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Thread: Mario Kart Toolbox
Author Posted on 2015/07/08
PabloMK7 Wow, that looks awesome. But can you add route following? Not only CAME, and cpu/item points to have the line as routes.
Thread: Mario Kart Toolbox
Author Posted on 2015/07/09
PabloMK7 What we mean is cpu and item points have a line between them, like POIT. Also, what about a play button that makes obji with routes move?
Thread: How to hack MK7 (4.x-9.2)
Author Posted on 2015/07/10
PabloMK7 Requirements
- 3DS between 4.X - 9.2
- SD 4GB min.
- Python
- PC
- MK7 game card backup.
- Gateway SOFTWARE
- A way to lauch homebrew:
-- Cubic Ninja (4.X-9.9) Buy Cubic Ninja
-- Browser exploit (4.X - 9.2)
-- DS mode flashcard (R4 for example) with NVRAM exploit (4.X) Buy DS mode flashcard
-- Downgrade your 3DS to 4.X with Gateway Sofware.
NOTE: You only need one of those four depending of your system version
- A way to launch Gateway:
-- Browser exploit (7.0 - 9.2)
-- Ocarina exploit (4.X - 9.2) Buy Ocarina of Time
-- Cubic Ninja (4.X - 9.2) Buy Cubic Ninja
NOTE: You only need one of those three depending of your system version
- RxTools
- MK7 rebuild tools

MK7 rebuild tools

In this tutorial I'll be explaining the MSET exploit installation method (4.x consoles and DS flashcard). If you don't have a 4.x console, you should search tutorial for installing rxtools for your version, and for the material you have, then follow this tutorial from Step 5.

Step 1.
Copy the Blue Card Gateway installer found in gateway sofware to the DS mode Flashcard, and lauch it from your 3DS. Then select your region and wait until the 3DS shuts down.

Step 2.
Copy the Gateway Launcher.dat found in the gateway sofware to your SD root, go to System Settings-Other Settings-Profile-DS profile. The gateway menu will boot up.
Now, select dump system Nand, then shut down your 3DS and copy the generated NAND.bin to a safe place. Now, go to Gateway menu again, and select Format Emunand
(NOTE: The Format Emunand option will delete everything on your SD, so make sure to copy everything you don't want to lose to your PC.)

Step 3.
Go to your PC and delete the Launcher.dat of your SD. Then copy the rxinstaller from rxtools to your DS flashcard, and copy the rxtools.dat file to your SD root. Now, execute cdn_firm.py to get firmware.bin and put it on the SD card, and copy fbi_inject.app of your region to the SD too. If you have or you want to use a emunand version newer or equal to 7.X, you will need to supply a keyX file, which is illegal to share. Launch rxinstaller.nds from your DS flashcard, select your version, shut down and then go to DS profile settings, you will enter to rxtools screen, press R.

Step 4.
Go to other options and fbi injection to emunand, this will install FBI (a legal cia importer) to Safety information app. The fbi injection will work for the 50% of the consoles, use this tutorial. Now enter rxmode and check if FBI installed correctly. (Note: If you want to update the emunand, install FBI after updating since the update will delete it).

Step 5.
It is time to generate the cia with the MK7 repacking tools. All the instructions are given by the tools, so no need to explain it again here. Just put your rom in .3ds format in the same folder as the root, then run decrypt rom.exe. (Modify the romfs folder as you want now) Run build_rom.bat to build the cia.
After the cia generation is done, copy MK7.cia (which is at out folder), to your SD, run FBI in rxmode and select MK7.cia. After the import, the game will be inside a gift.

If you get an error during the cia generation/rom decryption, the error log will be generated inside error folder. I got lots of reports of antivirus blocking the tools, so run as administrator before sending any report. If you want help, post it here in the format: (error filename) - (Error code).

When you install a new hack, or you delete it, the savefile will be erased. To prevent that, do the following:

1-Before importing, go to your SD->Nintendo 3ds->ID0->ID1->title->0000400->0030(6,7,8)00 (For MK7) ->data
2-Copy 0000001.sav outside the SD
3-After installing the CIA, move the copied file back to SD->Nintendo 3ds->ID0->ID1->title->0000400->0030(6,7,8)00 (For MK7) ->data

Thread: How to hack MK7 (4.x-9.2)
Author Posted on 2015/07/11
PabloMK7 But you'll need to get SaveFL and know how to use it.
Thread: How to hack MK7 (4.x-9.2)
Author Posted on 2015/07/11
PabloMK7 That isn't the difficult part, it is finding it in a "legal" way
Thread: RIP Satoru Iwata
Author Posted on 2015/07/13
PabloMK7 http://m.ign.com/articles/2015/07/13/nintendo-ceo-satoru-iwata-has-passed-away

