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The Destiny of the ShoutBox
Author Posted on 2016/12/28
MKGirlism The ShoutBox is by far the most widely used part of this Forum.
Due to its success, we actually want to extend it by quite a lot in the next big Update.
This Update will be called, the #MakeShoutBoxGreatAgain Update (working title).

What's planned?
- Channels (Official Channels, and Custom Channels!).
- Private Chats (next attempt).
- Group Chats.
- Block User, in case you don't want to chat with a certain user privately.
- Shout Archive.
- Update Shout.
- Notifications in the Bowser Tabs.

What we're considering to do, but we're not sure whether we want to do that or not?
- Drag and drop images.
- Change from top to down to down to top (like Discord, Skype, IRQ, etc. also do).
- iOS and Android Apps (probably just some HTML wrapper?).
- Get rid of the Table-look, and make it look a bit more like Discord (I admit, the previous look was better).

Changes planned outside the ShoutBox?
- (Finally) finish the functionality of the Busy and Away stuff. Online and Offline already work.
- More types of notifications in the Social Bar.
- Ability to dismiss notifications.
- Notification counter in the Social Bar.
- Markups and Table of Contents in Kart Resource.
- Misc. bug fixes.
- I'll add more when I remember the other stuff again...

Own suggestions?
Add them in the replies.
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
CosmicEternity "- iOS and Android Apps (probably just some HTML wrapper?)."
Isn't iOS a pain to get approved onto the App Store? Then again, you could always release on Cydia or just make a Web-App for iOS devices.

Also, I can't think of anything else that could be added to the list, you've come up with a lot of excellent ideas and changes yourself :)
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
MKGirlism It's just a consideration, which means we can scrap it at any time.
Also, far from everything here was my idea.
For example, the Channels thingy was an idea of the other developer, due to his inspiration after using Discord and IRC.
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
SGC Yellow We need to improve the ShoutBox, yes, but what we don't need to do, is turn it into a Discord Clone, if we want the forums to be active, as well.

For example, if we're going to allow Custom Channels, then we need to put some rules into place, and possibly some quality standards.

For example, now allowing Channels like "Help me with this issue", that would be better off as a thread.
Author Posted on 2017/01/21
Y0shimario0 You dont need a app on iOS, you just can have a configuration profile, will edit in more details in a bit

Edit: You can just link a website using the url as a "web clip" and with a little other settings it can be done, and while i typed this i made a basic one.
Author Posted on 2017/01/21
Super I'm pretty sure Discord already does all of this stuff.

So you're just better off getting a chat client, like really.
Author Posted on 2017/01/21
MKGirlism And it's exactly that I want to bring back the people we've lost to chat clients, seeing how they no longer seem to value the advantages of forums anymore...
Author Posted on 2017/06/09
テクニカル諏訪子 We just discussed this update a bit, since it has been a half year and nothing has been done in this direction.
We decided to leave the shoutbox the way it is now, and concentrate on the real important stuff first.

We will eventually still add private chats here, but that's future talk for now.