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Thread: MK7 SD ExtData
Author Posted on 2015/08/17
szymbar Use this to dump:
Slowly figuring it out, it'll take some time with few edits.

Right from the start: 0x4C long communities stored at your console. There's probably no info how long is this section, but it might hold 1000 entries like the rest of the sections.
And within it: 0x05 is something related to... I don't know, maybe community code?

0x20 for community name (16 characters), 0x20 for community subtitle (16 characters again)

and 0x07 bytes I have no clue about at all .-.

I'd say they might be referred to that 0x05 at the beginning, but it's not the case since these bytes at the beginning of the file aren't header, so it's gotta be not this related.


Cool section begins at 1BF30. First 6 bytes seem to point to something (3 times 0x02 value), but I can't really say what. Maybe the last one is to point out that there are 1000 entries?

The player section begins at 1BF80 aaaand I have no clue what's the deal with it, extremely confusing especially since every entry is different :/
Sections seem to be 0x220 long.
0x00: 4 bytes for VR
0x04: 4 bytes for wins
0x08: 4 bytes for loses
0x10: I'm pretty sure these are flags of some kind, but I'll check it later. Maybe stars on player card?
The next part is dedicated to Miis, so let's fastforward it.
0xF0: Coins

Anyway, the first part looks similar to this:

0x293B0 is IDENTICAL to Staff Ghosts. You can just copy-paste a Staff Ghost file over there and it'll work. Ooor the other way around.
These are StreetPass ghosts I guess since I can recognise my friends' names over there :P

0x126F10 marks the start of a final section. Entries 0x20 long. Looks like first 0x08 bytes are some kinds of a flags, then 0x06 of 2-byte values (the last is often 1000) and bottom row of values I can't identify.

Well this sounds interesting. I wonder where is the SpotPass data tho', I'll mess with this ExtData a bit and check things out.
Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2015/09/01
szymbar If this all was written from zero or even forked from a relatively small project, then whoa, I'm surprised :O
But I just came here today to check my old thread aaaand I found out that this forum is buggy like a swiss cheese :O
It didn't take me long to find out that you've been patching bugs on regular basis as soon as you find them out, so I decided to give it a try and find every problem that bothers me. Warning, this can be a long read.

1. The first thing that stuck me odd is the width issue of the whole page. Shoutbox and lower block of settings seems to have a different width than the rest of the page! Though it may seem like a minor mistake, fixing it would give +50 to appeal. Trust me, I'm a perfectionist :P

2. Then I decided to look for my thread which was moved, checked the File Hacks in MK7 section, looked at the post count being 2/9, clicked the subforum... And there was only one thread there. I know the previous one was moved, but shouldn't the count decrease as well? I was really confused at it.

3. And then I decided to return to the main board and click the arrow next to one of nicks in the "last post" box of one subforum. It didn't redirect me anywhere. And neither did any other "last post" box arrow. What's wrong?

4. Then I wanted to check "Home" of this site, clicked "Read more" and... the comments section is simply wrong. I don't know even where to start... Maybe with the font? Why do all entries on forums have such a small font (which is perfectly good for me, don't make it bigger), yet the comment section looks like a smartphone UI-enlarged font? So that was the first concern, the next one is that writers nicks are too exposed! I mean the posts mattered, not the nicks! Even if the text has to stay this big for some reason I can't get, the font sizes between the whole nicks line and the main text have to be swapped :S
Preferably I'd love to see everything written in the same font as on forums tho'.
And why are the spaces between each comment so... huge? I think they should be much smaller, but that might be just my opinion.
Right, so then the message box. Why are smileys on a different line than the rest of the buttons? And why there's such a huge amount of space between smileys and the message box?
The "comment" button doesn't really stand out like "submit" and "preview" on main forums, I'd give it a tweak, make it another color, bolded or made bigger :S
Neither the "Message" text compared to the nick line and comment does :S

5. Clicking on any button in "format" section sends everything to the bottom of the post. What if I mark a section of a text and want to bold it? Or add an emoticon in a space marked with a mouse?

