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FYI regarding Yami
Author Posted on 2017/07/24
テクニカル諏訪子 OK, so Yami has become completely unreachable since her latest Tweet.
Some people have seen a similar event before, but most haven't.
And since I know her like no other, I've decided to inform everyone about this matter.

Yami (MKGirlism) is not feeling so well again, which means she has temporarily taken distance from the internet.
As well as I know her, this is all temporary, and she'll be back in full in the future.
When? That's unpredictable.

It can last as little as a few days, but it can also last as long as a few years, there's no way to accurately determine this.
But unlike last time, the team and I will make sure to prevent this site from being taken offline, and we'll therefore continue our full operation.

Since I have all the permissions set to true, I'll take responsibility into my hands for the time being.
I asked the staff to continue as usual, and not to worry too much about Yami, it could only make things worse.
She has done this multiple times before in her life, and she always came back after some time.

I've spread the word here, but I'm not sure how I can inform the Star Fox Online community in a trustworthy manner, which is another community she runs.
Author Posted on 2017/07/24
Miles Ermiiworth Well... that's sad to hear this again... 2014 flashbacks
Thanks Blavs for informing us, I thought something had happened but I didn't feel it was a big deal.
You're right, we don't have to worry, things will be better for her someday.

Also, that tweet is very sad but it sounds like something that she can overcome. I hope she will feel better soon.
Author Posted on 2017/07/24
Toadio Its sad to hear this and I hope it gets better for her soon.
Author Posted on 2017/07/25
StarTrekVoyager Yeah, I hope that too. I don't really know wher but as any human being I hope she gets better.
Author Posted on 2017/07/27
LeonisaTrotsky I can't help but notice that tweet is 2 years and 1 week after I went through a similar event. I hope she feels better soon.
Author Posted on 2017/08/27
User 580 Hope Yami recovers, she's a nice forum owner. I wish her the best for her future. :)
And yeah, I remember the first time she disappeared back in late 2013-early 2014 or so. :(