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Edit.carc - An Early Emblem Editor
Author Posted on 2017/07/27
Louiskovski The emblem editor, that let's you make your own emblem symbols for your kart, had an interesting development history, as it already startet in the kiosk demo version in an early form. However, the final has an archive containing early graphics from the final editor, named "Edit.carc", while the final uses Emblem.carc and Emblem_XY.carc (Where XY is, is the language).

It is not possible to get this working in the game, since this archive is missing some files, that the final uses. When adding the missing files, the screen will look corrupted, so it may worked on an earlier version of the game (but a later version than the Kiosk Demo).

The structure is similar to the editor from the Kiosk Demo, as there are only 3 templates: a ball, a star and a heart.

The small window on the top left corner show varios collours, like it did in the Kiosk Demo. On the bottom, there's a long bar with "START" at the left side. In the Proto, there was a simple S icon instead, and in the final, there are a SELECT and START field.

This is most likey the background screen for the editor. In the final, it's a moving blue screen with stars on it.
This is, how it look combined:

Like in the Proto, various icons with different sizes are present there. No graphic for an eraser can be found, instead, there's a mysterious icon with a blue square.

Compared with the other versions:

Since, there's missing a lot of files, including the positions of some icons and such, i made a mockup screen, how it might have looked:

And here compared with the other versions:

Strange, that the game has so many archives, that are early versions of other archives :P
Author Posted on 2017/07/27
knms360 It is amazing! Looking for unused is fun!

For what purpose the orange arrows ...