Thread: Custom Name Colour Tutorial
Author Posted on 2015/07/16
PabloMK7 The text shadow doesn't seem to work for me. :s
Thread: Your Name if you were the other Gender
Author Posted on 2015/08/06
PabloMK7 My real name: Paula
My username: paulahack&glitch
Thread: Your Name if you were the other Gender
Author Posted on 2015/08/07
PabloMK7 Nope, my name has alrealy a female form, Paula.
Thread: Why did you choose your current User Name?
Author Posted on 2015/08/10
PabloMK7 mariohack&glitch: I hack and I love glitching Mario games.
Then I changed it to Pablo, because it is my real name.
Thread: Countries you travelled to, 2015 Edition
Author Posted on 2015/08/13
PabloMK7 Spain - Home
USA - New York
Thread: [MK7 KMP Research] How POTI Section (Routes) work
Author Posted on 2015/08/14
PabloMK7 I can tell you, that the third byte value of the path header (red rentangle): 0 non looped, 1 looped
Thread: Batch PNG to CTEX Converter
Author Posted on 2015/10/11
PabloMK7 Nice job, but which ctex format does it convert to?
Thread: Batch PNG to CTEX Converter
Author Posted on 2015/10/11
PabloMK7 So, this tool will only work with not transparent textures.
Thread: CTGP-7
Author Posted on 2015/10/28

CTGP-7 - Custom Track Grand Prix 7

CTGP-7 is a modpack for MK7 which includes several Custom Tracks, texture hacks, music hacks... (and Red Yoshi :3). It can be played using two different methods: HANS or NTR CFW. Here are the advantages of each one:

- NTR CFW (recommended): Easy install, can enable/disable custom tracks, can update itself without a PC, can go online if you have a prepatched 1.1 copy and you are in lastest firmware. NTR is not a standalone CFW, it works at the same time as your installed CFW, so it only makes a few patches to allow plugins to be loaded to games. In this case, it will install OnionFS that will redirect romfs reads to the SD. Works on versions from 9.0.0 to 11.5 CFW
- HANS: Launches from Homebrew Launcher, so no need to install anything else, however, it can't update, nor can disable/enable custom tracks. You can go online if you are in lastest version, or you use this. Works on versions from 9.0.0 to 11.3 (Doesn't work with 11.0 browserhax) (11.4/11.5 unknown)


Changelog video (0.9.3)

Changelog video (0.8.5)

Changelog video (0.6)

Review video (0.5.1):


Custom tracks:

Banshee Broadwalk 2
Elemental Cave
Space Road
Evergreen Crossing
Miku's Birthday Speculator
Bayside Boulevard
Shower Circuit
Galvarny Falls
GBA Cheese Land
GCN Wario Colosseum
GBA Bowser Castle 3
GBA Riverside Park
GBA Sky Garden
Concord Town
SNES Ghost Valley 2
GCN Peach Beach
DS Cheep Cheep Beach
SNES Mario Circuit 1
N64 Rainbow Road
Kalimary Icy Desert
N64 Mario Raceway
N64 Frappe Snowland
Autumn Forest
Wii Wario's Mine
DS Yoshi Falls
N64 Moo Moo Farm
DS Desert Hills
DS Tick Tock Clock
Castle Of Time
Melody Sanctum


cc modifier (ntr method)
Speedometer graphical/numerical (ntr method)
Backwards Camera
Warn Items with LED
Custom font
Yoshi eggs (shell model hack)
Custom menus
Red Yoshi
Gold Mario
Mr L.
Blue big wheels
Bandicoot Team Kart
Gold Mantis Kart
Silver Arrow Kart
Arcade Kart
DS Monster Tires
Fire Swooper
CTDP (Custom Track Download Play)
CT multiplayer
CT Online (only prepatched v1.1 game)



ONLINE COMMUNITY: 13-1941-7476-1448



- Redirected updates to dshack.org due to github dropping TLS1.1 support.


- Fixed all bugs related to external language loading.
- Added the following languages:

- German
- Dutch
- French
- Italian
- Japanese
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish


- Added multi-language support.

- Added English language
- (More languages to come very soon.)

- Removed the custom font temporarily so special symbols work.


- Added support for the upcoming Luma v9.0
- Fixed welcome message in O3DS.
- Added the possibility to open the NTR menu ingame.
- Further improvements to overall mod stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.


- Experimental features no longer experimental and enabled by default which involves:

- Ingame menu enabled by default, press (Select) to open it. (CTRPF)
- Old non-experimental features removed from the manager, those can be enabled from the ingame menu.

- Added graphical speedometer. The numerical speedometer can still be used.
- Added "warn items with LED" which will make the led blink when a blue shell is used.
- Disabled X+Y to open the NTR menu, an option to open that menu can be found in the ingame menu.
- Last enabled features and their proper settings are now saved between reboots.
- Home button disabled ingame due to memory limitations.
- Minor improvements and bugfixes.


Experimental features: (ntr)

- Added backwards camera. (Thanks to fishguy & Anto726)


- Fixed the experimental features not working with USA games.
- Forgot to add the new tracks to the Course Manager.

