouldn't have been so limited, if it were possible).