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Useful tips & tricks for hacking
Author Posted on 2017/07/19
Platinatic I thought it would a nice idea to have a thread where people can submit tips & tricks that could be useful for hacking. I'll start off with a few that I came up with.

Modeling (in blender)
» Removing Doubles (Vertexes with the same location)
Sometimes, models will have doubles. Doubles serve no purpose in the model and only make the model annoying to work with. That's why we remove them.
In Blender, there's a button which easily allows you to remove the doubles from a model.
You can find it in the menu on the left in the 3D-View under "Tools".

The geometry looks fine in the first picture, but in the second picture you can see that it's actually disconnected.

From my experience, models ripped from games have doubles pretty frequently. So I always make sure to get rid of them before I start editing.

» Using Bezier Curves
Bezier curves can be very useful to make smooth geometry, even when you can't have too many polygons. I use them to make the road of my custom tracks.
Here's my proces:
-I make a curve which has the shape of the road that I want.
EDIT: In edit mode, you can add more curve handles/points by pressing E to extrude them.
If you want to make your curve loop, select the loose end and press F to "fill" them, which will connect them. You can also connect them by pressing Alt+C in edit mode or by going into the properties menu and ticking this box:

I also change the Preview U to something lower like 5 or 6. This will make the curve less smooth, but it will also reduce the polygon count.

-Then I make an a simple shape, which is usually just a straight line. I apply this to the previous curve later to create a road.

-I also convert it to a curve, because otherwise you can't apply it. To do this press Alt+C while in object mode.

-Then I make the second curve the bevel object of the first curve.

-Now the shape is done! The only thing you'll have to do now is convert it to a mesh. It's the same as the third step, but you pick the other option.

You can make more than just roads with this. You can also make fences, tunnels, pipes, whatever you can come up with.

I usually don't make my entire track out of this. I use it for specific segments. You don't have to make your entire track out of a curve.

I have more tips about making textures and making music, but I'll add them if people like this idea.
Author Posted on 2017/07/19
SGC Yellow Actually, this is a really nice idea, and I think this will certainly help people who want to make CTs with Blender,
very nice job here, I think I will certainly be using this thread myself!
Author Posted on 2017/07/19
Toadio Nice tutorial. This is really helpful to those who want to learn blender.