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Thread: Someone might be stealing romhacks
Author Posted on 2018/06/07
User 268 EDIT: I was being a massive idiot and said untrue things, so this thread is redundant.

To clarify I'm not accusing, I just want to make sure.
Hey guys, this guy on GBATemp's claiming to be making a full Mariokart DS romhack, but all of his screenshots and "proof of concept" videos seem to be exactly what's on this store, and each track's made by different people on here so it can't be one guy making them.
I'm not sure if he's doing it with consent from the creators, or if he's doing legitimate work, but I think he's claiming this as his own from what he's talking about on the thread. Can someone tell if he's doing it legitimately or taking credit for other people's work?

If he's doing it illegitimately I might call him out on it. I don't like people who steal and take credit for other people's work.
Otherwise if he's doing it legitimately then props to him. I'm just not sure, because he seems to be doing it fairly quickly and not wanting to share resources with anyone.

Thread: Someone might be stealing romhacks
Author Posted on 2018/06/08
User 268 Really sorry for being an idiot, won’t happen again. Fantastic job though, and your commitment to this is amazing.