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�?QUIZ】Our perfect math class
Author Posted on 2018/07/13
テクニカル諏訪子 Just provide your answer and maybe your reason too.

�?Question 1】
A bus left the Scarlet Devil Mansion; three people boarded at the start
At Hakugyokurou, one left and half a person boarded
At Yakumo-san's house, two people left; so how many passengers in total?

�?Question 2】
At Reimu's home, someone broke a million-yen vase
Eientei's Eirin came to reimburse her
The prankster Tewi feigns ignorance; what is the final amount of compensation?
Author Posted on 2018/07/13
SGC Yellow Question 1 = Fifty percent of a single person is left on the bus, I suppose.
I have no idea how you could have only half a person, so I'm just going to assume it's a whole person who was cut in half vertically,
and is somehow alive, and able to board a bus.

Question 2 = Couldn't tell you, I'm far from perfect at math so.. 9 yen?
Although, I feel like it's some kind of riddle referencing something...
Author Posted on 2018/07/14
テクニカル諏訪子 �?Answer 1】
The answer is, the answer is, zero people, zero people
That's because, that's because,
There are no buses in Gensokyo!

�?Answer 2】
The answer is, the answer is, zero yen, zero yen,
That's because, that's because
There's no way that vase exists