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[HELP] I somehow corrupted the Firmware for NDS games? [FIXED]
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
Louiskovski So i got a new r4i RTS for 3DS, and all worked perfectly fine on my New 3DS XL with 11.0.0-33. But then i made a big mistake:
I wanted to try download play out. Since the normal Firmware from the DS doesn't allow hacked roms to download, i have to use an modified version of the Firmware, that is here
On the normal DS, it works fine, but then on the New 3DS, it started with "system files lost" or something and leads me into touch screen calibration and date setting, like you started a brandnew DS. But now the problem:
It seems to corrupt the Firmware for NDS games that is IN THE 3DS. When i start now a normal DS game, the touch screen doesn't work anymore, and it's everytime in english (it should be in german). In some case, the touch screen works, like in Mario Kart DS, when switching the bottom screen map, but that's all. Also the 3DS sometimes crashes in a hard way (it goes
immediately off, as if the fuse were blown) when starting a DS game.

Is there any way to rescue the normal FW to get my DS games on my 3DS working again?
I'm thinking about formatting the new3ds. Could that repair the FW ?

Thanks in advantage
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
MKGirlism I'm afraid we can't help you with that, I don't know anyone here who has done a similar thing before.

And also, it's supposed to be "Thanks in advance".
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
SGC Yellow Maybe it's because you installed a firmware meant for the DS/DS Lite models, on a 3DS...
Hint: You're never supposed to install it on a 3DS, in the first place.
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
PabloMK7 You cannot use that method on a 3ds. The firmware you loaded tries to read the DS SRAM which the 3ds doesn't have, thinking it doesn't have any data and asks the time/user/calibration/etc.
Try editing the DS profile settings in the 3ds system settings, so maybe it'll fix up itself. If that doesn't work, the next best solution is formatting the 3ds. Maybe there is a tool that can fix that sort of corruption, but I don't know any.
Author Posted on 2016/12/30
Louiskovski It works!! I got it fixed by formatting the whole 3DS! Thanks :)
The DS profile settings in the 3ds settings unfortunately doesn't fixed it. So i have now to install the HB Launcher via Soundhax again.

Maybe there is a tool that can fix that sort of corruption, but I don't know any.

Someone told me, that the "TWL_FIRM" (The DS FW) can be reinstalled with FBI or Luma3DS. I unfortunately don't have CFW and i currently don't have any way to downgrade the 3DS. But then i heard that waithax can be used via HB channel and let me install legit CIAs. But then i thought, before i made any little mistake, i just formatted the whole 3DS and now it works.


I just ran Firmware.nds on the Flashcard. Then it told me something like "System Data Lost" and let me into touch screen calibration and date setting and such. Then it asked me for restarting the DS. I clicked YES and the 3DS came back with the gray screen, that will be displayed, when hitting the Power Off/ON button. And that's, how the FW got corrupted.
Author Posted on 2017/01/21
Hiccup I'm pretty sure you don't even need waithax to install TWL_FIRM (if you use the right CIAs). installing TWL_FIRM is not going to brick your 3DS or anything. if it goes wrong (which is highly unlikely) you can just try again. TWL_FIRM only affects the TWL part of the 3DS, and FBI is very well tested