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Your favorite Consoles.
Author Posted on 2016/07/05
SGC Yellow I would say 2 of my favorite consoles are the GameCube, and N64, I played my Uncle's N64 when I was quite young, most likely around 2, or 3 years old, I'm not sure, one of my favorite game for that Console was Super Mario 64, I always felt like I was discovering new things in that game with it's open worlds, power stars. I got my Game Cube for Christmas when I was 6, or 7 years old, the first game I played with it were Super Mario Sunshine, and Mario Kart Double Dash, I'll never forget how I said "I wanna be the green Mario", and my mother told me that it was Luigi, which was most likely the first time I saw Luigi, and Super Mario Sunshine was fun as well, I would often like to play around with the goop. I also have blurry memories of playing Super Mario Kart on the SFC/SNES.
Author Posted on 2016/07/05
MKGirlism I fell in love with the SFC recently, but I never owned one, so I voted N64 instead.

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Author Posted on 2016/07/27
Megakoopax SNES all the way! It's probably the console that had the most of my favorite and most memorable games.
Author Posted on 2016/07/27
User 269 I love the GameCube, GBA, DS, 3DS, PSP and the PC
Author Posted on 2016/07/27
Miles Ermiiworth PC Gaming Master race!
Author Posted on 2016/07/27
Baoulettes Xbox 360 there!

Kidding ! but the choice is too hard between 3ds and n64.
Both got Zelda OOT.
One have souvenir the other quality.
I will cast 3DS (Tank not the one that been released after it)
Author Posted on 2016/07/27
★MαsterDιzzy N64 for sure (Even if i love PC too ;] )