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Registered on 2017/09/10, 4:47
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Email address None of your business. :3
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Location The cold state (not Alaska)
Birthday 2004/02/15
YouTube Channel
Bio I'm 14 and live in the United States. I like to play Mario Kart games.

I'll put down the Mario Karts I've played in order of favorite to least favorite below.

1. Mario Kart DS
2. Mario Kart Wii
3. Mario Kart 8
4. Super Mario Kart
5. Mario Kart Double Dash
6. Mario Kart 7

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Posted on 2018/11/17, 20:35

what's this do?

Posts: 13

Since: 2017/09/10, 4:47
From: The cold state (not Alaska)
Gender: Male

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Sample nested quote.

^Sample sarcasm

How about some code:
if ($a == $b) // I was here....
print "Sample code."; #oops you just missed him!

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Hey, why not check out my website while you're here? - I put stuff I make here