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Swampert Kart Ds
Author Posted on 2018/07/25
MURILOKDS This Is My New Project Of Hacking In MKDS, I Want To Create New Courses, Character, Music, Etc.

Courses List

Nitro Cup
Mushroom Cup

1.Interlagos Racetrack
(The f1 Brazilian Course in MKDS W/Figure 8 Circuit Theme)

(The City Of The Lorax In MKDS w/ Thneedville Song)

3.Engenho Beach
(The São Sebastião's Beach In MKDS w/Peach Beach Song)

4.Mysterious Woods
(Forest With UFO's, Aliens, Big Foot, And Walking Trees w/X-files Theme)

Flower Cup

1.wii Mushroom Gorge
(MG w/Wii Mushroom Gorge Theme)

2.Italy Circuit
(A Circuit In Italy w/ Bad Piggies Theme)

3.Urban Woods
(A Road In A Urban Forest w/Chemical Plant Zone Song)

4.Polar Town
(A Circuit In The North Pole With Santa w/ GCN Sherbet Land Song)

Star Cup

1.Sky Circuit
(A Circuit In Sky w/Mute City)

2.Island Raceway
(A Circuit In A Little Island With 5 Laps w/Maple Treeway Song)

3.n64 (mk8) Toads Turnpike
(Toads Turnpike w/n64 Toads Turnpike Theme)

4.Sandstorm Ruins
(A Road In A Desert With Pyramids And Sandstorm w/Darude Sandstorm)

Special Cup

1.Downtown Driftway
(A Race In A Metropolis Downtown w/Chemical Plant Zone Song)

2.Lazy Town
(The Lazy Town City In MKDS w/We Are Number One Song)

3.Aclimação Park
(The Best São Paulo's Park In Mkds w/Maple Treeway Song)

4.Rainbow Road
(Just A Normal Rainbow Road w/MKAGP Rainbow Road)

Stars Cup

Canopus Cup

1.mk8 Sweet Sweet Canyon
(Mk8 SSC w/Sweet Sweet Canyon Music)

2.Resort Beach
(A Beach Resort w/Cheep Cheep Lagoon Song)

3.wii Moo Moo Meadows
(The Classic Mkwii Course in MKDS w/Moo Moo Meadows Song)

4.Swamperts Summit
(Swamperts Ski Base w/Dk Summit Song )

Antares Cup

1.Metal Alien Raceway
(The Metal Alien Raceway)

2.3ds Music Park (Melody Motorway)
(The Classic Mk7 Course in MKDS w/Music Park Theme)

3.Japan Driftway
(A Circuit In Japan)

4.Mineirinho Circuit


1.Latin City
(A city in latin america w/Saidera)

2.Franco's Gorge
(Franco's Gorge w/Mushroom Gorge Music)

3.gba Snow Land

4.Lorenzo's Garden
(Lorenzo's Garden w/ ds Peach Garden Song)


1.Toussaint Tour

2.? Forest
(? Forest w/Yoshi Star Galaxy Music)

3.Scatman Raceway
(Sctaman w/Im The Scatman)

4.Super Final Course

Battle Courses

1.Battle Stadium
(Stadium w/Stadium Rave A)

2.North Kingdoms

3.Wreck Fields

4. n64 Block Fort
(Block Fort w/ds Battle Theme)

5.Lunar Plains
(A Lunar Battle Course w/gba Rainbow Road Song)

6.wii Thwomp Desert
(Thwomp Desert w/Thwomp Desert)





4.Soubic the Hēgerräng

5.É na sola da bota triangle

6.Supah Mayro


(My Dog)

Where I Need Help

Custom Tracks
Can Someone Make Sandstorm Ruins For Me?
Custom Karts
I Want To Create Custom Karts, Give Me Your Ideas, Or Create It And Send Me Later
Nkm Edition
I Can't Edit Nkm, If Someone Make It For Me, It Will Be Great

If You Want To Participate Send Me An Email (I'll Don't Accept Kart/Characters Models If U Don't Participate of The Project)

*Respawn Problem Solved
Engenho Beach: https://prnt.sc/kbup2k
Author Posted on 2018/07/25
SGC Yellow 14. ALWAYS show proof, when Posting a new Hack Project.
When you start a Project, you must always include at least 1 Screenshot and/or Video, to your Thread.
Screenshots must show in-game Content or Menu, Screenshots with Icons, Title Bars, Task Bars, and other irrelevant Content will be counted as "No Screenshot", same Applies to Videos.
Additionally, your Thread must have a decent Description about the Project, so no more Hippies Posts, or some vague Future Talk.

This thread fails to meet Term 14 expectations in our Terms of Service, and as such, I'm locking it.

Yes, you did supply a video, but all you did was change course names on the menu, which anyone can do in 10 seconds,
so I'm going to say that simple edits like changing the course names on the Menu, of Character names,
don't fall into the range of content significant enough to support your hack.

Unless you can show off work you did on your own that's in-game this thread is staying locked.
We don't do these kinds of threads here where you practically just ask people if they'll do things for you,
without having done anything to contribute yourself.

Send me a PM when you make a few things for this on your own, and you have screenshots of it, and I'll unlock this thread.
Not to mentioned, I'm not even sure if you asked Ermii, or anyone else permission that you plan to borrow from if you could use the stuff you plan to use from them.
Your hack just seems to be filled with Hack Store stuff other people have made when it comes to Retro Courses, another big red flag here.
Not that you can't as long as you get proper permission, but that's usually super boring, as it brings nothing new to the table,
and it's just CTs people have already played.


Original post is contained in the spoiler above, the creator of this thread has shown content significant enough to satisfy Term 14 expectations,
as such this thread is now unlocked. I also added the video to the creator's original post.
Author Posted on 2018/08/20
MURILOKDS Battle Courses List Added
Author Posted on 2018/08/21
MURILOKDS Courses List Updated
Author Posted on 2018/08/21
テクニカル諏訪子 Maybe a better idea to remove the "quote" tags around every separate course?
Because it takes forever to scroll to the next post. Σ(・∀・;)
Author Posted on 2018/08/21
Rover This forum really lags my phone. But I don't any interest in this hack so it doesn't matter for me.
Author Posted on 2018/08/21
テクニカル諏訪子 So I went ahead and removed all the quote tags and turned all the YouTube embeds to links.
Should be much more readable now and far less laggy.
Author Posted on 2018/08/21
Rover Oh hey it doesn't lag. Thanks.
Author Posted on 2018/08/22
MURILOKDS Courses List Finished, 1 More Battle Course Added
Author Posted on 2018/08/29
MURILOKDS Courses List Updated
Author Posted on 2018/08/30
MURILOKDS Characters List Updated
Author Posted on 2018/09/02
MURILOKDS Courses List Updated
Author Posted on 2018/09/02
MURILOKDS Course List Updated
Author Posted on 2018/09/03
MURILOKDS Battle Courses List Finished
Author Posted on 2018/09/03
CaptainLuigi All battles courses are finished ?
Author Posted on 2018/09/03
MURILOKDS No, I forgot To Say that the list is finished
Author Posted on 2018/09/29
User 759 No download?
Author Posted on 2018/09/29
テクニカル諏訪子 If it's not finished yet, then there is no download indeed.
Author Posted on 2018/10/18
MURILOKDS I changed the name and characters and some courses
Author Posted on 2018/10/19
MURILOKDS Characters List Updated
Author Posted on 2018/10/20
MURILOKDS Courses List Updated
Author Posted on 2018/10/20
MURILOKDS Rainbow Road Finished, Im Making The Nkm
Author Posted on 2018/10/21
MURILOKDS https://youtu.be/L5qC1NAY4fI
Author Posted on 2018/10/24
MURILOKDS Course list updated, music hack made, arranged by me
Author Posted on 2018/10/28
MURILOKDS Course List Updated
Author Posted on 2018/10/28
User 522 Me, I wonder me if that's a very good idea to remove the basics
Author Posted on 2018/10/29
MURILOKDS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ5g8So0gVk
Author Posted on 2018/10/30
MURILOKDS Character list updated