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Thread: Tutorial - Sprites/mugshots and Icons editing (put your own !)
Author Posted on 2015/07/04
Swiftie Luma Hello there!
So i recently was able to do my first sprite edits for Mario Kart DS , thanks to really helpful users!
This is my method , and my First tutorial so please if there's an easier way to do something just comment about it! :)

However , some might still be wondering how to do it so let me show you my method on how to Put your own sprites in the game.
Let's Begin.

What do you need?

- Tools -

- MKDS Rom
- MKDS Course Modifier
- Everyfile Explorer (EFE)
- Your custom icon or image to put in the game
- Editing program for images , For this Tutorial I'll use Photoshop (You''ll see why in the tutorial) Alternative : Use GIMP (it's free :P)

Okay , now that you have all of that let's go! :P

1- First of all , you need to open your rom with NSMBe and search for the location of the files you want to edit/replace ; In here i'm going to edit the Character select icons so i need to go to root>data>Main2D_us.
In there you are going to search for Player_character_M_nce (the image) and player_character_M_o (the palettes) and double click on both so you open them.

1.1 When you open the palettes click on the ''16 color'' square and the press ''add all''
1.2 Now in the Editing Window click on ''View on 4pbb format'' and adjust the Tile Width to 4 and you will have something like this:

You'll see that there are 16 palettes ,with the first 13 being the palettes for Each character select icon starting with Mario and ending with Shy Guy. If you click on each palette , you'll see 1 character colored correctly while the others aren't . This helps you to identify the character icon you want to replace or edit and it's palette (Remember the number!) ;)

2.1 Before closing NSMBe , please , take note of (remember) the palette colors in the Upper-right corner in the Editor Window (this will help you later when editing the palette itself)

(o<) 3 - Open your image with Photoshop. You can either make an icon using a full image or if you find an existing little icon you can use that too , whatever you want.

Now , when your icon is ready ,go to IMAGE>MODE>INDEXED COLOR (This is why i'm using Photoshop)

Now your image will be transformed into a image with less color information. When the window pops up , put ''16'' in the box to make sure you have 16 colors in your palette.

Now in the palette tab , choose ''Custom'' so you'll see the 16 colors that Photoshop chose to color the icon (Remember these colors you'll need them later).

Close the Custom window , then return to the indexed color Window and press ''ok'' to do changes. Save your new image as png.

4- Open your Rom with Mario Kart DS Course Modifier and search for the 16 color palette mentioned earlier , which is in Main_2D_us , with the name ''player_character_M_o.NCLR''

Double click on that and you will have a window like this:

Now , you will search for the right palette (you would know if you took note of it like i advice to do!)

-When you find the right palette , you need to edit it and change the colors with the 16 Colors that Photoshop gave to you for your icon before! (Again , this is why i told you to take note and remember :P) Or To make it even easier just remember the number of the palette and scroll down (As they are in order) from 0-12. , i.e the very first row of 16 colors is Mario's palette (number 0)

-The adventage here is that there's no a specifc order , as long as you edit just the 16 colors for the original palette of the character you are replacing/editing and only those!.

4.2- When you are done , click on th disk icon in the upper-left corner to save and close the palette window , BUT DON'T CLOSE MKDSCM. To properly save , you need to export the palette file and save it somewhere in your computer.

5 - Open your room with EFE , and search for the palette file in the right location. Right-click on it and choose replace. Replace that file with the new palette file you just exported from MKDS course Modifier.
SAVE With the Disk icon after replacing , and then Choose ''Save as'' And save a new rom or just replace the old one.

6- When you are done , Go to NSMBe again and go to the same locations for the image and the palette in Main2D_us.

Search for the Right palette (10 in this case for Waluigi) and you'll have this result:

Your palette was succesfully changed in there, but this is not the end!.

6.2 Now click on ''Export this bitmap'' and save it as png.

6.3 Go to photoshop again and open your Exported Bitmap. With your image open , drag Your created icon (the one with 16-color palette indexed color) and place it PROPERLY in the place of the other character (in this case we are Deleting Waluigi and adding Cosmic Spirit icon) , so you'll have something like this:

Remember to place it Properly with the same space of the original Image so the other icons Don't mess up in the game! (In the image above the CS icon is way too close to R.O.B. but i fixed it and positioned like Waluigi's with the proper space in between both icons)

Also remember to erase properly the original Icon in the image (Waluigi's in this case) so the image is clean without left-overs.