NOTE: If the speedometer doesn't work for you, remove the MK7 1.1 update from FBI

If you cannot update from 0.14-1 to 0.14.1-2 (ERROR 1149) do the following:
Press B to cancel the update.
Go to Settings -> Ingame Settings.
Go to page 4 by pressing R.
Press A to disable experimental features.
Try updating now.

Experimental features (NTR): (have to be enabled from the manager app)

- Added a new plugin using CTRPF.

- Open the new plugin using (Select).
- CC Selector and Speedometer has been moved to the new plugin.
- Custom Tracks are automatically disabled online, use the "Allow Online Custom Tracks" option to play in the community.

Normal features:

- Added Melody Sanctum (by SpyKid & Mecha).
- Added Castle Of Time (by MegaKart69 & Mecha).
- Replaced CT Canyon with Autumn Forest (by JorisMKW & Mence).

- Updated Shower Circuit.
- Updated GBA Sky Garden.
- Updated Concord Town.
- Updated N64 Mario Raceway.
- Updated Wii Wario's Gold Mine.
- Updated Evergreen Crossing.
- Updated Elemental Cave.

- Updated NTR to 3.6.


- Fixed the downloader.


- Updated N64 Rainbow Road to the latest version.
- Updated DS Cheep Cheep Beach to the latest version.


- Replaced Coral Cape with DS Cheep Cheep Beach.


- Updated SNES Mario Circuit 1 to the latest version.


- Finally fixed the crash in GBA Bowser Castle 3.
- Fixed a bug where some tracks were not being correctly disabled from the manager.


- Updated NTR from 3.4 to 3.5 (fixes streaming on 11.4)
- Using other BootNTR apps will no longer work, the CTGP-7 app is now required to launch the mod.
- You can use other BootNTR apps to launch your own plugins as CTGP-7 plugins are now in a different folder.
- Improved OnionFS speed, thanks Nanquitas ^^
- Minor bugfixes.
- Removed cia method.


- Added 11.4 support (thanks to Nanquitas).
- Updated DS Yoshi Falls to its latest version.


- Updated OnionFS to latest version.


- Updated OnionFS to latest version.


- Fixed menu edits to JPN game.


- Fixed lag caused by the 0.12.3 update.


- Made 1.1 update patch compatible with CTGP-7.
- Added Japanese game text edits (English only for now).


- Added Speedometer plugin
- Dropped NTR 3.2 and 3.3 support


- Added Silver Arrow Kart.


- Added Gold Mantis Kart. (by Tomix)
- Added Arcade Kart. (by Yawshi)
- Added MKDS Monster Tires. (by Tomix)
- Updated Green/Red eggs to latest version.
- Added cc modifier plugin.
- Added 11.3 support and updated NTR to ver. 3.4 Preview6. (thanks to cell9 & Nanquitas)
- Removed LED tricks plugin. (was only a POC)


- Improved the custom font.


- Updated Bandicoot Team Kart.


- Removed 1st place beats.
- Updated N64 Frappe Snowland.


- Added DS Yoshi Falls Custom Music(by JoshhMarshh)
- Added N64 Moo Moo Farm Custom Music (by Inasa Nijiotoko)


- NTR method installation bugfixes.
- Better NTR method update source.


- Bugfixes for the new NTR method.


- Faster NTR installation method.


- Fixed "Failed creating SSL context" error.


- Fixed some ingame repeating text. (thanks to Gaming796)


- Fixed crash for N3DS users (notification being added with ntr loaded).


- Add 11.2 support to ntr method.
- Fixed bugs related to ntr loading.


- Added Mario Kart style loading animation.
- Fixed N64 Frappe Snowland crash (again).


- Manager bugfixes.


- Updated 200cc plugin (made compatible with any MK7 version/region).
- Fixed a bug when 200cc and led tricks were both enabled.


- Updated Miku's Birthday Spec.
- Updated 200cc plugin (EUR/USA v1.1)


- Added 11.1 support to NTR method.


- Fixed GBA Cheese Land bug
- Fixed SNES Ghost Valley 2 bug
- Implemented Nanquitas' BootNTR into the manager


- Added LED tricks plugin
- Updated Banshee Broadwalk (fixes lag)
- Improved the NTR manager


- Added custom music to Concord town. (music)


- Added Banshee Broadwalk 2
- Added Elemental Cave


Q. Which method do you recommend?
A. I recommend using NTR CFW, as it can be installed very quickly, updated without the need of a PC and allows some extra features. If you don't have CFW, then use HANS method, since it can be used with Homebrew Launcher.

Q. I can't go online because the game tells me to update Mario Kart 7. (HANS method)
There are two different MK7 versions, 1.0 and 1.1. You can only go online if your game is in 1.1, even without the eshop 1.1 update patch. Let me explain this, Back when Nintendo released the 1.1 patch in the eshop (about 2012), they stopped producing 1.0 cartridges, and started producing 1.1 cartridges, which had the update patch already applied in the rom itself. I'll refer to those games as prepatched games. (this applies to cartridges and digital versions). Only 1.1 prepatched games will be able to go online, because HANS just doesn't load the eshop update patch. (You may still see the v1.1 label in the multiplayer menu, but that's just because the romhack is based on 1.1 files). If you have bought a 1.0 digital version, backup your save, uninstall the game and download it again from the eshop. This action will install the prepatched 1.1 game. If you have a 1.0 cartridge version, nothing can be done right now.

