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Midi won't loop in MKDS problem
Author Posted on 2017/01/30
Rover Alright so this is my second tutorial so I hope you'll understand my problem. So... A few days ago, I was trying to loop a midi in anvil using the markers you use in anvil and then I used Midi2sseq on bash and did the converting and that. After that when it was done converting. I noticed the midi isn't looping but only playing once. So I go back to anvil to use a different marker and after that. I used Midi2sseq to convert. When it was done...I replaced the old midi but again wasn't looping...I tried everything. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Here's what I have done:

Used markers in anvil
Used the cue in anvil
Used different songs
Used the markers in cakewalk

So I hope this is understandable. (Also sorry about this post using enters and no punctuation earlier)

Author Posted on 2017/01/31
MKGirlism As discussed over PM:
Also. Um. Can you delete the form I made? I finally fixed the midi not looping problem. It turns out you have to export the main official music from MKDS and convert to midi and then replace it with the music hack.

So, request approved.