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Default Theme?
Author Posted on 2017/02/05
MKGirlism So as discussed in the ShoutBox (and outside this site), there's a clear demand for another theme.
Most people already said "DS Dark", but just be stay democratic, I would want to have your opinions noted down in this Poll.

Vote by 8 February 2017, 21:00 Japan Standard Time, any votes casted after that will not be considered.
Author Posted on 2017/02/05
Y0shimario0 For anyone thats too lazy to convert, thats 7:00 AM Eastern Standard time or 4:00 AM Pacific standard time.
Author Posted on 2017/02/07
MKGirlism Obeyed to the poll 1 day early, the choice seems obvious now.
You can still vote until tomorrow.
Author Posted on 2017/02/08
MKGirlism Poll's closed, and the new default theme is: DS Dark!