Q. The game crashes at some points.
A. This mod is not perfect, and that's why it's still in BETA. If the game crashes during a race, try disabling L2 cache and cpu settings in luma if you are using CFW. Else, please report it here, or if you don't have a github account, send me a PM.

Q. Will this mod overwrite my MK7 game?
A. Nope, the patches are temporal and will be gone after a reboot. It will however overwrite ghosts if you beat your previous ones in Time Trials. You can backup your save with JKSV.

HANS method (not recommended):

In this guide I assume:
- You have access to homebrew launcher, and have the latest starter kit copied to your SD.
- You have a MK7 copy (physical, digital or installed cia)
- You can open zip files.
- You know that MK7 means Mario Kart 7 :P

0. If you already have a decrypted cia/3ds file the same region and version of your game, or dumped from it, go to step 6.
1. Download braindump, and copy the braindump folder to the 3ds folder in your SD.
2. Get into homebrew launcher and select braindump and press A. It will ask you for a target title, select MK7 and press A.
3. It will start dumping your game, if it fails, power off and try again (may need a few tries).
4. After it has finished dumping, extract your SD and go to your PC. You should see "0000000000030X00.cxi" (X = 6 -> JAP, 7 -> EUR, 8 -> USA) on your SD root.
5. Download official CTGP-7.zip from the link above, and extract it somewhere in your PC. Then copy "0000000000030X00.cxi" to the same folder you extracted CTGP-7.zip
6. Run Build_CTGP7.bat (it may tell you not to execute bat files if you don't trust the source, it's up to you if you trust me or not :P).
7. A black window will open, ask the questions by pressing a number and then enter. (Game region, cia install availability and the method you want to use.)
8. After you have selected hans method in the black window, it will ask you to for your MK7 cia/3ds/cxi filename. Just press 00 and then tab key, so it autocompletes to 0000000000030X00.cxi and press enter.
9. Now it will start building CTGP-7, just wait until it finishes.
10. Go to log folder and open errorlog.txt, if you see any errors, read the troubleshooting section before proceeding.
11. Copy the contents of "output" folder near Build_CTGP7.bat to the root of your SD.
12. Insert the SD in your 3DS, go to the homebrew launcher , you will see CTGP-7 icon, run it.
13. Enjoy.


NTR method (recommended):

In this guide I assume:
- You have a MK7 copy (physical, digital or installed cia)
- You know that MK7 means Mario Kart 7 :P
- You have a CFW set up. (I recommend Luma3DS)
- You can install cias. (I recommend using FBI)

1. Copy the CTGP-7.zip file (use Google to find the CTGP-7 download) to the SD root (the zip should be 200MB more or less). Don't extract it, just place it there.
2. Install the CTGP-7 installer cia (qr code for FBI -> Remote Install -> QR Code):

3. Launch the CTGP-7 installer cia, it will do the rest of the process automatically. (If you get error codes, read the troubleshooting section.)
4. Once it's done, the installer will automatically be replaced by the CTGP-7 manager cia, don't remove it or install the CTGP-7 installer again!
4.1: You may get an error the first time you try to launch CTGP-7, a reboot will fix it.



- Black screen after selecting CTGP-7: You may have an old starter kit or *hax installed, try updating to lastest starter kit and lastest *hax version. (Tested with *hax 2.8). NOTE: Rosalina homebrew laucher is not compatible with HANS, use NTR method instead.

- Missing target title:
It can't detect your MK7 copy, either the game card isn't inserted, or you have selected the wrong region in Build_CTGP7. (Remember that "0000000000030X00.cxi" X = 6 -> JAP, 7 -> EUR, 8 -> USA).

- CTGP-7 icon doesn't show: You haven't copied the files to your SD correctly, make sure you copy the contents inside "output" folder, not the "output" folder itself to the SD card root. Also make sure you are using the most recent homebrew launcher.

- The main menu shows version 1.1 but I can't go online: The 1.1 string is there because the mod is based on 1.1 files, however if you have a 1.0 game, you won't be able to go online. Read the FAQ for more info.

- There is an error inside errorlog.txt:

- Error: "Not decrypted/MK7 game/error extracting romfs"
- Solution: The cxi is corrupted (try dumping it again, braindump may create bad dumps sometimes), or it isn't Mario Kart 7.

- Error: "Error opening input file"
- Solution: This can be because you have entered the wrong cxi filename, or braindump didn't dump the cxi correctly. Repeat from step 2 if this is the case.

- Error: "Error creating (foldername)"
- Solution: Ignore it.

