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Thread: Mario Kart Toolbox
Author Posted on 2015/07/06
tomix 3ds max and May are more popular because they are what the industry uses. Blender is more hobby grade.
Thread: 3D Modelling Program Discussion
Author Posted on 2015/07/06
tomix In order to not derail other threads with this topic, have any discussions regarding modelling programs here.
Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2015/07/06
tomix Can you please have This redirect to just dshack.org? All of my devices still have the old link as a bookmark and it's frustrating to change them all.
Thread: 3D Modelling Program Discussion
Author Posted on 2015/07/06

you shouldn't have posted this in nyanland

I didn't know where it should have gone so i put it here. Sue me

plus i don't want to get yelled at
Thread: 3D Modelling Program Discussion
Author Posted on 2015/07/06

because with other tools you can't really make polygons

of course you can
Thread: 3D Modelling Program Discussion
Author Posted on 2015/07/08

sketchup sux

i think you should sux my dick, i don't find sketchup bad at all maybe you just can't use it :V

Have you even touched a real 3d program before? If not, you don't have a right to say it isn't bad.
Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2015/07/17
tomix How about in addition to having the Shout button, having a shout sent when you press enter. If someone wants to do another line, then they would need to do shift + enter.
Thread: 3D Modeling/Render Thread
Author Posted on 2015/07/20
tomix Post any model pictures or renders here! Feel free to ask for modeling help aswell!

Something i'm working on:

currently 80k triangles
Thread: Your Dong Name
Author Posted on 2015/07/21
tomix Hard Dong Bitch
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
what about the delfino square crash glitch? did you fix it, because this is made for actual hardware righ?

I fixed that months ago. It crashes because the game is hardcoded to load the bridge model from the nkm. You fix this by adding the bridge model and animations to your course carc and add it in the nkm. Then it won't crash anymore.
Thread: Trouble Deciding What Next-Gen Console to Get.
Author Posted on 2015/07/26
tomix PS4 is clearly dominating this generation, so I'd go with a PS4.
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2015/07/28
I can imagine Ermii Kart 7
or Ermii Kart DS ported over the Wii so Ermii Kart wii

MKW already has enough custom tracks and mods imo. Why not work towards MK8 and MK7? :P
Thread: Tutorial - How to make a custom Kart
Author Posted on 2015/08/15
tomix Hi all, since I'm capable of making this tutorial now, here it is.

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a custom kart for MKDS. For this tutorial, you will need the following:

A Modelling program that is NOT Sketchup (This is very important!)
3ds max 2011 32-bit ONLY! (Find this yourself)
DS and 3DS Hack Pack - http://store.dshack.org/index.php?/file/3-ds-and-3ds-hack-pack/
Notepad++ - Google this
Image editing software (Photoshop or Gimp are prefered)
Mario Kart DS Course Modifier 4.0
g3dctvr - http://puu.sh/jCQHL/8a8b5ea740.7z

Part 1: The Basics

Before I tell you how to make karts, I will explain how karts work in Mario Kart DS. Please do not skip this section, as it's crucial that you don't miss a small piece of information.

Here is the structure of a normal kart.

kart_MR_a < -- Model File
world_root < ---- pivot point (some models seem to use the model name, others use this)
polygon0 - Kart CPU Tire Mesh
kart_tire - material name
E_tire_M - texture name
polygon1 - Kart Body Mesh
kart_body - material name
kart_MR_a - texture name
polygon2 - Emblem
kart_emblem - material name
emblem - texture name

There are a few things here to keep in mind. The mesh names "polygon0,1,2" are not needed. Those are automatically added when exported.
The pivot point needs to be named world_root for almost everything. I have found that using the model name sometimes works, but always. So in General, use "world_root".

Right, the material names are the MOST important part of all. If you don't name these as I have shown you, the game WILL crash on hardware, as well as emblems not functioning. Material names can only be done in 3ds max and Blender, which is why Sketchup cannot be used as a modelling program for karts. Theoretically it could, but you would need to alter the materials again in blender or 3ds max.

