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OnionFS for NTR CFW
Author Posted on 2017/03/31
PabloMK7 OnionFS - v1.4

OnionFS is a fork of layeredfs plugin for NTR CFW made by cell9 that redirects romfs and code access to the SD card, useful for game mods. For newbies, it is something similar to the famous hans homebrew app, but has some advantages. It works with any game, even if there is an update patch installed. For romfs redirection, you only need to put in your SD card the modified files, not the whole romfs directory nor a romfs.bin/game.romfs file.


The following games won't work with OnionFS:

- Super Smash Bros. (Won't work on N3DS, O3DS)

SaltySD works with that game, use it instead.


- Redirects romfs access. (optional)
- Redirects code.bin. (optional)
- Applies ips patches. (optional)
- Should work with any game that already works with layeredfs.
- Works even if there is an update patch installed, the update files will also be redirected.
- Optional custom redirection path.

Default redirection paths:

- Extracted romfs (only modified files): "SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/romfs/"
- code.bin: "SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/code.bin"
- code.ips: "SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/code.ips"

Use 3dsdb to get the game TID.

Changing SD redirection path:

To change the redirection path, use the included python script:


For example: SD :/folder/subfolder/

OnionFS_pathchange.py OnionFS.plg folder/subfolder

In the above example, the new paths would be SD :/folder/subfolder/(romfs/, code.bin, code.ips).

Debug mode:

If you are having issues, you can use OnionFS_debug.plg to output the plugin log to a file: SD :/OnionFS.log. The information given by the plugin may help you fixing what's wrong. It's not recommended to use the debug plugin for normal use as it may be slower.


1. Download the OnionFS.plg and copy it to SD :/plugin/.
2. (Optional) Place only the modified files in their respective folders inside SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/romfs/.
3. (Optional) Place your custom code.bin at SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/code.bin.
4. (Optional) Place the code.ips patch at SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/code.ips.
5. Install and boot NTR CFW (I recommend using BootNTR Selector).
6. Enjoy. :)


cell9: for making NTR CFW and layeredfs plugin. :)
Nanquitas: for helping me a lot. :)
Aurora Wright: for the ips patching code. :)

Author Posted on 2017/03/31
RosalinaDaHacker64 Nice work!
Author Posted on 2017/03/31
MKGirlism Nice work!
Only to bad I don't have NTR CFW, so I can't give it a try, but it's still a nice thing to have.
Author Posted on 2017/03/31
Nice work!
Only to bad I don't have NTR CFW, so I can't give it a try, but it's still a nice thing to have.

Remember that NTR CFW is just a cia and runs on top of other CFW. (Unless the reason you can't use it is because you only own a dev unit)