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テクニカル諏訪子 元�?�やり方�?�翻訳�?��?��?
英語版: https://www.dshack.org/forum.php?page=thread&tid=58

This is a translation of the original tutorial.
English version: https://www.dshack.org/forum.php?page=thread&tid=58

・3Dモーデル作りアプリ(Blender�?3ds Max�?Maya�?��?�)。注�?:全然Sketchup�?��?�アプリ�?�使�?�?��?��?
・3ds Max 2011 32ビット版�?自分見�?��?��?�
・DS and 3DS Hack Pack → https://www.dshack.org/store.php?page=file&fid=3
・Mario Kart DS Course Modifier 4.0
・g3dctvr → http://puu.sh/jCQHL/8a8b5ea740.7z

�?第1部目】 基本�?�も�?�



kart_MR_a �? モーデルファイル
  world_root �? �?�?イント。時々�?�モーデル�??�?��?��?��?時々�?�ゃ�?��?��?��?�
    polygon0 �? カート�?�タイヤ
      kart_tire �? マテリアル�??
        E_tire_M �? テキス�?ャ�??
    polygon1 - Kart Body Mesh
      kart_body �? マテリアル�??
        kart_MR_a �? テキス�?ャ�??
    polygon2 �? エムブレム
      kart_emblem �? マテリアル�??
        emblem �? テキス�?ャ�??


マテリアル�??�?�3ds Max�??�?��?��?�Blender以外想�?�?�れ�?��?��?�?�れ�?�らSketchup�?��?�言�?�アプリ�?�使用�?��?��?��?�






Now the most important part of all....the model. This is part takes practice to perfect, so it may take you a few tries to get this right. The DS can only render 2048 TRIANGLES on the screen at once. This is triangles, NOT FACES. A face contains two triangles. Use this image to give a better idea what I'm talking about.

A kart should have no more than 200 triangles. The smaller the better. When I create karts, I usually take the kart I'm going to replace and use that as a guide. If you don't want to export the model yourself from EFE or MKDSCM, use the models from Models-Resource. I have uploaded every kart there so you can choose each one.

Models Resource

Got all that? Good! Let's get a new kart in MKDS!

Part 2: Installing the Plugins

Download the DS and 3DS Hack Pack I listed at the top of the page.

Open DS and DSI\\3dsmax\\NNS_3dsmax2011_Plugin\\. There should be a Scripts and a plugins folder.

Now find your 3ds max 2011 install, it should be in C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Autodesk\\3ds Max 2011\\

Simply drag the scripts and plugins folder into the root 3ds max directory, and click yes when it asks to merge folders. You're all done here!

Part 3: Preparing your model

Keep in mind I will not show you how to model in this tutorial, just how to get a kart in MKDS.

THe first thing you want to do is import the model you want to replace. In my case, I'm going to replace the WildLife, so I'm going to import it first into Blender.

With it imported, I can start to model around it. You can delete the main body mesh if you want, but make sure to keep the tires, emblem and steering wheel there.

Something I recommend doing while modelling is to import a character mesh and see how it fits into the model. Just roughly place it where the steering wheel is to get an estimate.

If you're working in Blender, this is the area where the material names need to be put.

Here is what my model looks like, complete with 186 triangles.

The textures aswell:

The easiest format to use to get this in 3ds max is obj. Blender has a built in obj exporter for you to use. If you are importing with the 3ds max obj importer, make sure to have these boxes selected.

When you import the model, the alphas may make the model look screwed up in the model view. Don't worry, we can fix this by editing the materials, which we need to do anyway.

Go to the folder where all of your textures are located. In order to save on space in both the rom and memory, we need to compress the textures. Simply add "_cmp2" at the end of your texture.

Now that we have the textures set up for compression, lets make our Nitro Materials. In any of the model view windows, Press M and the Material editor should appear.

Under the materials section, locate "Nitro Standard"

If you don't see this, you didn't install the plugin properly. Refer to Part 2 on installing the plugin.

Don't add a material yet though, since our model already has some base materials to work off of. To get these to show up, go to the "Material" tab at the top window and click "Pick from object".

Now click on your model. Nodes should appear now in the window.

We need to clean this up. First off, all of the Control nodes can go away. Delete the material nodes while you're at it, but NOT the bitmaps or Multi/Sub-Object (the thing that connects all of the materials into one).

You should have something like this.

Now drag three Nitro Standard materials into the editor. Connect the dots from the Bitmap to the "Diffuse Color" on the Nitro Standard node. Then connect the Nitro materials to the group object.

Time to rename some materials. Rename the tire material to "kart_tire", body material to "kart_body", and emblem to "kart_emblem"

Here is what the finished product should look like:

If you want to see the textures in the viewport, click this button to make the material show up in the viewport.

If it doesn't appear, select the group object and press A.

Now select your model in the model viewport, and go over to the right where it says "Name and Color". Change the name of the mesh to "world_root".

You're all ready to export.

Part 4: Exporting

Select your kart and go to the NITRO-System tab. From there click NITRO Export with Settings.

Edit the Output file name to match the kart you will be exporting. Since mine was for a Daisy kart, it was named Kart_DS_b. Be sure to change the output to where your model and textures are. Make sure the other settings are the same as mine.

Once you're done, click Apply. It will export. If you need to come back to export again, you can just click Export.

If it exported correctly, you should see a .imd file in your folder.

Start up MKDS Course Modifier. Go to Tools -> Nitro Intermediate -> G3dcvtr GUI. When it asks for g3dcvtr, download the link i have at the top of this post and extract the exe and dll to the same folder as MKDS Course Modifier. Then direct MKDS CM to that exe.

Click the ... in the Input box and find your imd file.

Under options, tick emdl first, and then click Convert. DO NOT CLICK THE OUTPUT BOX.

After this, tick etex and click Convert again. You should have a nsbmd and nsbtx in your folder. Check your model with either MKDS CM or EFE.

Congrats, your kart is finished.

If you have any problems feel free to post them here.

EDIT: I realized I didn't add a section on editing the tire data, but I will add this in the next couple days/weeks when I'm free.
Author Posted on 2018/05/30
Aerodo Not everything is translated (mainly the "spoiler" part). Just a quick note.