Texture names are important, but not as important as materials. If you're doing a model to replace the Standard Kart, it's important to keep the kart_MR_a so the game knows to swap the palette. If you're replacing any other kart, this doesn't matter. Kart_body will work fine as a texture name. The only texture that needs to be named a certain way is the emblem texture. It has to be named emblem AND use the Mario icon. If the mario icon isn't used, the game might fail to replace it with another character's emblem.

For texture sizes, they shouldn't be larger than 64x64. 64x64 is even pushing the limits, so anything smaller is good. Just remember, one texture for the body, one for the emblem, and one for the tire.

Speaking of textures, if you want to compress your textures, you need to put _cmp2 at the end of your textures. This is recomended so you don't have any slowdown.

Now the most important part of all....the model. This is part takes practice to perfect, so it may take you a few tries to get this right. The DS can only render 2048 TRIANGLES on the screen at once. This is triangles, NOT FACES. A face contains two triangles. Use this image to give a better idea what I'm talking about.

A kart should have no more than 200 triangles. The smaller the better. When I create karts, I usually take the kart I'm going to replace and use that as a guide. If you don't want to export the model yourself from EFE or MKDSCM, use the models from Models-Resource. I have uploaded every kart there so you can choose each one.

Models Resource

Got all that? Good! Let's get a new kart in MKDS!

Part 2: Installing the Plugins

Download the DS and 3DS Hack Pack I listed at the top of the page.

Open DS and DSI\\3dsmax\\NNS_3dsmax2011_Plugin\\. There should be a Scripts and a plugins folder.

Now find your 3ds max 2011 install, it should be in C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Autodesk\\3ds Max 2011\\

Simply drag the scripts and plugins folder into the root 3ds max directory, and click yes when it asks to merge folders. You're all done here!

Part 3: Preparing your model

Keep in mind I will not show you how to model in this tutorial, just how to get a kart in MKDS.

THe first thing you want to do is import the model you want to replace. In my case, I'm going to replace the WildLife, so I'm going to import it first into Blender.

With it imported, I can start to model around it. You can delete the main body mesh if you want, but make sure to keep the tires, emblem and steering wheel there.

Something I recommend doing while modelling is to import a character mesh and see how it fits into the model. Just roughly place it where the steering wheel is to get an estimate.

If you're working in Blender, this is the area where the material names need to be put.

Here is what my model looks like, complete with 186 triangles.

The textures aswell:

The easiest format to use to get this in 3ds max is obj. Blender has a built in obj exporter for you to use. If you are importing with the 3ds max obj importer, make sure to have these boxes selected.

When you import the model, the alphas may make the model look screwed up in the model view. Don't worry, we can fix this by editing the materials, which we need to do anyway.

Go to the folder where all of your textures are located. In order to save on space in both the rom and memory, we need to compress the textures. Simply add "_cmp2" at the end of your texture.

Now that we have the textures set up for compression, lets make our Nitro Materials. In any of the model view windows, Press M and the Material editor should appear.

Under the materials section, locate "Nitro Standard"

If you don't see this, you didn't install the plugin properly. Refer to Part 2 on installing the plugin.

Don't add a material yet though, since our model already has some base materials to work off of. To get these to show up, go to the "Material" tab at the top window and click "Pick from object".

Now click on your model. Nodes should appear now in the window.

We need to clean this up. First off, all of the Control nodes can go away. Delete the material nodes while you're at it, but NOT the bitmaps or Multi/Sub-Object (the thing that connects all of the materials into one).

You should have something like this.

Now drag three Nitro Standard materials into the editor. Connect the dots from the Bitmap to the "Diffuse Color" on the Nitro Standard node. Then connect the Nitro materials to the group object.

Time to rename some materials. Rename the tire material to "kart_tire", body material to "kart_body", and emblem to "kart_emblem"

Here is what the finished product should look like:

If you want to see the textures in the viewport, click this button to make the material show up in the viewport.

If it doesn't appear, select the group object and press A.

Now select your model in the model viewport, and go over to the right where it says "Name and Color". Change the name of the mesh to "world_root".

You're all ready to export.

Part 4: Exporting

Select your kart and go to the NITRO-System tab. From there click NITRO Export with Settings.

Edit the Output file name to match the kart you will be exporting. Since mine was for a Daisy kart, it was named Kart_DS_b. Be sure to change the output to where your model and textures are. Make sure the other settings are the same as mine.

