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Thread: Mario Kart Double Dash 64 DS
Author Posted on 2015/07/20
Yoshimaster MK Double Dash and MK64 now on the DS! Beta 3 preview video (new video coming soon):

Version Beta 3 (so far):

All Courses
-Luigi Circuit
-Peach Beach
-Baby Park
-Dry Dry Desert
-Mushroom Bridge
-Mario Circuit
-DS Cheep Cheep Beach
-DS Waluigi Pinball
-DS DK Pass
-DS Tick-Tock Clock
-Yoshi Circuit
-DK Mountain
-DS Wario Stadium
-DS Peach Gardens
-DS Bowser Castle
-Rainbow Road

-Luigi Raceway
-Moo Moo Farm (w/ Original Textures)
-Koopa Troopa Beach? (GBA Peach Circuit)
-Kalimari Desert
-Toad's Turnpike
-Frappe Snowland (w/ Original Textures)
-Choco Mountain (w/ Original Textures)
-Mario Raceway
-Wario Stadium
-Sherbet Land
-Royal Raceway
-Bowser's Castle? (or GBA Bowser Castle 2)
-D.K.'s Jungle Parkway
-Yoshi Valley
-Banshee Boardwalk (w/ Original Textures)
-Rainbow Road

Characters (Added Beta 2)
-Petey Piranha
-King Boo

Karts (Added Beta 2)
-Pipe Frame

-Most Music
-Custom Mission: (1-1) GCN Luigi Circuit

Current Version:

-GCN Luigi Circuit
-GCN Baby Park
-GCN Mushroom Bridge
-GCN Sherbet Land
-GCN Yoshi Circuit
-N64 Luigi Raceway
-N64 Moo Moo Farm
-N64 Frappe Snowland
-N64 Choco Mountain
-N64 Mario Raceway
-N64 Royal Raceway

Added Characters
-Petey Piranha
-King Boo

Added Karts
-Pipe Frame
Thread: Your Dong Name
Author Posted on 2015/07/20
Yoshimaster User Name: 20-Minute Tit Expander
Real Name: Edgy Asshole Blaster

Still o_O , :( , and :S
Thread: Mario Kart Double Dash 64 DS
Author Posted on 2015/07/21
Yoshimaster Thanks
Thread: Flip a Table Logics
Author Posted on 2016/02/20
Yoshimaster Yoshimaster Logic: I'll get around to Flipping the Tables eventually...

EDIT: And indeed, this is referring to a certain hack *ahem* DD64 *ahem*
Thread: Your Custom Tracks!
Author Posted on 2016/02/21
Yoshimaster Here are 3 custom tracks I have been working on and hopefully I can get to release at least 1 soon:

I feel like I am sort of getting close to completing Yoshi Valley, so... yeah...
Thread: NKM Help
Author Posted on 2016/02/21
Yoshimaster I'm going to start this thread for anyone like me, who has lots of NKM issues.

Let me start with the first problem:

Weird Circling Issue (Link)

As far as I know, all the points are in order.
This is where the random circling happens:

(Also link)

I'm so confused...
Thread: Ever been in a slump where you want to work on something but just don't?
Author Posted on 2016/02/21
I have been in a slump for like the past two or, three months and, I have been wanting to work on stuff but I just don't get around to it and, the thing is that I have nothing else to do I have a lot of free time on my hands. I don't know what it is... I feel like I want to work on GCN Rainbow Road and, GCN DK Mountain don't get me wrong I really want to... But am I just going to not do anything or, am I really going to get shit done??? I don't know how to come out of this slum it's been a huge problem for me...

Two or three months? Ha! Beat about 1 year :(
Thread: NKM Help
Author Posted on 2016/02/21
Yoshimaster Okay, thanks Arctus :)

EDIT: So, interestingly enough, the points weren't connected... I probably would have never found that XD
Thread: Speak in Hexadecimal
Author Posted on 2016/02/22
Yoshimaster 42 52 49 4e 47 49 4e 47 20 42 41 43 4b 20 54 48 49 53 20 54 48 52 45 41 44 21 21 21 20 28 50 72 6f 62 61 62 6c 79 20 6e 6f 74 20 66 6f 72 20 6c 6f 6e 67 20 74 68 6f 75 67 68 2e 2e 2e 29 20 3a 28
Thread: Tutorial - Sprites/mugshots and Icons editing (put your own !)
Author Posted on 2016/02/22
Yoshimaster I using this tutorial to change the Cup icons. I got as far as changing all the Nitro Cups, but as soon as I loaded the game with 1 Retro Cup icon changed, it crashed when loading single player. I don't even know where to begin to try to fix this.
Thread: Registrations are temporarily disabled
Author Posted on 2016/02/25
We need to build a wall. -Trump