- Save that as png.

Now go back to NSMBe and select ''Import this Bitmap with existing palette'' (make sure you are positioned in the RIGHT PALETTE , in this case number 10) And replace it with the New image you just created.

And this is the result.

Note: Sometimes the other palettes will ''mess up'' a little , but Don't worry ; You can easily fix this with this editor ; Just go to the color you want and select brush or bucket and recolor the ''messed up'' section or the character IN THEIR OWN PALETTE. This happens sometimes , From my experience, but on the good side, the bad changes Aren't big , is just like 1 color so it takes like 5 minutes or less to fix all them :)

So be sure to check the other palettes by scrolling up and down after you edit your custom one so the other characters have them properly placed too! :)


Now Close NSMBe and you are DONE!

If you did everything correctly , you should have something like this!

I hope this helps people , and if you have something you want to say about this tutorial , just comment!

Thanks for reading! :3 :3
Thread: Ever feel like who you are in real life and, who you are on the internet are two seperate people?
Author Posted on 2015/07/04
Swiftie Luma It's not weird at all.

Im gonna be honest and say , that Online im mostly nice and funny but in Real life I'm a looooooot more quiet and lonely.

This is an escape i guess.
Thread: Tutorial - Sprites/mugshots and Icons editing (put your own !)
Author Posted on 2015/07/04
Swiftie Luma The thing is i didn't know how to make the images display properly so i just left it untouched until sombody else came.

Thanks for fixing them.

Also , yes it is quite a process and a lot of back and forth but it turns out nice.

A better 2d graphics editor would be nice in the future though.
Thread: A little request i want to make , if it's possible...
Author Posted on 2015/07/05
Swiftie Luma Can someone , please do me a favor and hand me Waluigi's Gold Mantis Kart nsbmd but clawless ?

I mean , i tried this in the past and the model either gets completely messy or the file size is like the double than before.

I kinda like the kart , but without the claw it would look better .

Thanks in advance , whoever is reading this.
Thread: Tutorial - Sprites/mugshots and Icons editing (put your own !)
Author Posted on 2015/07/05
Swiftie Luma

Well, I tried this, but no matter what, for me importing bitmap with existing palette doesn`t work at all. I mean, making the custom icon and palette was no problem for me, but importing the custom icon itself always gives me error message that says something like this: "Parametre have to be positive value lower than height". Any help?

can you post an screenshot and/or describe what you did s i can help you , because a lot of things can cause errors in the process.

Also use the lastest version of NSMBe
Thread: Artists Thread , Post your art in here!
Author Posted on 2015/07/05
Swiftie Luma You can post drawings you made , art or images that you liked of your favorite characters in Mario Kart or the Mario series!

Thread: Tutorial - Inserting Custom Music into MKDS
Author Posted on 2015/07/06
Swiftie Luma Nice tutorial!

But i believe a tutorial that includes how to loop the midi or how to prevent the music file isn't too big would be helpful in the future , Since in my case , that's the thing that i personally don't know .
Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2015/07/06
Swiftie Luma I would also suggest to make the ''Profile Video'' feature to come back , i personally liked that.
Thread: Tutorial - Sprites/mugshots and Icons editing (put your own !)
Author Posted on 2015/07/06
Swiftie Luma @LeDryBones81 that problem happens if you are not importing the same image that you exported.

Export Bitmap A , and edit it with the custon icon but don't alter the Size of the whole image set.

Then import The bitmap you edited and it should be no problem

i looked it up and as i said that error happens if the bitmap you try to import does not match the size of the one in NSMBe
Thread: A little request i want to make , if it's possible...
Author Posted on 2015/07/06
Swiftie Luma I used blender but it gets messed when converting to nsbmd , i don't have other 3d editor.

But anyway , i'm gonna stop trying.
Thread: Artists Thread , Post your art in here!
Author Posted on 2015/07/07
Swiftie Luma Here are some Miiverse drawings , feel free to post more art since i don't want the page to be filled with just mind :3 Don't be shy , EDIT : Fixed , MKGirlism

Thread: Tutorial - Sprites/mugshots and Icons editing (put your own !)
Author Posted on 2015/07/10
Swiftie Luma EDIT

Note: Sometimes the other palettes will ''mess up'' a little , but Don't worry ; You can easily fix this with this editor ; Just go to the color you want and select brush or bucket and recolor the ''messed up'' section or the character IN THEIR OWN PALETTE. This happens sometimes , From my experience, but on the good side, the bad changes Aren't big , is just like 1 color so it takes like 5 minutes or less to fix all them

I Have discovered that , this happens if the colors you edit in the palette when you open MKDSCM , ARE NOT 100% Accurate.

