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Custom Pokemon for sun and moon
Author Posted on 2017/03/16
studicoll hello to all

it would be nice if someone could help me.

i want to use my own pokemon (or edit Pokemon) as pokemon in game.
i want more then just change the color of the pokemon or switch the order or the animation.

i have already used braindump and used pk3ds to get a ton of .bin files.
then i used ohana3ds rebirth to get the aloha ratta model as .dae file.

with blender i have edit the model and now... i have no idea.

i dont get it how to reimport my new ratta.

do i have to convert the .dae file to .bin.
or do i need an other programm
or ... i have no idea what to do.

i realy home one of you can help me.

mybe you know a tutorial for custom models or you can tell me how to do it.

i need to know all steps (like for dummies^^) from import the model to play pokemon moon with my own models with the new 3ds or emulator.

and if there are any germans with know how it would be nice^^.
Author Posted on 2017/03/16
Arctus 64 The Other Hacking Discussion section is more suited for this thread, so I decided to move it as such.
Author Posted on 2017/03/16
MKGirlism It looks like I need to fix the way Polls work...
Author Posted on 2017/03/16
studicoll ty for moveing. i realy hope to find help
Author Posted on 2017/03/16
studicoll this is the first test model.