"Just build a 95 story building, knock it over, 10,000 times. Then, you keep the out with a doorman." -Stephen Colbert

(Sorry, I had to...)
Thread: Does anyone own this cart?
Author Posted on 2016/02/27
Yoshimaster All you need is 2 very rare cartridges... :P
Thread: The obligatory spam thread
Author Posted on 2016/03/12

The best part is around 0:50, if you've never seen it before XD
Thread: Speak in Hexadecimal
Author Posted on 2016/03/12
Yoshimaster 01011001 01100001 01111001 00100001 00100000 01010010 01100001 01101110 01100100 01101111 01101101 00100000 01110111 01101111 01110010 01100100 01110011 00100001 00100000 00101110 00101110 00101110 00100000 01101111 01101111 01110000 01110011 00101110 00101110 00101110 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100111 01110100 00100000 01110011 01110000 01100101 01100001 01101011 00100000 01101000 01100101 01111000 00100000 01011000 01000100
Thread: What would you do in the after life?
Author Posted on 2016/03/12
For starters this does not apply to any specific religion or, any religion at all, you are free to post based off what you think and, your opinions! What would you do in the after life? Because I don't know what I would do. :/ As far as i'm concerned I would just keep doing what I'am doing now. I hope there is an after life because it would be quite a shame if we were basically to go into an endless sleep. :P

Endless sleep quite concerns me... I don't know if there is an afterlife, but I really hope there is.
Author Posted on 2016/04/25

Because why not.
Thread: Man choked, sexually assaulted woman in GBA Riverside Park
Author Posted on 2016/09/25
Yoshimaster Riverside Park has Another side... park... to it

No? Okay...
Thread: Music thread!
Author Posted on 2016/11/16
It's my first attempt at finishing a song. I've been making music with a program for 2 years, but i never finished anything because i was too perfectionistic.
The style of the song is miles away of what I actually want to make.
Also, my soundcloud page looks like shit.

Link to the song (It's pretty heavy Drum & Bass)

Wow... that's really good! I love it XD
Thread: Why did you choose your current User Name?
Author Posted on 2016/11/16
Yoshimaster Simple.

Yoshi is my favorite character.

The rest is my completely unimaginative side.
Thread: Key Points?
Author Posted on 2017/08/16
Yoshimaster Not important: (Well... *ahem*... this is... a little bit late? And awkward? I don't know... I can't even remember why I didn't post this earlier. Did I? Whatever...)

I'm having this one issue where Lakitu is telling me that I'm going the wrong way at random times, making it impossible to complete a lap. I'm pretty sure that it has to do with key points, and I guess I don't really understand how key points work, considering I've been placing them almost randomly. What actually happens when you place one? Where do I have to put them? How often should they be placed?
Thread: Key Points?
Author Posted on 2017/08/16
Yoshimaster Wow, there's a guide now... probably should have looked for one first, since I've been gone for .

EDIT: Although, still no luck with my problem...
Thread: Porting Music From One DS Game To Another
Author Posted on 2018/02/18
Yoshimaster This tutorial goes very into detail, in case there is confusion. You may already know some of this information, but I will explain it anyway just in case.

Tools that you need:
DS Sound Studio (DSSS)
Nitro Studio (NS)
Polyphone or Viena (and any soundfont (.sf2, .dls, etc.))
Any hex editor (HxD, CrystalTile2, etc.)
Anvil Studio (or any other midi editing software)
EveryFileExplorer (EFE)

Step 1: Open the SDAT that you are extracting music from with DS Sound Studio. Find the SSEQ that you want to port, and take note of the SSEQ name, the bank (SBNK) ID, and the SWARs that the bank uses. Don't close DSSS, you'll need it later.

Step 2: Open the SDAT in kiwi.ds. Double click it to open the file explorer. Locate the SSEQ that you want to extract, and right click it > convert to midi (you'll see why later), and also right click > extract. Locate the SBNK file that you need, and right click > extract. Locate the SWARs that you need, and right click > extract SWAV for each of them. The files will appear in the same folder as your SDAT.