When you are looking for the color palette in Photoshop to edit the colors in the palette (Main_US for example) You need to use the exact same colors , and in the same order they come.

To do this just double click on each of the little color boxes in the palette window, the row of 15 colors (there are 16 but the invisible one is the transparency color) , the ones in this image

And look for the right R G and B values

When you get those numbers , put them in each R G and B box in MKDSCM to get the EXACT color.

Next to this black square , are the R G and B boxes in MKDSCM

So it will take a little more to reacreate the palette , But your new palette will be flawless and you won't get Color errors in the other palettes that come in the group.
Thread: Artists Thread , Post your art in here!
Author Posted on 2015/07/11
Swiftie Luma ....

Nobody has anything to share?

Well i'm gonna share some artworks that i made , based on my miiverse drawings. Please Share some too! I would love to see more of you people :)

Thread: Mario Kart Second Circuit
Author Posted on 2015/07/11
Swiftie Luma Congrats for the release of V1.5
Thread: Artists Thread , Post your art in here!
Author Posted on 2015/07/11
Swiftie Luma

This is another incarnation of Arctus.

So that's you , right?

He has a different hairstyle , cool!
Thread: RIP Satoru Iwata
Author Posted on 2015/07/13
Swiftie Luma I don't think Yami's was trying to be rude , just stating her opinion on the subject.

Nevertheless , Iwata was really good man.

I drew this , for his memory.

Thread: Mario Kart Second Circuit
Author Posted on 2015/07/13
Swiftie Luma im going to add Rosalina in the version i downloaded since i cannot stand Daisy with Rosalina's voice.

So far the tracks are really nice , and i loled at Luigi Circuit as a desert , it was cool XD
Thread: Why did you choose your current User Name?
Author Posted on 2015/07/20
Swiftie Luma Why did you do it? :)

in my case this is a graphical description:

+ =
Thread: Help , 3DS Max and the Materials for Custom Characters.
Author Posted on 2015/07/26
Swiftie Luma So , back then when i first edited Rosalina's model to Make Fire Rosalina i noticed that her model was shinier and the colors in the textures were brighter. In the game however , while everything is ok , She doesn't get Dirty with the Blooper ink and the lighting effects noticeable in Sky Garden and the Old Bowser Castle are missing. And the star texture and slipstream effect mess up.

I was told this was because her model doesn't have the right materials and that the material was available once you get the nitro plugins.

My question is , now that i have 3DS Max and the Nitro plugins , How do i give the model the right materials so the model is correct like the rest of the characters?

I mean look:

This is Rosalina's model from the hack store , with proper materials as i looks in MKDS Course Modifier:

And this is the MKWii model that i converted to nsbmd

Both without textures but the difference is obvious , and i don't know how to fix it.
Thread: Help , 3DS Max and the Materials for Custom Characters.
Author Posted on 2015/07/26
Swiftie Luma Thanks A lot ! I'm getting there! but G3DCVTR doesn't give me the NSBTX file D:
Thread: Your Dong Name
Author Posted on 2015/07/27
Swiftie Luma I found this on Miiverse ; Thought it was appropiate XD

Thread: Your Name if you were the other Gender
Author Posted on 2015/08/04
Swiftie Luma My name would be L... *sentece forced to be terminated*
Thread: Your Name if you were the other Gender
Author Posted on 2015/08/05
Swiftie Luma

LOL who would have though? :lawl:
Thread: Artists Thread , Post your art in here!
Author Posted on 2015/08/12
Swiftie Luma Posting again.

Thread: Countries you travelled to, 2015 Edition
Author Posted on 2015/08/13
Swiftie Luma I guess i'll try.

Venezuela - since forever
Ecuador - every now and then , last time was in 2014
Colombia - Last time was in 2014
Curaçao - 2010

I want to travel :

Anywhere far faaaaar faaaaaaar away from here , but not to countries like Russia , Arabia Or India.

Thread: Tutorial - How to make a custom Kart
Author Posted on 2015/08/16
Swiftie Luma Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for this , really!

