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How to hack MK7 (4.x-9.2)
Author Posted on 2015/07/10
PabloMK7 Requirements
- 3DS between 4.X - 9.2
- SD 4GB min.
- Python
- PC
- MK7 game card backup.
- Gateway SOFTWARE
- A way to lauch homebrew:
-- Cubic Ninja (4.X-9.9) Buy Cubic Ninja
-- Browser exploit (4.X - 9.2)
-- DS mode flashcard (R4 for example) with NVRAM exploit (4.X) Buy DS mode flashcard
-- Downgrade your 3DS to 4.X with Gateway Sofware.
NOTE: You only need one of those four depending of your system version
- A way to launch Gateway:
-- Browser exploit (7.0 - 9.2)
-- Ocarina exploit (4.X - 9.2) Buy Ocarina of Time
-- Cubic Ninja (4.X - 9.2) Buy Cubic Ninja
NOTE: You only need one of those three depending of your system version
- RxTools
- MK7 rebuild tools

MK7 rebuild tools

In this tutorial I'll be explaining the MSET exploit installation method (4.x consoles and DS flashcard). If you don't have a 4.x console, you should search tutorial for installing rxtools for your version, and for the material you have, then follow this tutorial from Step 5.

Step 1.
Copy the Blue Card Gateway installer found in gateway sofware to the DS mode Flashcard, and lauch it from your 3DS. Then select your region and wait until the 3DS shuts down.

Step 2.
Copy the Gateway Launcher.dat found in the gateway sofware to your SD root, go to System Settings-Other Settings-Profile-DS profile. The gateway menu will boot up.
Now, select dump system Nand, then shut down your 3DS and copy the generated NAND.bin to a safe place. Now, go to Gateway menu again, and select Format Emunand
(NOTE: The Format Emunand option will delete everything on your SD, so make sure to copy everything you don't want to lose to your PC.)

Step 3.
Go to your PC and delete the Launcher.dat of your SD. Then copy the rxinstaller from rxtools to your DS flashcard, and copy the rxtools.dat file to your SD root. Now, execute cdn_firm.py to get firmware.bin and put it on the SD card, and copy fbi_inject.app of your region to the SD too. If you have or you want to use a emunand version newer or equal to 7.X, you will need to supply a keyX file, which is illegal to share. Launch rxinstaller.nds from your DS flashcard, select your version, shut down and then go to DS profile settings, you will enter to rxtools screen, press R.

Step 4.
Go to other options and fbi injection to emunand, this will install FBI (a legal cia importer) to Safety information app. The fbi injection will work for the 50% of the consoles, use this tutorial. Now enter rxmode and check if FBI installed correctly. (Note: If you want to update the emunand, install FBI after updating since the update will delete it).

Step 5.
It is time to generate the cia with the MK7 repacking tools. All the instructions are given by the tools, so no need to explain it again here. Just put your rom in .3ds format in the same folder as the root, then run decrypt rom.exe. (Modify the romfs folder as you want now) Run build_rom.bat to build the cia.
After the cia generation is done, copy MK7.cia (which is at out folder), to your SD, run FBI in rxmode and select MK7.cia. After the import, the game will be inside a gift.

If you get an error during the cia generation/rom decryption, the error log will be generated inside error folder. I got lots of reports of antivirus blocking the tools, so run as administrator before sending any report. If you want help, post it here in the format: (error filename) - (Error code).

When you install a new hack, or you delete it, the savefile will be erased. To prevent that, do the following:

1-Before importing, go to your SD->Nintendo 3ds->ID0->ID1->title->0000400->0030(6,7,8)00 (For MK7) ->data
2-Copy 0000001.sav outside the SD
3-After installing the CIA, move the copied file back to SD->Nintendo 3ds->ID0->ID1->title->0000400->0030(6,7,8)00 (For MK7) ->data

Author Posted on 2015/07/10
MKGirlism Can't you just use SaveFiler?
I mean, I use it all the time, it works, and you don't need to toy around with Folders, if you have SaveFiler.
Author Posted on 2015/07/11
PabloMK7 But you'll need to get SaveFL and know how to use it.
Author Posted on 2015/07/11
MKGirlism Need to know how to use it?
It's a very simple App, requiring you to just use Left, Right, and A!
Author Posted on 2015/07/11
PabloMK7 That isn't the difficult part, it is finding it in a "legal" way