6. Why isn't there any post cache while writing? I just clicked "quote" and removed myself a 20-minute long post. Why?! ;____;

7. I think clicking on ID should redirect you to post's ID link, instead it does nothing at the moment. Can it be fixed?

There are of course many things related to shoutbox that have to be done, but I think this will be enough for now. Can I count on you fixing these bugs? Cheers!
Thread: Programing Languages: Where do i start?
Author Posted on 2015/09/01
szymbar "Also, does programming help in terms of "decoding" data in a hex-editor, "
Nope, it doesn't work this way. Hex editing is something else, it's not the ability to invent something, it's the ability to read the numbers and thanks to them - read minds of these who created the original files :P
You have to look at a lot of files that have been already documented, open them in Hex Editor, check every section, compare it to the documentation, then try to limit the documentation access and try to figure out things by yourself verifying it later with the documentation, ultimately take a chance at file that hasn't been documented at all yet. It's annoying, I get it, but it becomes fun :yay:

"Since alot of you are programers here."
If this was the case, we'd have a scene as big as MKWii's in MK7 right now, that unfortunately isn't the case because nobody is here to make tools ;_;
Happily, thanks to Ermii learning stuff things start to change and Geri isn't the lone hacker.
I'm not into MK7 hacking tools yet, there are too many others things I have to do at hand related to RL :okay:

"So, do any of you have any advice on where to start? What language?"
Basically wherever you want. All the languages are pretty similar and though the syntaxes might differ, all you need to do is develop a certain way of thinking. Like "Sigh, I can't do it. What if I did it the different way? How to do it simple? Is there any easier method of doing this?"
You don't even have to know how to do it in a certain programming language. Think how you want to approach your problem, then write it on a sheet of paper, look at it, think, think, split your problem into a ton of small steps and use right Google queries to find a way to do it.
Actually a good programmer is a programmer who knows how to use Google :P Like Yami said, you'll end up being at Stackoverflow A LOT. This site is basically essential for programming :P

There's actually one good place to test things out and it's called Codecademy. There's a great Javascript course there with a nice learning curve, though stay alert, if you overthink some things, you might spend few hours on an exercise that probably has one simple solution in two-three lines :P But this is a great way to develop a programmer's thinking, the more mistakes you make, the stronger you become. And Codecademy's Javascript is a perfect place to start your adventure because it'll lead you by hand sometimes, it generates preview in real time and there's also a special section called Codebits, but I'll return to it in a while.

There WILL be many times in every programming course when you'll turn off your PC, stay at your armchair a little longer than usual and then out of a sudden shout "THIS IS BORING, WHY AM I EVEN LEARNING THIS, I'M NEVER GOING TO USE IT!"
...that's a moment where a lot of people drop their programming studies, I almost did the same. But when you reach this moment, you can start a new Codebit on Codecademy. Think of something simple. I don't know, maybe a simple incremental game? Try to split it into the smallest and easiest elements and then just get to the work. When you make it, try doing another lesson of the course.
And after a few lessons you'll scream "Holy crap I could make it 10 times easier and faster", go to the code, edit it with what you just learned and try to add some more simple features. Then return to the course. You'll quickly realise how many ways are there to make tools :P

Javascript is nice for one more reason, HTML5 + CSS + JS are objective languages and since you want to do EFE, go for objective languages. You can obviously try things like C++, but this language is damn hard and you can't really make an EFE really quick in it. So Javascript is a way to go.

Also remember, don't give up!

"What tools?"
Notepad. :heidy:
Seriously, every code can be written in a notepad. You can't compile all codes though and some of the tools so called IDEs can make it easier to read hundreds of lines of code, but for HTML5 + CSS + Javascript Notepad is just enough :P
Codebits at Codecademy is a good IDE with instant preview, you can see what you're changing all the time.

Don't lose your way :yay:
Thread: Speak in Hexadecimal
Author Posted on 2015/09/04
szymbar 57 65 6c 6c 20 61 20 62 72 61 6e 64 20 6e 65 77 20 77 61 79 20 74 6f 20 72 65 61 64 20 74 68 65 20 74 65 78 74 20 77 6f 75 6c 64 20 62 65 20 74 6f 20 75 73 65 20 48 65 78 20 45 64 69 74 6f 72 2c 20 69 74 20 6d 61 6b 65 73 20 79 6f 75 20 66 65 65 6c 20 6a 75 73 74 20 6c 69 6b 65 20 61 20 68 61 78 78 6f 72 2e 20 3a 50
Thread: Your Name if you were the other Gender
Author Posted on 2015/09/05
szymbar I guess I'd still be called "Szymmy" if I was a girl. Not that I really like it or such :P
As for my real name I'd really like to be called Rachel or Emily. There's no real female counterpart of Bart unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately, because I don't really like my real name on the other hand :P

Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2015/09/08
szymbar Could you pretty please put our avatars in a separate div so we could customise them?