Extremely helpful! I finally did my first custom kart !

It's not perfect but it still looks really good , and works perfect on the DS.

The Blue Circuit Special , i did this because it's the one that Rosalina uses in MK8

And this one as CPU

And here's a little video :P

Again , thank you!

I'm looking forward to do more karts , either Remakes or Unique ones! :gaga: :gaga: :3
Thread: Animal Crossing Track Seasons from MK8 (Select your season manually)
Author Posted on 2015/08/20
Swiftie Luma Yesterday lurking on Gfaqs , an user named @Tingloid , posted a way to manually select the season of the track , so you can race on the one you want.

I'm spreading the word :3

Basically you need to hold before the race (until it starts) these buttons:

Hold ZR for WINTER
Hold ZL for Fall
Hold R for Summer
Hold L for Spring

Once you have done any of this ''Holds'' you will be racing in the season you wanted.

Good Games :3
Thread: Animal Crossing Track Seasons from MK8 (Select your season manually)
Author Posted on 2015/08/20
Swiftie Luma
It apparently does not work on online races.

Well that's obvious , but i should have stated that earlier.

I don't care about online that much anyway :3
Thread: Tutorial - How to make a custom Kart
Author Posted on 2015/08/21
Swiftie Luma So i recently made a model of the biddybuggy , and ran into an issue.

After finishing everything in blender with modelling , i exported as OBJ and 3DS max gave me a ''Polygon index Error''

i don't know how to fix this , it's just a general question since i really liked the model and i don't want to feel like i just lost my time making it so the program gives me the middle finger at the end :sob: :sob: :sob:
Thread: Your Name if you were the other Gender
Author Posted on 2015/09/13
Swiftie Luma

Rachel or Emily.

Sounds like the female Versions of Ray (Raphael) and Ermii respectively, pretty much.

Also, I realised I didn't think of a male Version of my real Name yet.
That's a hard one, as I don't think there's a male Version of "Yamilla", anyway.

Szymmy secretly loves us

Actually in my language there's a male version.

''Yamil'' is the male version of ''Yamilla''.

Also , i Didn't mean ''L'' as in Death Note's character.

Thread: Help with 3DS max and the Nitro Plugins (ANIMATIONS)
Author Posted on 2015/10/06
Swiftie Luma So im learning and i'm getting there animating a random Model of Rosalina , and it's going alright i guess but i was wondering :

After i export and open in 3dmax , how do i export the animation in the right format?

And after i export how do i convert in to the animation format that the game uses???

Thread: Mario Kart DS Pre-alpha Replica
Author Posted on 2015/10/15
Swiftie Luma For Birdo , you should use MKWii's low poly model since the Yoshi one looks really really weird , no offense in that but it doesn't look good.

Just a little advice.
Thread: Tutorial - Sprites/mugshots and Icons editing (put your own !)
Author Posted on 2016/02/11
Swiftie Luma Umm can i ask what on earth happened to the actual tutorial?

Where's all of that? Did it got deleted? what?
Thread: Tutorial - Sprites/mugshots and Icons editing (put your own !)
Author Posted on 2016/02/12
Swiftie Luma
Umm can i ask what on earth happened to the actual tutorial?

Where's all of that? Did it got deleted? what?

Sounds more like a Bug, I removed a specific Smiley from your Tutorial, and everything worked again.

Thank you so much , it was really weird.
Thread: Dreams
Author Posted on 2016/02/24
Swiftie Luma i had a nightmare with a Pony , and i was like Holy crap!

This is what i saw

So freaking scary.
Thread: Question about character hacking
Author Posted on 2016/05/31
Swiftie Luma I don't think it's that simple to be honest.

Let's remember the colored Yoshis are palette swaps of 1 character ; it's the same model with the same animations and voice clips.

In the Sound data every character has a specific way to arrange their voice clips and some even have different sample rates than others as well as their own slot for their wave sounds , for example , Walugi's voice clips for the race are in WAVE 14 , and so on

I don't think there's a way yet to actually include your own ''wave slot'' for the game to recognize yet another set of voice clips for a character out of the original roster.

Even Shy Guy has his own slot for this.

You would need to '''make space'' in the game to add your own slot for the character , their voices and animations ,as well as karts , and that doesn't sound super easy if you ask me.

