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Thread: Your Custom Items
Author Posted on 2016/03/04
Redmat527 I guess mariohack&glitch's old item models could go here, but I don't know where to find them ...
Thread: Help editing the title screen menu
Author Posted on 2016/03/07
Redmat527 I'm editing the title screen menu.
I've already change the top screen picture and the background :

Now I want to change the texture of the buttons.
I found the graphics file in Title_whathevercountryname.carc and the palette in Title.carc.
But I can't find the tileset file ...
Maybe it displays it a different way, because the button are animated when the title screen appears.
But I don't know how it works if it's the case.

Without the tileset, I'll spend a lot of time searching for what part of the image goes where on screen (because the texture looks completly messed up).

Can someone help me ?
Thread: Tutorial - Getting Started
Author Posted on 2016/03/14
Redmat527 I've post a tutorial video on how to create a custom track model and collisions.
It may not be as complete as SCG's textual tutorial, but it should be good for those who prefers watching a video.
Thread: Tutorial - Getting Started
Author Posted on 2016/03/18
Redmat527 Whoops, I did know. I might redo all of the video, since there are some other things that I don't like about it ...
Thread: Help editing the title screen menu
Author Posted on 2016/04/11
Redmat527 I finally managed to edit it a little bit without a tileset file.
Here is the result if you're interested :

But now the problem is : How to change the "options" and "records" texts ... They aren't in the graphics file I edited.
Thread: Help editing the title screen menu
Author Posted on 2016/04/28
Redmat527 Yes, but there is only the graphics for the sub menus like time attack, mission run ...
Thread: Help editing the title screen menu
Author Posted on 2016/04/29
Redmat527 Ok. Thank you very much ! This might be useful at some point.
(I changed my mind on the look of the title screen, so I'll surely redo it)
Thread: Game freezes when hovering over a new modeled character
Author Posted on 2016/06/03
Redmat527 I'm not professional at this, but I think it's because of the animations that it doesn't work.
You probably didn't change R.O.B.'s animations, so you should copy the ones from Bowser if your model is just a texture hack of it.
And if it's a model you made yourself, I suggest you use a static nsbta file because I've no idea on how to make animations.
You should find it here, in Ermii's post : http://www.dshack.org/forum.php?page=thread&tid=51
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2016/06/05
Redmat527 Ok, here's my more advanced attempt at making custom tracks :
It's just a port of SM64DS's Princess's secret slide, and I couldn't even fix the NKM -_-

No download for now because of NKM bugs, if anyone wants to fix it, I can provide a link.
Thread: Trouble creating custom tracks
Author Posted on 2016/08/13
Redmat527 If you followed my old and kind of shitty tutorial, you probably textured both sides in your model, and you shouldn't do that (that's a mistake I made in the tutorial) and then you don't check "export two sided faces" in the exporter.
That could also be the problem.
Thread: Making Custom Missions Help
Author Posted on 2016/09/10
Redmat527 There's is a complete detailled tutorial on this thread.
Did you miss it or something ? It's on the first page of MKDS Help

Edit : This thread is about Custom missions and the one I linked is about Custom battle tracks -_-
Thread: Making Custom Missions Help
Author Posted on 2016/09/16
Redmat527 Sorry I'm stupid -_-