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How do I edit track names?
Author Posted on 2018/03/18
nohax3win I'm back at the hacking again. I don't think that is proper English, but who cares?

I want to know how to edit track names in Mario Kart 7. I know how to do it in Mario Kart DS and Wii though. It might not be too hard. All I need to know are the programs I need and where to find the file containing track names. I am assuming it's a BMG file inside of another file, like DS and Wii.

Thanks for your help!

Edit: I found out how.
Author Posted on 2018/05/15
PabloMK7 You are looking for the 8KB file inside UI/Common-XX.szs where XX is the lang code. (First letter region, second letter language)
Then use any msbt editor with that file.
Author Posted on 2018/05/15
mkdshacker @nohax3win. Please teach me how i change track names on MKDS please