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Using The SDK Provided In The Hack Store To Understand File Formats
Author Posted on 2017/06/16
CuriousTommy I was not sure how to word the title, but I have a question about the legal implications of using tools that include applications for Nintendo's proprietary SDK. Before I was playing around with SARC files using PabloMK7's SZS Generator, I found that this program has the SDK tool that generates SARC files. I have been messing around with the parameters and produced different files, both big endian and little endian with different options to understand how the format works.

Based off of the exported files I generated with the SDK, I now have some knowledge as to how the format works. I wanted to make a program (as a summer project; mostly for fun) that extracts and creates SARC files, but I am worried that my exposure to the SDK tools may cause me legal issues if I were to release my tool to the public.

I remember the situation with Brawl where people were relying on the Wii's SDK tools to create mods until Kryal released BrawlBox. Does anyone know how Keyal approached making BrawlBox since s/he said that the application is legal to use?
Author Posted on 2017/06/16
MKGirlism We're working on tools to replace those as much as possible.
However, it's not easy, and every helping hand is welcome.
Also, there's a major difference between "SDK Tools", and "NW4C Tools", just in case you didn't know.