- Installation error codes:
You may get error codes if something goes wrong in the installation, here are their meaning:

- Errors 1 to 5: The zip data is corrupted and some files are missing, check you have dowloaded the latest zip and installer.
- Error 6: The "CTGP-7_installer.cia" and "CTGP-7.zip" versions do not match, make sure you have downloaded lastest CTGP-7 zip and CTGP-7 installer.

- After launching CTGP-7, an error pops up: This may happens sometimes. Just save and reboot and try again. :P

- #Unknown firmware: Make sure your system version is compatible with NTR method. If Nintendo has released an update recently, a CTGP-7 update will be released soon to fix the problem. It may also happen because your CFW is outdated.

- Infinite 3DS logo when launching MK7 or starts unmodded: Make sure your CFW is updated. Make sure you are not using an outdated CFW such as rxtools. Make sure you are not using an outdated CTGP-7 version.


DarkFlare: Custom Track Maker & Original Idea.
PabloMK7: Custom Track Maker, menu edits, manager app, plugins.
Ermelber: Custom Track Maker & KMP expander developer.
MKGirlism: Custom Track Maker & server hosting.
MK7Tester: Custom Track Maker.
Stewie1.0: Custom Track Maker.
SpyKid: Custom Track Maker.
Mence: Custom Track Maker
MegaKart69: Custom Track Maker.
JorisMKW: Custom Track Maker.
Baoulettes: Custom Track Maker.
Dandy: Custom Track Maker.
Mecha: Custom Track Maker.
Szymbar: Custom Track Maker.
Maxi.: Custom Track Maker.
TheZoroak007: Custom Track Maker.
Gericom/MKDS3: Every File Explorer developer.
Yoshidude4: Custom Track maker & Custom Kart Maker.
Tomix: Custom Kart Maker.
ElKerouz: Gold Mario, menu icons.
Cochu U: DS Desert Hills music maker.
cell9: NTR CFW developer, leyeredfs.
Fishguy: Speedometer
smealum: *hax and hans developer.
Rinnegatamante: lpp 3DS.
Nanquitas: help & BootNTR Selector.

m 00 vin
All the people who helped in reddit and/or github!


If you want to contribute to the project, send me a PM.
If you see any glitch/bug ingame/in the manager app, please report it here.
I highly appreciate any of those contributions :D
Thread: [TUTORIAL] Inserting Mario Kart 7 Hacks: For Dummies!
Author Posted on 2015/11/08
PabloMK7 I love that you made a tutorial that already exist...
Thread: Animal Talk �?็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ �?้้้้้้้้้้้
Author Posted on 2015/12/21
PabloMK7 Mew! :mew:
Thread: MK8 Hacking, yes or no?
Author Posted on 2016/01/07
PabloMK7 We have everything except a kcl generator to make a CT, so why not?
Thread: New KMP error
Author Posted on 2016/01/09
PabloMK7 Make the checkpoints have a better curve, so they don't exeed 270º Second red checkpoint (counting backwards) has a 270+º angle.
Thread: Animations / Shadows / Lighting
Author Posted on 2016/01/15
PabloMK7 The problem is, that you will need CreativeS, and afaik, it is illegal to share how do they work.
Thread: Forum Bug Fixes, and Additions/Removals/etc.
Author Posted on 2016/04/12
PabloMK7 To fix: Display user timezone and format instead of the default one.
Thread: Help editing the title screen menu
Author Posted on 2016/04/24
PabloMK7 Have you looked inside menu.carc? Maybe they are there.
Thread: [TUTORIAL] Inserting Mario Kart 7 Hacks: For Dummies!
Author Posted on 2016/05/17
I need Help!!!
I've followed the tutorial exactly, but when i launch HANS with the right setting, it will hang with a screen with text like "invalidated iCache". What i'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advantage :D

Are you using lastest starter kit?
Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2016/06/15
PabloMK7 I've found a problem with the notification system, since it is hidden in user menu, it is difficult to notice it. Could you make a message pop up somewhere more visible that tells you about the notification? (Like PM did before)
Thread: Suggestion Box
Author Posted on 2016/06/15
PabloMK7 What about mobile view? It has the notification icon hidden, so even though it glows, you can't see it.
Thread: Your Desktop(s)!
Author Posted on 2016/08/05
PabloMK7 Here is mine:

Thread: Your Desktop(s)!
Author Posted on 2016/08/05
PabloMK7 Pretty clean desktop
Thread: .bcstm freeze issue help
Author Posted on 2016/08/16
PabloMK7 You need a way to make a multi-channel brstm, and then use a brstm->bcstm converter.
Thread: How to extract files from a .cia ?
Author Posted on 2016/08/19
Is it also possible, to convert a romfs file to a cxi or a cia ?

