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Trouble Deciding What Next-Gen Console to Get.
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
Nice Boat Exactlly what the title says. I wanted the PS4, but now deciding against it, only because I mostly wanted to get PSOne games, but apperentlly PSN only lets you get them on PS3, PSP, and Vita. Also, my bro wants "The Last of Us" which is Playstation exclusive. And I kinda want to get 2 or 3 others. And I kinda want a Xbox One for "Rare Replay Collection" when it comes out in August. Games I want for both are GTA V, and Destiny. Please help, I'm not good at deciding which console is better.

NOTE: I already have a Wii U.
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
Miles Ermiiworth None of them.
Author Posted on 2015/07/23
MKGirlism PS4 is quite popular here, while the Xbox One is nearly a Taboo here.
I think, I'll just put the Poll to a higher priority...
Author Posted on 2015/07/25
Jesse Save your money and rethink what you want to do with it. I mean a PS4 is nice, but is that really what you need?
Author Posted on 2015/07/26
tomix PS4 is clearly dominating this generation, so I'd go with a PS4.