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Mario Kart Double Dash 64 DS
Author Posted on 2015/07/20
Yoshimaster MK Double Dash and MK64 now on the DS! Beta 3 preview video (new video coming soon):

Version Beta 3 (so far):

All Courses
-Luigi Circuit
-Peach Beach
-Baby Park
-Dry Dry Desert
-Mushroom Bridge
-Mario Circuit
-DS Cheep Cheep Beach
-DS Waluigi Pinball
-DS DK Pass
-DS Tick-Tock Clock
-Yoshi Circuit
-DK Mountain
-DS Wario Stadium
-DS Peach Gardens
-DS Bowser Castle
-Rainbow Road

-Luigi Raceway
-Moo Moo Farm (w/ Original Textures)
-Koopa Troopa Beach? (GBA Peach Circuit)
-Kalimari Desert
-Toad's Turnpike
-Frappe Snowland (w/ Original Textures)
-Choco Mountain (w/ Original Textures)
-Mario Raceway
-Wario Stadium
-Sherbet Land
-Royal Raceway
-Bowser's Castle? (or GBA Bowser Castle 2)
-D.K.'s Jungle Parkway
-Yoshi Valley
-Banshee Boardwalk (w/ Original Textures)
-Rainbow Road

Characters (Added Beta 2)
-Petey Piranha
-King Boo

Karts (Added Beta 2)
-Pipe Frame

-Most Music
-Custom Mission: (1-1) GCN Luigi Circuit

Current Version:

-GCN Luigi Circuit
-GCN Baby Park
-GCN Mushroom Bridge
-GCN Sherbet Land
-GCN Yoshi Circuit
-N64 Luigi Raceway
-N64 Moo Moo Farm
-N64 Frappe Snowland
-N64 Choco Mountain
-N64 Mario Raceway
-N64 Royal Raceway

Added Characters
-Petey Piranha
-King Boo

Added Karts
-Pipe Frame
Author Posted on 2015/07/20
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Kitty Remilya Ambiance Looking forward for a release
Author Posted on 2015/10/25
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