Once you're done, click Apply. It will export. If you need to come back to export again, you can just click Export.

If it exported correctly, you should see a .imd file in your folder.

Start up MKDS Course Modifier. Go to Tools -> Nitro Intermediate -> G3dcvtr GUI. When it asks for g3dcvtr, download the link i have at the top of this post and extract the exe and dll to the same folder as MKDS Course Modifier. Then direct MKDS CM to that exe.

Click the ... in the Input box and find your imd file.

Under options, tick emdl first, and then click Convert. DO NOT CLICK THE OUTPUT BOX.

After this, tick etex and click Convert again. You should have a nsbmd and nsbtx in your folder. Check your model with either MKDS CM or EFE.

Congrats, your kart is finished.

If you have any problems feel free to post them here.

EDIT: I realized I didn't add a section on editing the tire data, but I will add this in the next couple days/weeks when I'm free.
Thread: Tutorial - How to make a custom Kart
Author Posted on 2015/08/22
tomix Try doing CTRL V and remove doubles. This will remove any edge split modifiers you may have applied, so you'll have to redo that. If you are still having problems, try exporting it to obj, reimport the obj IN blender, and then export again.
Thread: Survey: New Big Features
Author Posted on 2015/11/17
tomix 1. 2
2. 3
3. 2
4. 1
5. 5
6. 8
7. 7
8. 7
9. 8
Thread: Tutorial - How to make a custom Kart
Author Posted on 2016/04/04
tomix Did you check the output box? If you are using MKDS Course Modifier 4.0 it will do that. Make sure to keep it unchecked.
Thread: Tutorial - How to make a custom Kart
Author Posted on 2016/04/07
tomix In what way were the faces missing? Could you provide a screenshot?
Thread: Tutorial - How to make a custom Kart
Author Posted on 2016/04/08
Here's your problem:

The Y Axis should point up, but in your Scene, the Z Axis is pointing up.
This can be fixed by simply rotating it, and freezing position.

No, the Z axis always up.

Post the 3ds max and blend file and i'll take a look.
Thread: MKDS Wi-Fi
Author Posted on 2016/05/27
tomix Anyone here still interested in playing mkds on wifi?

I'm always up for playing with someone. You'll need either Wiimmfi or altwfc.

Follow this guide for basic setup.

Follow this guide for basic setup.

The DNS for Wiimmfi is:

The Altwfc DNS is:

I recommend making two saves for each server. If you use one the server will not recognize the profile for the other.

Post here if anyone wants to play!
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2016/09/09
tomix Just thought I would mention this here:

For those of who will now take and paste content from Ermii Kart into your own rom, please give us the respect and credit us for what we made. For example, if you take any following karts:
Standard ER
Turbo kart
Land Master
G Force
Revo Kart
Turbo Yawshi
Bumble V
Pipe Frame
Barrel Train
Diddy Kart
Speeding Bullet (dont really care much about this one)
Piranha Pipes
Super Dash
Choo Choo Madafaka
Spiny Speeder(again don't care too much)
Blau Falcon

I made these specifically for Ermii kart and while I can't control if people use them in their own hacks, please credit me for these meshes since I did work hard on them. That's all I ask.

How do I unlock all courses on DeSmuME? AR codes don't work, and I think you can't use .sav files.

Desmume uses .dsv, not .sav. Put a dsv save with the same name as the rom into the battery folder and it'll work.

Thread: Your Custom Karts!
Author Posted on 2017/01/30
tomix Post your custom karts here.

These shall be released fairly soon and hopefully be included in CTGP-7!

MKDS Standard

W25 Silver Arrow
Thread: Your Custom Karts!
Author Posted on 2017/02/01

Just finished working on this, need to add shaders and the emblem spots now :)
Thread: Your Custom Karts!
Author Posted on 2017/02/09

Silver arrow should be posted soon. I'll be working on the Dry Bomber from MKDS next.

Thread: Custom Karts?
Author Posted on 2017/05/06
tomix did you make it with EFE or Creative Studio?
Thread: Custom Karts?
Author Posted on 2017/05/06
tomix when EFE asked you to name the model internally, did you name it the same thing as the original kart?