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MK7 SD ExtData
Author Posted on 2015/08/17
szymbar Use this to dump:
Slowly figuring it out, it'll take some time with few edits.

Right from the start: 0x4C long communities stored at your console. There's probably no info how long is this section, but it might hold 1000 entries like the rest of the sections.
And within it: 0x05 is something related to... I don't know, maybe community code?

0x20 for community name (16 characters), 0x20 for community subtitle (16 characters again)

and 0x07 bytes I have no clue about at all .-.

I'd say they might be referred to that 0x05 at the beginning, but it's not the case since these bytes at the beginning of the file aren't header, so it's gotta be not this related.


Cool section begins at 1BF30. First 6 bytes seem to point to something (3 times 0x02 value), but I can't really say what. Maybe the last one is to point out that there are 1000 entries?

The player section begins at 1BF80 aaaand I have no clue what's the deal with it, extremely confusing especially since every entry is different :/
Sections seem to be 0x220 long.
0x00: 4 bytes for VR
0x04: 4 bytes for wins
0x08: 4 bytes for loses
0x10: I'm pretty sure these are flags of some kind, but I'll check it later. Maybe stars on player card?
The next part is dedicated to Miis, so let's fastforward it.
0xF0: Coins

Anyway, the first part looks similar to this:

0x293B0 is IDENTICAL to Staff Ghosts. You can just copy-paste a Staff Ghost file over there and it'll work. Ooor the other way around.
These are StreetPass ghosts I guess since I can recognise my friends' names over there :P

0x126F10 marks the start of a final section. Entries 0x20 long. Looks like first 0x08 bytes are some kinds of a flags, then 0x06 of 2-byte values (the last is often 1000) and bottom row of values I can't identify.

Well this sounds interesting. I wonder where is the SpotPass data tho', I'll mess with this ExtData a bit and check things out.
Author Posted on 2015/08/17
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Author Posted on 2015/08/22
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