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KartModelMain.carc - Yet Another Unused Archive
Author Posted on 2017/05/07
Louiskovski Do you remember the unused KartModelMenu.carc archive, that is an earlier version of the final KartModelMenu folder? Well there's another archive that goes unused, named KartModelMain.carc.

Here are all Karts folders:

KartModelSub.carc: Contains the normal Characters (except Shy Guy)
KartModelMainA.carc: Contains a part from all Karts and CPU Characters
KartModelMainB.carc: Contains the rest from part A and Shy Guys normal modell*
KartModelMenu: Contains Characters with their Karts for the Menu

KartModelMenu.carc: An early version from the folder version
KartModelMain.carc: An early version of the A and B versions.

(*I'm pretty sure that Nintendo placed Shy Guy in a CPU folder, so the guest's DS just have to download the MainA and B folders)


Again, the most differences have the Karts. The unlockable Characters still have placeholder models from the others and Dry Bones is still named OY (=Oyama, the japanese name of E.Gadd), except Daisy:

(First is early, Last is final)

Daisy was probably the first unlockable character, that was modelled. However the early version looks more finished, than the final version, because her head fits better with Daisy and her arms are better modelled.
Her emblem is also included in the folder.

Now to the Karts

By replacing the Kart folder and the KartOffsetData (position of Characters and wheels) from the Final Menu by the early KartModelMain, we can take a look at the early Karts:
(First is early, Last is Final)

Egg 1 was still pink:

The Light Tripper is still the same from the Kiosk Demo:

The same with Toad's 4-Wheel Cradle:

And Warios Car:

Tyrant's claws are 2D:

Dry Bones' Bomber and Banisher have their final models, but their character and Wheels position are the same from the standard Kart:

Any other Kart uses an early verion of the Standard Kart. Look at the engine and the size of the emblem:

Fun Fact:
The unused KartModelMenu.carc already has models for the Wildlife, Zipper, ROB-LGS and all Standard Kart's collouring shemes, while the KartModelMain doesn't, but the KartModelMain already has Dry Bone's Bomber and Banisher, while the KartModelMenu.carc doesn't. Nintendo was a little bit aimless for the Karts and Characters.

Kart Physics:

The kartphysicalparam.bin file, that shares the physics of the Kart (How fast it is, drifting, all that) is not only different from the final, it also uses a different structure and just causes Karts with strange behavior in the final.
By replacing the file from the early Kiosk Demo Version, the file will work. And it also have some differences from the Final and the Kiosk version:

-Mario's Karts has less drift boost
-Yoshi's Karts has less drift boost too
-Luigi's Kart has less drift boost again...
-Daisy's Kart has a worse handling than the final
-Waluigi's Kart's drift boost .. hmm
-Shy Guy's Kart has better drifting

There are probably more small differences...

The reason, why the structure from the files are different, is probably because the Karts had no setting about the items (How many mushrooms in Time Trial, better items).

The other files (charphysicalparam.bin, kartcrsmat.bin...) are also different, but i have no idea, what exactly they do...
Author Posted on 2017/05/07
MKGirlism The full name is オヤ・マー�?�士, though.
But still, nice finds, even though I don't see so many new things here.
Author Posted on 2017/05/07
Louiskovski Yes, it's sadly, that it isn't some new. It would be really cool, if there would be a kart from E.Gadd or something.
However the Kiosk Demo's KartOffSetData seems to have some leftover placements from very early karts. Some Drivers are placed completely different in some karts.