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HTTPS, what will happen? What should you do?
Author Posted on 2016/06/20
MKGirlism Starting January 2017, all major Web Browsers will block all Websites that don't use HTTPS (or SSL, or Port 443, or however you want to call it otherwise).
Therefore, we will get an SSL Certificate for this Site within 3 months.

During that time, I kindly ask you to do only 1 thing: Make sure your Post Layouts and Avatars all run HTTPS, instead of HTTP.
You can use HTTPS content on HTTP, and vice versa, but in order to make HTTPS work properly, everything needs to be loaded as HTTPS, for some reason.

Once we switch, and you're still using an Avatar, Post Layout, Signature, or something else running HTTP, we will remove the content without prior notice.
Before we switch, we will try to make sure you can only use HTTPS Images, once it detects an HTTP Image, your Profile won't be Updated.

If you now already want to play safe, you can use the Uploader, and Link to it without the Domain Name.
For example, instead of typing or copy/pasting "http://www.dshack.org/assets/images/showprofileicon.png", you can just use "assets/images/showprofileicon.png".
That way, it'll work in HTTP and HTTPS Mode, and it'll adapt to the "DSHack.org" and "3DSHack.org" Domain Names at the same time.
However, keep in mind this method won't work with the "img" BBCode Tags, but it's still useful for your Post Layouts and Avatars.

Thanks for your understanding.
Author Posted on 2016/06/30
MKGirlism Okay, we are now on HTTPS.
Additionally, we have moved this Site to yet another Server, since the old Server didn't allow us to import HTTPS Certificates, for some reason...

However, there might be a few issues on this new Server, since the old Server used PHP 5.3, while this Server uses PHP 7.0.