You technically can, but a cxi doesn't only have romfs, it also has exefs (code) and exheader (game info). Same with cia, it has several cxi. (Main, with game data; download play and update data). In order to make the game work entirely, you must pack them all.
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/08/30
PabloMK7 Did you set looping option in CS? (Select the material animation)
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/09/01
PabloMK7 Did you set texture pattern IDs?
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/09/01
PabloMK7 You need to specify the different textures you want to use with your pattern animation there, then in curve editor use X=time, Y="number"
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/09/01
PabloMK7 Then, in the curve editor, select transform (X or Y), and X=Time Y=transform (from 0 to 1)
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/09/01
PabloMK7 The material
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/09/01
PabloMK7 With X and Y I mean in the graph (Right-Left, Up-Down)
The X and Y of thexturecoordinators.translate are the direction of the texture.
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/09/01
PabloMK7 Well, if you have the keys set from maya, then it should work.
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/09/02
PabloMK7 You need to enable fragment lightning. on every material, use primary color in the fragment tab combiner, and add a scene environment (Create TAB, near File, Edit, etc), from there add the light.

For the animation, IDK what could be wrong :/, if you want, send me the cmdl/ctex and I'll check it.
Thread: [TUTORIAL] Dumping content from games: For Dummies!
Author Posted on 2016/09/09
PabloMK7 You may have a corrupted dump. Make sure you are using lastest braindump release and homebrew launcher and try again.
Thread: [TUTORIAL] Dumping content from games: For Dummies!
Author Posted on 2016/09/09
PabloMK7 Did you try dumping again as I said?
Thread: [TUTORIAL] Dumping content from games: For Dummies!
Author Posted on 2016/09/09
PabloMK7 get HxD, drag the romfs there and send an screenshot.
Thread: Help with Mario Kart 7 Character Texture Hacking
Author Posted on 2016/09/18
PabloMK7 You can actually open bcmdl, play it's animations and export them.
Thread: Help with Mario Kart 7 Character Texture Hacking
Author Posted on 2016/09/18
PabloMK7 I mean, with ohana3ds. Editing is another thing tho.
Thread: SRT Texture animation doesn't work in my model !?! >:
Author Posted on 2016/10/08
PabloMK7 Maybe they have to be named the same way as the original model does.
Thread: How do I text edit in this game?
Author Posted on 2016/10/09
PabloMK7 You need to use msbt editor (search in google). Open UI\\common-(langcode).szs and edit the 8KB file with it. (langcode = ue or ee for English)
Thread: How to change other music?
Author Posted on 2016/10/10
PabloMK7 Actually the win/lose sound is in cseq format. (Sort of a midi). It can't ne edited for now.
Thread: How to make multi channel bcstm?
Author Posted on 2016/10/11
PabloMK7 Create a multichannel brstm:http://wiki.tockdom.com/wiki/Custom_Music#Multi_Channel_BRSTM_Making
Convert it to bcstm using soneek's converter. (Google it)
Thread: Title screen location?
Author Posted on 2016/10/13
PabloMK7 That's japan-only. Just edit the files inside no-archive.
Thread: Title screen location?
Author Posted on 2016/10/13
PabloMK7 It doesn't use any kind of special compression, just edit it with photoshop.
Thread: How to create .3ds/.cxi files for citra? [Almost solved]
Author Posted on 2016/10/18
PabloMK7 You cannot create a cxi or cci from romfs and exefs only. You also need a ncch header and exheader. How did you get those files.
Thread: How to create .3ds/.cxi files for citra? [Almost solved]
Author Posted on 2016/10/19
PabloMK7 We can't help you if you don't tell us which files you have. Screenshot the directory with the files.
Thread: How to create .3ds/.cxi files for citra? [Almost solved]
Author Posted on 2016/10/19
PabloMK7 Change "-f cia" to "-f cxi" in the command above
Thread: How to create .3ds/.cxi files for citra? [Almost solved]
Author Posted on 2016/10/19
PabloMK7 Open the rsf with notepad and change EnableCrypto to false.
Thread: How to create .3ds/.cxi files for citra? [Almost solved]
Author Posted on 2016/10/21
PabloMK7 Use ctrtool.exe --exheader=exheader.bin file.cxi
Thread: How to create .3ds/.cxi files for citra? [Almost solved]
Author Posted on 2016/10/22
PabloMK7 No it isn't. I'd recommend using a save pack tho.
Thread: Issues with OBJ UV Patcher in MKDS Course Modifier
Author Posted on 2016/11/06
PabloMK7 Hello, snd welcome to the forum :)
Try going to the material window (bucket icon), select the material, go to edit tab and increase its size.

