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Member Title Ex-owner.(ーωー。)
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Registered on 2015/06/19, 5:26
Last post 2017/07/13, 3:55
in Forum Bug Fixes, and Additions/Removals/etc. (YamiBoard (Forum Software))
Last online 2017/07/13, 5:30

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Email address None of your business. :3
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Location Tokyo
Birthday 1991/12/07
YouTube Channel MKGirlism
Bio このサイトの女神だ。

I am this sites' Goddess.
2 people have developed this Forum Software, but it sometimes feels like I'm doing it alone.

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Posted on 2018/11/17, 20:16


Posts: 569

Since: 2015/06/19, 5:26
From: Tokyo
Gender: Female
YouTube: MKGirlism

Last post: 2017/07/13, 3:55
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Sample nested quote.

^Sample sarcasm

How about some code:
if ($a == $b) // I was here....
print "Sample code."; #oops you just missed him!

Sample message.