Currently the best you can do , is to completely change a characters clips , animations , portraits and karts to replace the original one so it's not half assed work.

Thread: MKDS Custom Characters: Texture Problems
Author Posted on 2016/08/01
Swiftie Luma Also if you are actually having the character to be static you may as well Use Birdo's Low Poly model from MKWii so it looks better and properly textured.

Thread: EFE Help [how to texture hack??]
Author Posted on 2016/11/20
Swiftie Luma They are sprites , and they follow palettes.

The editions is limited in color as result as the items share their colors with each other.

For Example , the palette for the Blooper also affects Boo and the Bomb-omb , changing colors for Any of this items affects the others , so its not really that simple in normal circunstances.
Thread: Help
Author Posted on 2016/11/20
Swiftie Luma
How do you change character names, character models (Replace mario with something else like Link)

Character names in Orange in the CSS are images with a palette , AKA sprites.

They are changed using NSMBe and Photoshop , i already made a tutorial about editing icons , its on the forum.

Character names in Grand Prix (The CPU) are located in the common.bmg inside the Main2D.carc file ; depending on the language , select the right file , example Main2D_us is for the english language settings , so the english names are in there. It is for italian , es is for Spanish , Ger for German and Fr for French.

and the textures themselves like the title screen?

Again , sprites with palettes , My tutorial and Arctus Cup icons tutorial are helpful for this.

Oh yeah forgot to mention how to change voices.

Im guessing you didnt take the time to read the forums , theres a tutorial in this section too for changing voices and sfx.

Depending on which character you are trying to replace you need to insert the files and replace the right Wave file and always using the correct sample rate matching the original voice clips.

Wave 46 and Wave 47 in the sound data have the Voices for CSS.

The ones for the races are stored in different Wave packs , but they are close to each other.

From Wave 3 to Wave 17 are the Characters voices when they are racing.

You can access via MKDSCM and opening the sound data file which containts the Wave folder with the wave packs.

Thread: Mario Kart Second Circuit
Author Posted on 2016/11/21
Swiftie Luma Shouldnt Toon link use the actual toon Link portrait?

Looking good btw.

Out of curiosity , what tool did you use to edit the After race mugshots?
Thread: Game Crashes when texture hacked
Author Posted on 2016/11/22
Swiftie Luma Good thing once you have a rom , you can make many backups.
The DS roms are relatively light , can copy paste and just takes some seconds to make.
Thread: Mario Kart Second Circuit
Author Posted on 2016/11/22
Swiftie Luma I see , so you use that method.

Did you found a way on fixing this by any chance?

The only problem i have with the NSMBe method is the fact that this specific file doesnt seem to look properly
unlike the CSS pictures. No matter the tiles or etc.
Thread: Game Crashes when texture hacked
Author Posted on 2016/11/27
Swiftie Luma I find it quite surprising that this has taken so long to fix.

Same as Yami , i got no problem with this whatsoever.

And i replaced the texture manually used the .png that you sent.

This is not hard to achive at all , so ill try to be as clear as possible.

Open your room with MKDS Course Modifier and search for the file you are interested

Since your texture is for Figure 8 circuit , the right file inside the course folder is Cross Course ; IMPORTANT, its CROSS COURSE and not CROSS COURSE D.

Search for the original texture , export it and edit it however you want.

After that Import the texture back in place and it should look like this

After that Save with the save button and then export the course_model.nsbtx

Close the tool and open Everyfile explorer (EFE)

Search for the Cross Course texture files , again Cross Course is the correct one , not Cross Course D

Enter and replace the course_model.nsbtx

Save. and you are done

Thats literally how you do it and it works 100% if you follow the instructions.

If not then its totally some other thing on your end.

Lastly , as an extra , i tested this on a real DS so theres no way it does not work after this unless you got something else that causes the error.
Thread: How to edit character names?
Author Posted on 2016/11/27
Swiftie Luma Do the exact same as with the textures. Save the file then export the .bgm file

That way it saves. MKDSCM saves the file edits , but does not save the rom as a whole , to do that insert the edited file inside the rom with EFE because EFE can save the whole rom.

Exactly what you did with the textures.
Thread: character help
Author Posted on 2016/12/07
Swiftie Luma Your problem is that there are like 4 or 5 KartmodelMenu files inside the game.

The one that it's singled out as a folder when you first open the room is the one that containts the models you see in the Character select screen , as well as the Karts in the CSS.

