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Thread: Help with Custom Characters
Author Posted on 2016/01/22
Svenskig It works for me, but how do I actually get the shading to work? For me it just shows the faces without the extra shading that other characters have (I just realised I also seem to have this problem on custom track models too)
Thread: New Members thread
Author Posted on 2016/01/23
Svenskig Hello. I am Svenskig, and there's a lot I love to do. I've been making a hack of Super Mario Kart (..I should probably finish it sometime) and I recently also started hacking MKDS. I'm a silent know-it-all in real life (except for anything that has to do with history) and it honestly actually kind of bugs me that there's so much I can do. I have a GBA, a GBA SP, a Wii, a 3DS XL, a Wii U and a PlayStation 2.

Oh, and I'm obsessed with Sweden.
Thread: Why did you choose your current User Name?
Author Posted on 2016/01/23
Svenskig Svenskig literally means "Swedish-y" in Swedish, and it describes my obsession with Sweden well: I'm not Swedish, but I still feel kinda Scandinavian.

I guess.
Thread: Dreams
Author Posted on 2016/02/06
I also hate the dreams where you are falling and you wake up with a mini panic attack because you thought you were falling. .-.

So relatable.

A few nights ago I had a dream where I was watching a commercial of two people sitting on a couch, both putting on two tiny pairs of 3D glasses. They were holding 2DS-shaped controllers and the NX startup screen was visible on the TV screen. For some reason they were playing Super Mario 64, with the same old goofy low-poly graphics but with different levels (à la SMG2 without the gravity twists—literally).

I just hope the NX isn't gonna be something with this 3D shit all over again.
Thread: Flip a Table Logics
Author Posted on 2016/02/13
only 3 people on this site understand

Make that one more then ;p
Thread: Your Dong Name
Author Posted on 2016/02/13
Svenskig Real name: Dank Tit Fucker (Dank Monkey Fucker if including surname prefix)

Username (just using Svenskig for both): Fucking Scrotum Faggot
Thread: Dreams
Author Posted on 2016/02/29
Svenskig A few nights ago I dreamt of some kind of chat with people from DSHack and some other place where I used to hang around, and there was a conversation going while I was sleeping in my dream. When I woke up, I went to check that chat, and there seemed to be a ton of guests who kept repeatedly spamming the chat with "Hi Svensk" at some point.

Sigh, if only I had fans irl.
Thread: What would you do in the after life?
Author Posted on 2016/03/01
Svenskig I hope there's internet of some sort.
Thread: Tutorial - How to make a custom Kart
Author Posted on 2016/03/28
Svenskig I got all of this working, except the final step. I installed that one g3somethingsomethingvr plugin and clicked analyse for both emdl and etex, but it didn't generate any files. What did I do wrong?
Thread: Dreams
Author Posted on 2016/06/06
Svenskig I dreamt that I showed off my progress on GBA Cheese Land to others, when N64 Arctus suddenly criticised me because "I could've easily done it in 100 polygons or less".

I don't think low-poly means something that extreme.
Thread: A quick question about laps...
Author Posted on 2016/06/06
Svenskig You technically could use a hex editor to find the STAG section, and change the lap count manually..
Thread: Mario Kart Second Circuit
Author Posted on 2016/06/20
Well, I don't think I'll import them into the game until I get my computer back, because it has GIMP, and since this particular tile sheet has a pretty large amount of colors, I'll need to set the maximum color range to 256 colors using GIMP.

If you wanted to, I could help importing those graphics for you (using YY-CHR) as soon as I have time
Thread: Animal Talk �?็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ �?้้้้้้้้้้้
Author Posted on 2016/08/24
Svenskig beep brr prrb bwoooop beep
Thread: Extending the SDAT?
Author Posted on 2016/08/30
Svenskig Is it actually possible to extend the SDAT? There should be a way to add any additional SSEQs without breaking it, but so far nothing seems really effective. I'm trying to see if it's possible to add extra SSEQs without replacing any older ones, since I have more than 32 courses with that one ASM hack and don't want to reuse stuff too much.
Thread: Let's Switch Friend Codes Around!
Author Posted on 2017/04/15
Svenskig SW-5912-2184-1423
Thread: ARM9 editor (v3.1) not working partially?
Author Posted on 2017/04/26
Svenskig I'm using version 3.1 of Ermelber's ARM9 editor and it works properly when I want to change which music plays on which course. However, it does nothing when I want to change the global or local map values, meaning that in-game, the values stay the same as they would be on the course that was originally on the slot. Anyone know how to fix this?

I'm using a European ROM and haven't used the More Cups and Tracks ASM hack (yet, since I completely forgot how to apply that ASM hack even though I do need it again).
Thread: ARM9 editor (v3.1) not working partially?
Author Posted on 2017/04/28
Svenskig So I've tried putting SNES Mario Circuit 1 over Figure-8 Circuit and copied over the map values to see whether the problem lies in the editor or the values themselves, and when I used SNES MC1's map values the map was positioned exactly the same as with the original Figure-8 Circuit values, so I'm guessing something's not working in the editor itself.
Thread: Mario Kart Second Circuit
Author Posted on 2017/05/02
Svenskig I really how you added the caves (it feels like they fit very well with the course's shape) and how it feels so different from what they've made of it in MK8DX.