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Thread: How do you make a KMP?
Author Posted on 2015/11/18
User 139 So, I've been wanting to mod MK7. I've got kmp expander, and have created the checkpoints(I think so, at least). Whenever I load the course in-game(with HANS) I get a whitescreen, which seemingly means I don't have the points in bounds. So, I just deleted the item and enemy points(this is time trial mode), and retried. Still doesn't work. I've never modding MK before, so honestly I don't know what I'm doing. Any help and other tips would be appreciated.

Thread: How do you make a KMP?
Author Posted on 2015/11/21
User 139
Never Delete Enemy/Item Points entirely, create a new Path instead (or otherwise, put them in a Circle, if you don't care about CPU and Items yet).
Also make sure none of these Points, and neither the Start Line Object, comes beneath the Model (tip: Hold the right Mouse Button while moving the Points, in order to position the Y Axis correctly).

Oh, I see. Thanks! I didn't figure it would matter because I'm testing in time trial mode.