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Windows 10, a full list on why it sucks
Author Posted on 2016/12/16
MKGirlism For some reason, I've found this page:

For those not willing to read it all, here's a little summary of the most concerning things listed.

Problems with every Windows version.
- The user as a system administrator (thus viruses/​malware - most users don't and won't understand UAC warnings).
- Windows is extremely difficult to debug (e.g. try finding out why your system is slow to boot).
- Windows boot problems are too often fatal and unsolvable unless you reinstall from scratch.
- Windows is hardware dependent (especially when running from UEFI).
- Windows updates are terribly unreliable, very slow (to install) and they also waste disk space.
- Windows keeps trying to reinstall failed updates over and over (in certain cases every such cycle of "updating" can render you PC disabled for hours!).
- Windows OS installer doesn't give a damn about other OSes installed on your PC and it always overwrites the MBR. In case of already existing Windows installations, it sets the newly installed Windows as the default OS - no questions asked. In case of UEFI booting of other non Windows OSes is unsupported and Windows actively prevents this.
- Windows loves thrashing your HDD.
- Windows anti-virus products oftentimes make your PC less safe.

Problems with just Windows 10.
- Windows 10 spies on you and even more so on your children aka phones home.
- Microsoft now openly publishes its collected data in regard to Windows 10 users.
- Starting October 2016 telemetry(spying) became impossible to disable in Windows 7 and 8.1 because Microsoft changed the way it distributes updates for these two operating systems.
- Microsoft's EULA grants Microsoft the rights to use any of your content related to the services like Bing, Cortana (a built-in file indexer and search in Windows 10), OneDrive or Skype.
- Microsoft pushes Windows 10 so hard it actually started spreading FUD even about its own older OSes.
- Windows 10 will forever be beta software.
- You've got no real control over crucial features of the OS.
- Windows 10 sucks terribly if you are an unlucky user of a metered Internet connection.
- In Windows 10 certain not so old games and applications either do not work or have severe problems.
- Windows 10 shows full screen ads on your lock screen.
- A new shocker: Windows 10 installs apps behind your back without your approval. The first Windows anniversary update without asking first reinstalls Skype and auto logins you.
- Windows 10 resets your default applications to built-in Microsoft's ones after each major update.
- A newly created user profile weighs over 300MB (!) while containing zero (!) information about the user.
- A newly created user profile is populated with all the default apps instead of giving the user a choice.

So you see, Windows 10 has way more problems than you will ever deem necessary.
If you have Windows 10 already installed, try upgrading it to Windows 7 before it's to late.
If you want to upgrade to a modern OS, that actually works, you should give Linux a try.
Author Posted on 2016/12/30
CosmicEternity You failed to mention that since July 2015 Windows Vista and Windows 7 are completely unable to receive updates, if you do a fresh install. Plus that after major updates Classic Shell gets uninstalled for 'compatibility' reasons. While I do use Windows 10, and do like it, part of me has to agree with a lot of your points that it can be very annoying for a lot of users.
Author Posted on 2016/12/30
MKGirlism Since I knew all of these, I've been disabling Windows Updates on all (virtual) machines I've freshly installed Windows 7 on, so I don't know about that part.