There are other files such as KartModelMenuA , KartModelMenuB and KartModelMenuSub.

The ''A'' one is from the Beta , it has an ''Oyama'' folder that was suppoused to belong to E. Gadd , that's how you know.

Now i dont exactly remember the specific locations But

KartModelMenuSub is the one that containts character models for the races , which means that if you replace those , it will appear in the race.

One of those also has the Karts for the actual Race and another one has the CPU models , you just need to check and figure out as i dont remember with detail.

Thread: Location of Names in the Kiosk demo?
Author Posted on 2016/12/09
Swiftie Luma Hi , so i decided to try the demo rom and edit somethings inside.

While i was successful replacing most stuff and editing it , there's one thing i cannot find , the Names that appear during the race and on the top after the race.

These ones:

The ones pointed out in Yellow that say ''TOAD'' aka the characters names after the race and during it.

Does anybody know the location of these?

I have searched everywhere , and i cant find them. In the final its easier to edit since they are .bgm files

But i dont even know where these are located.

Thanks in advance.
Thread: Location of Names in the Kiosk demo?
Author Posted on 2016/12/09
Swiftie Luma Dont worry , i already got the answer.

If anybody wonders , they are inside the ARM9.bin of the demo.

Decompressing it and opening with an hex editor makes the text show at the bottom of the page.
Thread: Custom voices only work on time trials (MKDS)
Author Posted on 2016/12/20
Swiftie Luma Well , my guess is that you made changed them carelessly-

Let me explain.

I have done custom voice clips in MKDS a lot in my rom , and usually sometimes the character will be mute during races , however this is fixed by restarting the race.

Nevertheless , i have noticed that this little inconvenience is heavily influenced and caused because people normally just convert the WAV clips into SWAVS and then repack

WITHOUT caring about the size of your new WAV.

So to put it simple , using longer clips or clips with higher sample rate than the ones you are replacing results in the final Sound Data file being bigger than the original one.

The original sound data file is 3,16 mb in size iirc , if you happen to exceed those limits , your voices will be muted several times as result , even if the game still works.

So the solution to this, is to put some effort in customizing the clips to match the originals in size or have them smaller.

For example :

I believe ALL the characters use a sample rate of 8000 hz in their clips during the actual race , meanwhile the ones in the CSS have higher rate which means they are bigger as result.

The higher the sample rate , the bigger the size of your files will be , so make sure you dont convert your wavs into swavs straight away.

What you need to do : Use audacity to open your wavs , and lower their sample rate to match the original clips , or even chop the clips a little to make them smaller , or in extreme cases choose a different clip.

Do this in order to have the final sound data stay in 3,16 MB so the game does not mess with your custom voices.

Thats the solution.

I believe they work in Time trials with not problems because the character is racing alone , but i could be wrong.

Either way , good luck. :rosalina:
Thread: Custom voices only work on time trials (MKDS)
Author Posted on 2016/12/20
Swiftie Luma You are welcome.

Glad i was helpful.

:rosalina: :rosalina: :rosalina:
Thread: NEW CHARACTER.... kinda....
Author Posted on 2016/12/21
Swiftie Luma Damn too many tris.

Honestly i dont know how you claim you dont know what to do with the Wii or DD low poly models and yet you are creating one? Like if you create one what are you gonna do with it? Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh , its not really my angle , i legit just dont get that part lol.

Anyway , it would be so much better to use an existing model if you are not familiar with 3D Modelling as you need to take in count how much triangles your model has ,it has to be less than 200 IIRC , so its low poly.

Also existing models are already textured so you dont have to bother with UV mapping and etc. Its a stretch to do it manually from scratch if you dont know how exactly the character looks by heart or are not familiar with 3D modelling at all.

Anyway , heres a model of Birdo from MKWii , is lowpoly. And has way less triangles than yours.

Now what you would need is a way to apply the nitro materials to the model and have an static animation for it , assuming you are not planning to actually animate it or something.

Also i took the time to remove the legs , because you dont need them and it reduces the triangle count even more. And its already sized to match the MKDS character models size.


Thread: What happened to the custom..
Author Posted on 2016/12/22
Swiftie Luma If i recall correctly , when the server changed , the hackstore needed to be updated too.

And one of the things that needed to be done was to reupload content from it , however (and this is the part that i dont remember quite well) , the content would only be available again if the original uploader/creator reuploaded it to the new server hackstore.

