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NSMB2 Model (*.bcres) to *.nsbmd problem
Author Posted on 2016/04/05
KingYoshi Hi, I'm new here :P

I have problems when trying to get NSMB2 Models (*.bcres) into NSMBDS.

When using Gericom's Every File Explorer (EFE) to convert a *.bcres file to *.obj (or *.dae), editing it in SketchUp and then convert it to *.nsbmd using MKDSce, I'll get this error:

But when converting the *.bcres to *.obj and then converting it to *.nsbmd without editing the model in SketchUp first, MKDSce doesn't give any error at all. I've tested this with two models from the game.

My first thought was: Maybe this would be something with EFE.

So I asked someone else to try it with Ohana3DS (since Ohana3DS won't work on my computer for some reason). He converted the same two files to *.obj using Ohana3DS and convert it to *.nsbmd using MKDSce. We got the same issue as when using EFE. When converting the *.obj to *.nsbmd without editing anything in SketchUp before, the conversion will be succesful and the model will work in-game; when editing the *.obj in SketchUp and converting it to *.nsbmd after editing, MKDSce will give an error.

Would this be a bug EFE and Ohana3DS both have? Or is it something with SketchUp? The second one would be weird though, since I've never had any problems when inserting Wii models in NSMBDS (yet).

Without being able to edit NSMB2 Models before setting the model in NSMBDS, we're not able to do thing like fixing texture bugs (caused by the *.bcres to *.obj conversion) or moving the model to another place (which is neccesary sometimes, to get the model on the right place in-game).
Author Posted on 2016/04/05
MKGirlism "SketchUp" is the keyword you're looking for.
For some reason, SketchUp re-applies the same Textures on each face separately, which is just ridiculous.
The error tells you literally that.

I can't say much regarding that, as I'm a Maya user, and that one never gives me any issues.
However, I remember how Stewie1.0 caused this same problem before, and he used SketchUp.
Author Posted on 2016/04/05
Miles Ermiiworth Try UV Fixing the OBJ. There is an option for that in MKDSCM.

PS: I've just realized it's something the NSBMD generator already does.
I think you have to use 3ds max and see if you can fix it manually, sadly
Author Posted on 2016/04/06
KingYoshi Thanks for the quick response :)

What a shame I can't use SketchUp for this, since that's one of the best "noob-friendly" modelling programs. I have 3dsmax, but I've never used it (yet). But hopefully that will work..
Author Posted on 2016/04/06
MKGirlism Basically, you can use SketchUp, try to Export it to OBJ, and Import it into 3DS Max, and see what happens next.
As I said, I don't use SketchUp, so I don't know if it'll work that way.