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Server migration
Author Posted on 2016/03/11
MKGirlism Budget has dropped, so we have internally decided to get rid of 2 Servers, including this one.
In order to make the migration as smooth as possible, I'll start migration of this Forum on a time when nobody is Online.
I'm not going to say when, to prevent anyone coming here during the migration, anyway.

However, the Archive, Wiki, and Hack Store will be moved first, as those require more time (because they're all huge in File Size), and at the same time, they're much more inactive.

Another benefit is, the target Server is much better, featuring a much bigger HDD, much more Bandwidth, more RAM, and a better Processor.
And it's easier to manage, as that one doesn't use DirectAdmin, which has a set limit to what Version of PHP, MySQL, and Apache we can run.
Author Posted on 2016/03/24
MKGirlism Everything got moved over to the bigger Server, just as planned.
So, Mission Accomplished.