Step 3: Since some SWARs are shared by multiple songs, you'll need to know which SWAVs your song uses. Go back to DSSS and double click the SBNK in the Sound Bank folder that your SSEQ uses. Also, open Nitro Studio and open the SDAT. In Nitro Studio, locate each SWAR (under "Wave", and double click to open them) and listen to each instrument. Switch back and forth between NS and DSSS, listening to the instruments, and decide whether or not the SBNK uses each instrument that you hear in NS. If you hear an instrument in NS that's not in DSSS, you can delete it from the SWAVs that you've extracted. Also, you should rename the SWAV files to their instrument names (at least a name that you can remember what the sound is) and pitches (to find pitches, see below ***), so that you don't get confused later.

*** To find pitches of instruments, open Polyphone or Viena and open any soundfont (preferably one with instruments at their correct pitches, as some soundfonts do not use correct pitches). On the left under "Presets", click any instrument (except for drums), and click on the piano until you hear the pitch that is the same as the SWAV that you've extracted. It will tell you the key number of the pitch (to the left of the piano in Polyphone ("Key XX"), or underneath the piano in Viena ("")). Use the key numbers in the file names of your SWAVs.

Step 4: You will need to count the total number of kilobytes that all your SWAV files take up. If the total is more than about 30 KB (approximately the maximum that MKDS uses in most SWARs, as far as I can tell), you will need to replace some SWAVs in the game's common SWAR file, if the game has one (ex: SWAR 80 in MKDS, which most of the game's songs use). This will save on memory. If the game has too many SWAVs loaded at once, the game's audio will mute. If you need to replace SWAVs in the game's common SWAR file, continue to step 5. If not, skip to step 7.

Step 5: Open kiwi.ds and the SDAT that you will be porting the music to. Locate the game's common SWAR (SWAR 80 in MKDS) and right click > extract SWAV. Go back to Nitro Studio and open the SDAT you'll be porting music to and the common SWAR. Listen to the instruments, and find some that you think you can replace with instruments that you've extracted. Try to replace drums and other percussion first, so that you don't have to edit other SBNKs. (For example, if you replace one Piano with another, and they both have different pitches, you will also need to edit all the SBNKs that use the Piano, so that the other songs don't have off pitch notes in game). Go into the folder of the common SWAVs, copy the name of the SWAV you want to replace and then delete it. Copy your SWAV into the folder and rename it to the same name as the old SWAV.

Step 6: Open SWAV2SWAR and drag all the SWAVs in the common SWAR onto the window. If you renamed the SWAVs that you replaced correctly, they should all be in the correct order. Click create SWAR, close SWAV2SWAR and continue with step 7.

Step 7: Open SWAV2SWAR and drag your extracted SWAV files (for the completely custom SWAR) onto the window. Try to keep each instrument together (ex: if there are 2 Piano SWAVs of the same Piano at 2 different pitches, keep those together in SWAV2SWAR to make it easier when editing the SBNK). You can either drag each instrument in one at a time or use the arrows on the right side to move instruments around. Make a note of the ID of each instrument, then create the SWAR.

Step 8: Open the SBNK file you've extracted with HxD. You will need to change each instrument so that it matches up with the SWAR that you've created. This is where you will need the notes that you made for the instrument IDs, as well as the pitches. The pitches and instrument IDs you've noted down are in decimal, so they will have to be converted to hexadecimal. For more detail on how to edit SBNKs, you can view Kitty Ambiance's tutorial here: https://www.dshack.org/forum.php?page=thread&tid=363.

Step 9: Go back to DSSS and close the SDAT that you extracted files from. Open the SDAT that you want to port the music to, and replace the SSEQ, SBNK, and SWAR (make sure to replace the SBNK and SWARs that match up with the SSEQ that you want to replace). Then, open the Sound Bank folder and click once on the SBNK that you replaced. The values on the right under "Wave Archives" should be the same as the SWAR(s) that you just replaced. If you only used and replaced one SWAR but there is more than one value, change the other values to "65535" so the game doesn't load more than what is needed. Also, the SWAR IDs need to be consistent with what's in the SBNK (so if you used your custom SWAR as ID 0 when editing the SBNK, then Wave Archive ID 0 should have the same as your SWAR's ID).

Step 10: Go back to the Sequence folder in DSSS and double click the one you replaced. If you did everything correctly, you should hear the song play exactly as it did in the SDAT it was extracted from. Don't forget to save!

Step 11: Open your ROM in EFE, locate the SDAT, replace it with the new SDAT, and save the ROM. Load your ROM and enjoy!

Let me know if anything doesn't make sense, it's my first time making a tutorial.
Also, I'll probably add images later, so stay tuned.