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Thread: Your name when you're Japanese
Author Posted on 2015/09/05
Jorden �?�ょ�?��?�ん�?��?� < My real name...
�?��?��?��??ら < Dark Light.
Thread: Mario Kart Toolbox
Author Posted on 2015/09/08
Jorden I like the tool... Although I have several suggestions..

1. Firstly the UI has a good start... However, I'd like to suggest this layout: http://i.imgur.com/syxcABD.png

I'd think it be more user friendly, efficient than the current one. Also I sort of dislike the fact that I half to close a window to switch to a different course. I'm sure that there might be other people that

2. One option that I enjoyed in MKDSCM was the option to view certain parts in the NKM...

3. I'm sure this will happen in the future, but I think the 2D view of the NSBMD would serve useful when mapping...

Good start overall in the beta, just several options that I hope to see implemented.
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2016/07/08
Jorden Maybe add the part of discovering the inner works of of battle mode, as EKDS probably wouldn't of had battle mode. Otherwise, nice history with some I woulnd'the of even known.
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2016/07/09
Jorden Lol, that's fine...
Thread: Mario Kart Second Circuit
Author Posted on 2016/07/10
Jorden Very nice title theme(and catchy too!) Where is it from?
Thread: Tea Time
Author Posted on 2016/07/16
Jorden A perfect thread!

Soo... For the last 6 hours I've dedicated my life to watching Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka(anime). The show is a typical harem/slice of life genre show...

Show starts a guy kissing a girl he just met. That girl gets mad and finds out her parents have arranged a marriage with him. She warms up to him. MC has a sister-complex and engagment is broken up. MC decides sister is the best girl for him...

Screw Sister-Complexes.... Would of rather had it differently.
Anyway, that is my cup of tea. 3 sugars, and a little equal on the side, please!
Thread: DS rom dumper
Author Posted on 2016/07/16
Jorden Not at the moment, as from all the research I came accross with, TWL_Firm(part of the 3DS that controls data from DS cartridges) hasn't been looked into as much.
Thread: Cheese? (OwO)
Author Posted on 2016/07/16
Jorden White Cheddar is the best!
Thread: DS rom dumper
Author Posted on 2016/07/17
Jorden There are resources easily assessible through google to obtain the rom(can't list them, site policy etc.). To play on a real (3)ds, you would need a flashcart like an R4 or DSTWO. Those are sold at <25 USD. Some as low as 8. But as of right now, no way to play DS roms on SD with a 3DS.
Thread: Dreams
Author Posted on 2016/07/22
Jorden I had a dream of me going to school and seeing this one cute short girl. And I regret to this day that I never got to meet her, because she only existed in my dream(as far as I know).

- sob -
Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2016/07/29
Jorden This isn't a high priority feature because of bio and siggys, but how about a feature that shows our 3DS FC, NNID(and maybe PSN, etc.) or profile page. Then when Posting, the most dominant ID and FC will go right by member title like the archived forum.
Thread: MyAnimeList thread.
Author Posted on 2016/08/07
Jorden Basically just put your yop 5 favorite anime and link your list if you have one.

1. Amagami SS

2. The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

3. Clannad

4. Charlotte

5. The Asterisk War

Thread: MyAnimeList thread.
Author Posted on 2016/08/08

3. Re: Zero

I've heard good things about Re: Zero(however I have shows to finish and in queue). How is it?
Thread: Your Custom Battle Tracks!
Author Posted on 2016/11/30

It was in EKDS, but I released it so anyone can play a battle track seperately. Give credit where credit is due.

Download link: https://www.dshack.org/store.php?page=file&fid=337
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
Jorden I've gotta say, it looked well done for a first custom track.
Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2017/02/02
Jorden A simple search function, with ability to search through only topic keywords, only member posts, and ability to search in a certain forum category(s).
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2017/02/05
Thread: Man choked, sexually assaulted woman in GBA Riverside Park
Author Posted on 2017/03/03
Jorden Ah... You have caught my "feature..." I woukd of gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!

Edit: Im still safe, just realized my version of GBA Riverside Park isnt even on here. I should probably do that sometime...
Thread: Forum Bug Fixes, and Additions/Removals/etc.
Author Posted on 2017/04/10
Jorden "Mark All read" is still bugged at the main navigation. However :applaud:, Marking a certain forum read is fixed so that's improvement.
Thread: The 'Banned' Game
Author Posted on 2017/04/16
Jorden Banned for replying to an old thread about a very old forum game.
Thread: Forum Bug Fixes, and Additions/Removals/etc.
Author Posted on 2017/06/14
Jorden Just a suggestion, on the Hack Store page. A place to view my own individual hacks that I've uploaded to the hack store.