Since That user was banned since forever ago , and banned users are not welcomed back , his uploads may forever be lost in this place

Unless someone else uploads it here again , with the permission of the original creator.

Many things in the original DS hack are not longer here , so your best bet would be locate the file somewhere else , as i believe many things posted in here are reuploaded by others in other places through file sharing services.
Thread: Can make a custom mario kart track and play single card with my friends?
Author Posted on 2016/12/27
Swiftie Luma All i know is that both people have to have the game so it works.

Otherwise it won and will freeze. This is for roms only , the original cartridge does not have this issue obviously.
Thread: MKDSCM won't open .swar files???
Author Posted on 2017/01/01
Swiftie Luma Again , all this back and forth for something extremely simple.

The answer , if im not mistaken , is that you need another version of MKDSCM

The lastest one , that has a Toad icon , does not open single swav or swars

The one with Bee Mario as an icon can open them individually.

I have tested this , and it is that way.

As i have said before to another user , if thats not the case then something else is on your end.
Thread: MKDS Community Hack
Author Posted on 2017/01/03
Swiftie Luma Well , maybe i would hope in.

i can make custom Karts.

like this

or this one , which is one of my favorites. So cute.
Thread: MakeROMFS-GUI - A new way to build ROMFS files for HANS
Author Posted on 2017/02/02
Swiftie Luma Cool.

But , if this faster than Romfs Builder?

If not , see no reason for it to be that useful , at least not for me since im not on Linux.
Thread: [TUTORIAL] How to add custom sfx (Voices , race sounds , etc.)
Author Posted on 2017/02/18
Swiftie Luma Hello , it's Swiftie :rosalina:

Today , i am here show you how to add your custom sound effects into the game such as voices for the characters and various sounds you hear in the game that are not music.

Also it is worth noting that this method works for some other games , aside from Mario Kart 7.

Let's Begin

What do you need?

- Your ROMFS folder from the game , in this case Mario Kart 7.
- 3DS Audio Ripper
- Audacity
- Hex editor , better if it is HxD
- Your Custom sounds in WAV format
- ROMFS Builder.
- HANS installed in your 3DS (loaded via Homebrew Launcher)
- Foobar2000 installed (with vgmstream component to play BCWAV files)
- ctr_WaveConverter32 ***


This is a Nintendo tool , so it's not possible to share in here or for the public so you need to find it yourself (However it's not hard to find)


0- Install Foobar2000 WITH THE VGMSTREAM COMPONENT , this allows you to play the sounds in the bcwav format. Also install Audacity (this is a sound software) , which is free so it should be quick

1- Obtain your ROMFS folder.

This is very easy to do , and i wont go into much detail as you can find how to do this in this tutorial section


2- After you get your ROMFS folder you need to find the .bcsar file which contains the SFX of the game.

The name of this file varies from game to game and also there can be more than 1 of these depending on the game , however the extention (.bcsar) remains the same , so they should not be hard to find.

For Mario Kart 7 , there's only 1 (ctr_dash.bcsar) and it contains most (if not all) of the games SFX as well as character voices , so it's very easy in this case.

3- Once you locate the file , open 3DS Audio ripper.

The files that you need are in bcwav format , so you only need to check the first option box , that says CWAV (CTR Wave)

Once you have done that , click on the save location and select the place where you want the folder to be.

Open Source file and select the ctr_dash.bcsar that you located inside the ROMFS of MK7.

now click on Process File.

By now , you should have a folder called BCWAV in the saved location as well as a notification of how many files you have extracted.

4- Go inside the folder and you should have many files with names such as 0x987882 , and etc.

These are the sounds of the game that you have extracted.

Play them on Foobar2000 to locate the sound or sounds you want to replace.

This can take a while because there are many sounds and there's not really an exact pattern on how they are arranged.

I advice to copy them in a different folder after you locate them , so they are already separated from the bunch that you don't really need.

5- Convert your custom sound from WAV to BCWAV.

But before doing so you must do this first:

Once you have your sounds separated from the others you dont want , you need to convert them into WAV files.

To do so , play them in foobar2000 and right click on them. Click on convert > quick convert and select WAV.

You should have then your sound in BCWAV format converted to WAV.

This is important because you need to make your custom sound MATCH in lengh with the original , or have it be shorter.


So make sure your custom sound is the same lengh , or shorter than the original one.

