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CTGP-7 Installation Error-please help!!
Author Posted on 2018/02/20
User 637 I want to install the CTPG-7 ROM hack using HANS, but when I download the 7zip package, the 'copytosd' folder that's supposed to be there is missing. I'ts not in the folder anywhere! If someone could get me a download link to this specific folder, that would be great. I really want to try this hack out though, so any help is useful!
Author Posted on 2018/02/20
テクニカル諏訪子 From its tutorial as seen on GBATemp:

11. Copy the contents of "output" folder near Build_CTGP7.bat to the root of your SD.
Author Posted on 2018/02/27
PabloMK7 What Technical Suwako said. However I recommend you using NTR method if you have CFW as it's much better.