Hope it works for you.
Thread: Model importing error !! (with coin)
Author Posted on 2016/11/22
PabloMK7 If you want send me the cmdl with textures so i can check it.
Thread: Model importing error !! (with coin)
Author Posted on 2016/11/25
it unfortunately isn't :/

I don't think so.
Thread: NEW CHARACTER.... kinda....
Author Posted on 2016/12/22
PabloMK7 Have you tried moving your rom outside the Downloads folder? Maybe it's being used by the browser you used to download it or something.
Thread: Can make a custom mario kart track and play single card with my friends?
Author Posted on 2016/12/27
PabloMK7 You can't play modified roms in download play, the DS checks if the rom is valid and signed by nintendo. If it isn't, it will freeze in the logo.
Thread: [HELP] I somehow corrupted the Firmware for NDS games? [FIXED]
Author Posted on 2016/12/29
PabloMK7 You cannot use that method on a 3ds. The firmware you loaded tries to read the DS SRAM which the 3ds doesn't have, thinking it doesn't have any data and asks the time/user/calibration/etc.
Try editing the DS profile settings in the 3ds system settings, so maybe it'll fix up itself. If that doesn't work, the next best solution is formatting the 3ds. Maybe there is a tool that can fix that sort of corruption, but I don't know any.
Thread: KCL Calculator for MKDS and MK7
Author Posted on 2017/01/01
PabloMK7 Does/will it allow to enter the kcl id and output its description, collision type, basic effect, etc?
Thread: [WIP]St�?nhenge's Ruins
Author Posted on 2017/01/05
PabloMK7 That looks great! :o
Thread: [WIP] Coruscant 9
Author Posted on 2017/01/05
PabloMK7 I love the idea :)
The GEG's starting planet should be inside an arc in ObjectData folder, there are a lot of tools to convert brres files to obj. The problem is MK7 handles about 10000 triangles, so you'll have to reduce the poly count. For cannon points, I can help.
Thread: KMP Expander - a MK7 KMP Editor
Author Posted on 2017/01/05
PabloMK7 Do you think intro camera preview will ever be possible? Just like MKtoolbox :P
Thread: Mario Kart 7 Deluxe
Author Posted on 2017/01/25

-The ability to add and remove mods from the game has been implemented

How are you going to manage this? (Just curious) :P
Thread: Mario Kart DS: GameCube Grand Prix
Author Posted on 2017/03/29
PabloMK7 What about battle stages, do you plan changing them?
Thread: OnionFS for NTR CFW
Author Posted on 2017/03/31
PabloMK7 OnionFS - v1.4

OnionFS is a fork of layeredfs plugin for NTR CFW made by cell9 that redirects romfs and code access to the SD card, useful for game mods. For newbies, it is something similar to the famous hans homebrew app, but has some advantages. It works with any game, even if there is an update patch installed. For romfs redirection, you only need to put in your SD card the modified files, not the whole romfs directory nor a romfs.bin/game.romfs file.


The following games won't work with OnionFS:

- Super Smash Bros. (Won't work on N3DS, O3DS)

SaltySD works with that game, use it instead.


- Redirects romfs access. (optional)
- Redirects code.bin. (optional)
- Applies ips patches. (optional)
- Should work with any game that already works with layeredfs.
- Works even if there is an update patch installed, the update files will also be redirected.
- Optional custom redirection path.

Default redirection paths:

- Extracted romfs (only modified files): "SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/romfs/"
- code.bin: "SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/code.bin"
- code.ips: "SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/code.ips"

Use 3dsdb to get the game TID.

Changing SD redirection path:

To change the redirection path, use the included python script:


For example: SD :/folder/subfolder/

OnionFS_pathchange.py OnionFS.plg folder/subfolder

In the above example, the new paths would be SD :/folder/subfolder/(romfs/, code.bin, code.ips).

Debug mode:

If you are having issues, you can use OnionFS_debug.plg to output the plugin log to a file: SD :/OnionFS.log. The information given by the plugin may help you fixing what's wrong. It's not recommended to use the debug plugin for normal use as it may be slower.


1. Download the OnionFS.plg and copy it to SD :/plugin/.
2. (Optional) Place only the modified files in their respective folders inside SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/romfs/.
3. (Optional) Place your custom code.bin at SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/code.bin.
4. (Optional) Place the code.ips patch at SD :/OnionFS/(titleID)/code.ips.
5. Install and boot NTR CFW (I recommend using BootNTR Selector).
6. Enjoy. :)


cell9: for making NTR CFW and layeredfs plugin. :)
Nanquitas: for helping me a lot. :)
Aurora Wright: for the ips patching code. :)

Thread: OnionFS for NTR CFW
Author Posted on 2017/03/31
Nice work!
Only to bad I don't have NTR CFW, so I can't give it a try, but it's still a nice thing to have.