In here my custom sound is on the bottom and it's shorter , so it should be no problem.

Also check on the sample rate of the original in the bottom left corner.

Your custom Sound should also match in sample rate , it can be the same or lower. if it doesn't just change the number to match the original or make it lower.

Remember than the lower the sample rate is , the lower the quality will be , so don't play with this too much , just make it the same as the original or a bit lower.

After you check on this , and make whatever edits you want (if you need) , save the sound as WAV.

Now time to convert it to BCWAV.

Put your custom WAV in the same folder as ctr_WaveConverter32 , and just drag the sound into the ctr_WaveConverter32 file and wait for it to convert.

Now you will have your custom sound in BCWAV format. You can play it on Foobar2000 just to check if it's all correct.

6- Open your Hex editor.

I will use HXD as i adviced.

Open the .bcsar file that contains all the sounds with it.

Now open the original BCWAV file that you want to replace in another tab

Finally open your custom BCWAV in another tab.

OK , so this part is rather easy but it's really annoying when you are doing voice mods because you need to do this WITH ALL THE CLIPS.

Good luck with that , lol ♥

So now , in the .bcsar tab hit Ctrl+G which triggers the ''go to'' option (you can also click on search and do it manually)

type the numbers of the original file name , but don't put the ''0x''

To make sure you did it correctly , you should have located the CWAV.

After this , go to the next tab , which is the original sound , and click Ctrl+A which is to select All , (and this can be done manually too).

Take note of the ''length'' of this file which is displayed on the bottom tab.

now go to the next tab , which is the custom sound and do the same.

Now open the Calculator of your PC.

You need to use it in HEX mode.

Type the length of the original sound , and got back to the .bcsar file

press Ctrl+E which triggers the ''Select Block'' function.

Click on length and type the same number as in the calculator , which should be the length of the original file.

Now go the custom sound tab and check the length.

Now you need to substract that number from the original sound length number.

This is why you need your custom sounds to be smaller or the same in size , as before , so this can work in here.

The result number should be displayed in the calculator.

After that go to the very end of the custom sound and put the cursor on the very last number.

Now click on the tabs above and click on ''Insert bytes''

type in here the result of your calculator. You have added the bytes (all of the 0) to this file , so it's the same as the original and match perfectly in the game.

Now select all of this with Ctrl+A and you will notice the length of the custom sound is now the same of the original in the previous tab.

Copy you all of the selection with Ctrl+C and go to the bcsar tab

With all in place go to Edit and click on Paste Insert.

Now save that file and you have Successfuly replaced the sound.

Finally , replace the original .bcsar of the ROMFS with the one you edited.

Sometimes a .bak file will be added when you edit the files with HxD ... DONT INCLUDE THIS ON THE ROMFS FOLDER , just delete it.

After that , repack your ROMFS with ROMFS Builder and load it via HANS.

The result is this ( this is not Mario Kart 7 , but you get the idea , and also proof it works in other games)

Hope this tutorial is useful to you and see you next time!

Credit for the idea of this tutorial goes to:


He created his own tutorial for this , you can check it here.

The main difference here , is that he used YATA+ to make this work , but you really don't need it.

I have discovered that YATA+ makes your sound have LOWER quality no matter if you edit the settings and etc , it will always have LOWER quality than the ones in the original games.

So i strongly advice to use my method , but if you have any doubt , you can follow the video in here , just don't use YATA+ because it's really not necessary.
Thread: HELP - How to extract content from .dat files.
Author Posted on 2017/03/08
Swiftie Luma Hi.

i recently was able to dump the romfs folder from Mario Sports Superstars.

My goal was to look through the files to extract some sounds and modify others , however the entire thing is compressed in .dat files and i don't know how to work this up-

heres some screenshots of the files inside the ROMFS folder that i dumped

If someone knows how to work around this please help me. I really want to extract/modify this games sfx.
Thread: general idea box for mk8d hacking
Author Posted on 2017/05/11
Swiftie Luma I just care about simple hacks for MK8/MK8D

That's because i really don't expect that much because , as stated , things get more complicated as the graphics improve and that's just not something we can stop.

Very few people will be dedicated enough to do something of very good quality and that works well.

As for me , i just care about Rosalina's voice since the default one is just a big NO , and a few texture hacks and music hacks.

Just by doing that the game becomes 200% better for me.