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How did your day start off?
Author Posted on 2015/11/26
SGC Yellow Ok well to get us started here...

I went into the the kitchen to get a sack then I notice the front door is wide opened I go to look out the screen door and, what's the first thing I find? Some fuck wad small dog tearring out the trash just fucking lovely.
Author Posted on 2015/11/26
Arctus 64 I woke up at 6:17, and turned on the television in my bedroom and watched YouTube for an hour before one of my sisters came down to my bedroom and told me that it was my turn to feed the cats this morning.
Author Posted on 2015/11/26
MKGirlism Well, when I woke up (read: Just now), I stood up, and made up my Bed.
After that, I Unlocked my Tablet, and opened all Websites I visit most at once.