Remember that NTR CFW is just a cia and runs on top of other CFW. (Unless the reason you can't use it is because you only own a dev unit)
Thread: Checkpoint issues
Author Posted on 2017/04/24
PabloMK7 Sorry for being 10 days late, but I'm busy lately :P
Post an screenshot of your checkpoints.
Thread: Checkpoint issues
Author Posted on 2017/04/24
PabloMK7 There has to be an enemy route. You can't just delete it
Thread: Checkpoint issues
Author Posted on 2017/04/26
PabloMK7 are the enemy anf item points inside the checkpoints?
Thread: Checkpoint issues
Author Posted on 2017/04/26
PabloMK7 Send your kmp
Thread: Custom Karts?
Author Posted on 2017/05/07
PabloMK7 Karts have a lot of special properties that EFE cannot generate. You need to use Creative Studio
Thread: Crashing on console but not Citra Emulator?
Author Posted on 2017/05/11
PabloMK7 Could you send the entire szs?
Thread: How to extract files from a .cia ?
Author Posted on 2017/06/02
PabloMK7 HANS doesn't work on 11.4 because the homebrew launcher itself doesn't work on O3DS 11.4 (N3DS works fine)
Thread: How To Make Custom Karts?
Author Posted on 2017/06/02
PabloMK7 You need CS and maya plugins
Thread: Do you think there will an asm hack like ctgp-r for mario kart 7?
Author Posted on 2017/06/02
PabloMK7 There are already some minor asm hacks. However, with the power of NTR plugins we can do much better things than asm. (For example, OnionFS is nothing more than an asm hack that replaces the game open file function with a custom one). If enough research is made, sure it will be possible to do an asm as big as mkwii, but since there is much less interest in MK7, it will take a lot to be made, or just won't be made at all. (I cannot do it myself because lack of knowledge).
Thread: Do you think there will an asm hack like ctgp-r for mario kart 7?
Author Posted on 2017/06/03
PabloMK7 Obviusly, if you add more code it will take more time to be executed. But the same will happen with asm hacks. With plugins you can hook into game functions so your function will get executed from the plugin instead of the game, (asm jump).
Thread: Character textures are translucent.
Author Posted on 2017/06/04
PabloMK7 Don't remove the transparency! The alpha channel is treated as transparency by image editors, but in reality, it is an specular map. In specular maps, the "transparent" or white parts will allow light to be reflected from the model, while "less/non transparent" or grey/black parts will allow less/no light to be reflected. You can see the alpha channel by going the the channels tab and disabling RGB.

(Unlocked until the op replies)
Thread: Character textures are translucent.
Author Posted on 2017/06/04
PabloMK7 test
Thread: [TUTORIAL] How to add custom sfx (Voices , race sounds , etc.)
Author Posted on 2017/07/28
race music

What is the "race music"?
Thread: [TUTORIAL] How to add custom sfx (Voices , race sounds , etc.)
Author Posted on 2017/08/06
The "race music," is the music you hear when racing in a track. Like how in Toad Circuit your going to hear the Toad Circuit theme.

I still don't understand your question. Do you mean you want which tracks correspond to which music files? In that case you only have to look inside the romfs.
Thread: MKWii Track Ports
Author Posted on 2017/08/23
PabloMK7 I already told you on discord how to do it. You have to manually reduce the poly number to under 4000 tris. Asking the same question here won't change the answer. :P
Thread: MKWii Track Ports
Author Posted on 2017/08/24
PabloMK7 Mostly decoration.You should download the track and compare it to the original. Just remove the things you think aren't useful.
Thread: MKWii Track Ports
Author Posted on 2017/08/26
PabloMK7 No idea, I use maya. Make sure you are using the proper 3dsmax version
Thread: [WIP] Coruscant 9
Author Posted on 2017/09/10
PabloMK7 That won't work on MK7 physics , there are some places where the road is too steep.
Thread: Game whitescreens whenever I load a race with an edited racecommon.szs
Author Posted on 2018/01/08
PabloMK7 Most likely your model file size is too big. It could also be possible the szs is not compressed correctly.
Thread: CTGP-7 Installation Error-please help!!
Author Posted on 2018/02/27
PabloMK7 What Technical Suwako said. However I recommend you using NTR method if you have CFW as it's much better.
Thread: Help! - .ZIP file inside a .NDS ROM
Author Posted on 2018/03/01
PabloMK7 Open the file with a hex editor and send a screenshot of the first bytes
Thread: Help! - .ZIP file inside a .NDS ROM
Author Posted on 2018/03/02
PabloMK7 Try using 7-Zip instead.
Thread: Exporting Model to CMDL
Author Posted on 2018/05/15
PabloMK7 https://www.twilio.com/blog/2017/01/how-to-set-environment-variables.html
Thread: How do I edit track names?
Author Posted on 2018/05/15
PabloMK7 You are looking for the 8KB file inside UI/Common-XX.szs where XX is the lang code. (First letter region, second letter language)
Then use any msbt editor with that file.
Thread: CTGP-7 Crashes After Choosing Character
Author Posted on 2018/06/28
PabloMK7 Open the game without CTGP-7, get to the kart screen and unlock whatever kart it was locked.
Thread: Help out an advanced MK7 player
Author Posted on 2018/08/05
PabloMK7 Hey there!
I don't think there are more shortcuts looking at the checkpoints. Also I could just send you an screenshot but I think it's better you get the tools so you can take a more detailed look.
If you have the MK7 romfs you can use EveryFileExplorer to extract the kmp and then use KMP Expander to view it.
Thread: [TUTORIAL] Mario Kart 7 Texture Hacking
Author Posted on 2018/10/25
How do you add texture hacks to your 3DS with Luma

If you have CTGP-7 put the custom files in CTGP-7/gamefs/Course otherwise use Luma3DS layeredfs: https://github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/wiki/Optional-features