Actually not, .sidebarxx img solves it. But while we're at it, could you put separate data in our sidebars in different divs within divs? Such as user title, maybe since when, post count amount and such...
Thread: Kinda Unnamed MK7 Hack
Author Posted on 2015/12/01
szymbar Yo, Szymbar here presenting a project I was working on today.
(Actually I bet none of you expected I would do it but still :P)


(that's the name. It's canon I guess, unless I find a better name :3)

- 32 brand new Staff Ghosts, all created by me.
- Cyan Yoshi. Finally he's complete. I started making this texture hack from zero, since the incomplete one was really lacking.
- Egg 2. Yes, the bad boy from MKDS Beta is back ;)
- Custom Yoshi Emblem.
- Neaty SMDH file and shortcuts
And that's basically it for now.


Release date:
Actually now. Here's the download link. Will host in Hack Store when I get the confirmation email :P
IDK if I'll make any second or third build. I just wanted to make something MK7-related for once that would actually appear in the internets. And yeah, I'm kinda proud of it, honestly. I was a bit worried that I will never release anything out of my workbench since my hacks are messy as fuck, but thanks to Pablo (Pablohack&Glitch) I was able to make cool stuff relatively quick :P

- Me for all these four changes I made
- Pablo for CTGP-7 source and his batch tools that allowed me to make pretty fast and pretty clean hacks compared to before
- Yoshidude for patience :P
- Moczan/Toby Fox/Stevie 1.0/MKGirlism for inspiring me to do it again

Oh and I'm actually kinda eager to merge all this stuff into a bigger work, anyone interested? As long as you credit me. Aaaand we work together :P
12.1.2015-12.1.2015 Szymbar
Thread: MK8 Hacking, yes or no?
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
szymbar Sooooo... Let's sum it up.
1. No tools
2. No 5.5 exploit
3. No interest from the devscene for now
4. This is a -DS-Hack page, not Wiihack
Do we really need it? @_@
Thread: Super Mario Kart 3D
Author Posted on 2016/03/09
szymbar Yep, it is 'lives' in this case as well. No excuse, there's no plural form called 'lifes', it sounds like life has or life is instead.

Saw this thingy on YT a while ago, pretty cool, but far from looking nice or being playable :P
Looking forward to this project :D
Thread: Help with kartphysicalparam.bin and kartoffestdata.bin
Author Posted on 2016/08/09
szymbar Been a while since I done that, but I remember quite a bit.
KartPhysicalParams are different between files, AFAIR one of them had entries 148 bytes long, the second one 152, so the first thing you want to do is to toggle the "bytes in line" setting to either 148 or 152 and respective values appear one after another. There is a very basic explanation for the respective stats shown in this 152 byte model over here:

The whole thing is a link, including the "File Format" between brackets.
The others have not been tested/documented yet, so I can't really help you.

"With kartoffsetdata.bin I just need some help finding the values for the tire alignment. "
Alright, this one is a bit tougher, it has 224 byte blocks each for a separate kart and I was kinda fed up with editing it by hand, so I coded an editor for this file, there you go:
Just download it and try opening your file, it should work. Have fun!
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2016/09/07
szymbar Hey Chip, what the fuck?

Just signed up in the first time in a while because I heard that you've leaked two fucking years of our work dude
It's true we haven't worked on it for a while cuz everyone was feeling more or less down but it isn't the reason to leak it yet

Hey, Yami, SGC, can't you just delete this shit? Or is it too late by now? Are there any mirrors?

Fuck this shit I'm out :C
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2016/09/07
szymbar >let chip in
>he leaks the hack
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2016/09/07
szymbar ugh

I know we were
but there is still so much stuff to fucking do
some of the tracks don't work yet ffs
and i wonder if some of the characters slots are broken fdsjhkghdf


jesus christ
Thread: Ermii Kart DS
Author Posted on 2016/09/07
szymbar How come?!
Swiftie wasn't even on Discord for two weeks or so now
And I contributed to the trailers lately, plz don't tell me I didn't work on that because if I didn't work

Neither did Luma

Neither did you

I feel bad for Yush right now >:
Thread: Help Making The Back Tires Smaller.
Author Posted on 2017/04/22
szymbar Sup, I'm a dev of this utility, made it for EKDS because there were too many times when I was just fed up with using Hex Editor, but then it turned out that I didn't use it that much, that's the reason why I'm not entirely sure if it isn't the bug of the utility.

I took a quick glance at the source code of the program and it looks good at the first glance.

The tool is open-source though, so if there's anything that bothers you or you think you know how to solve it, this is the way to go: