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Help out an advanced MK7 player
Author Posted on 2018/07/30
User 710 Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this website looking for some track checkpoints, and I need some help. Thankfully, I noticed in one of the threads on this site someone posted a checkpoint map for Toad Circuit and rCoconut Mall. That was really helpful for our community but we still need help. Major strides have been taken on retro Bowser Castle 1 recently and it has come to our attention that maybe more shortcuts are possible than just the Ultra Shortcut we all love and hate. But no one in the community knows how to access the checkpoints for the original nintendo tracks for this game. If someone could help out the cause and help us learn how to get access to such a checkpoint map, or just posting the checkpoint map for rBC1 on here, that would be awesome!

Sincerely, The Mario Kart Players Page Community
Author Posted on 2018/08/05
PabloMK7 Hey there!
I don't think there are more shortcuts looking at the checkpoints. Also I could just send you an screenshot but I think it's better you get the tools so you can take a more detailed look.
If you have the MK7 romfs you can use EveryFileExplorer to extract the kmp and then use KMP Expander to view it.