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CTGP-7 - Custom Track Grand Prix 7

CTGP-7 is a modpack for MK7 which includes several Custom Tracks, texture hacks, music hacks... (and Red Yoshi :3). It can be played using two different methods: HANS or NTR CFW. Here are the advantages of each one:

- NTR CFW (recommended): Easy install, can enable/disable custom tracks, can update itself without a PC, can go online if you have a prepatched 1.1 copy and you are in lastest firmware. NTR is not a standalone CFW, it works at the same time as your installed CFW, so it only makes a few patches to allow plugins to be loaded to games. In this case, it will install OnionFS that will redirect romfs reads to the SD. Works on versions from 9.0.0 to 11.5 CFW
- HANS: Launches from Homebrew Launcher, so no need to install anything else, however, it can't update, nor can disable/enable custom tracks. You can go online if you are in lastest version, or you use this. Works on versions from 9.0.0 to 11.3 (Doesn't work with 11.0 browserhax) (11.4/11.5 unknown)


Changelog video (0.9.3)

Changelog video (0.8.5)

Changelog video (0.6)

Review video (0.5.1):


Custom tracks:

Banshee Broadwalk 2
Elemental Cave
Space Road
Evergreen Crossing
Miku's Birthday Speculator
Bayside Boulevard
Shower Circuit
Galvarny Falls
GBA Cheese Land
GCN Wario Colosseum
GBA Bowser Castle 3
GBA Riverside Park
GBA Sky Garden
Concord Town
SNES Ghost Valley 2
GCN Peach Beach
DS Cheep Cheep Beach
SNES Mario Circuit 1
N64 Rainbow Road
Kalimary Icy Desert
N64 Mario Raceway
N64 Frappe Snowland
Autumn Forest
Wii Wario's Mine
DS Yoshi Falls
N64 Moo Moo Farm
DS Desert Hills
DS Tick Tock Clock
Castle Of Time
Melody Sanctum


cc modifier (ntr method)
Speedometer graphical/numerical (ntr method)
Backwards Camera
Warn Items with LED
Custom font
Yoshi eggs (shell model hack)
Custom menus
Red Yoshi
Gold Mario
Mr L.
Blue big wheels
Bandicoot Team Kart
Gold Mantis Kart
Silver Arrow Kart
Arcade Kart
DS Monster Tires
Fire Swooper
CTDP (Custom Track Download Play)
CT multiplayer
CT Online (only prepatched v1.1 game)



ONLINE COMMUNITY: 13-1941-7476-1448



- Redirected updates to dshack.org due to github dropping TLS1.1 support.


- Fixed all bugs related to external language loading.
- Added the following languages:

- German
- Dutch
- French
- Italian
- Japanese
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish


- Added multi-language support.

- Added English language
- (More languages to come very soon.)

- Removed the custom font temporarily so special symbols work.


- Added support for the upcoming Luma v9.0
- Fixed welcome message in O3DS.
- Added the possibility to open the NTR menu ingame.
- Further improvements to overall mod stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.


- Experimental features no longer experimental and enabled by default which involves:

- Ingame menu enabled by default, press (Select) to open it. (CTRPF)
- Old non-experimental features removed from the manager, those can be enabled from the ingame menu.

- Added graphical speedometer. The numerical speedometer can still be used.
- Added "warn items with LED" which will make the led blink when a blue shell is used.
- Disabled X+Y to open the NTR menu, an option to open that menu can be found in the ingame menu.
- Last enabled features and their proper settings are now saved between reboots.
- Home button disabled ingame due to memory limitations.
- Minor improvements and bugfixes.


Experimental features: (ntr)

- Added backwards camera. (Thanks to fishguy & Anto726)


- Fixed the experimental features not working with USA games.
- Forgot to add the new tracks to the Course Manager.

NOTE: If the speedometer doesn't work for you, remove the MK7 1.1 update from FBI

If you cannot update from 0.14-1 to 0.14.1-2 (ERROR 1149) do the following:
Press B to cancel the update.
Go to Settings -> Ingame Settings.
Go to page 4 by pressing R.
Press A to disable experimental features.
Try updating now.

Experimental features (NTR): (have to be enabled from the manager app)

- Added a new plugin using CTRPF.

- Open the new plugin using (Select).
- CC Selector and Speedometer has been moved to the new plugin.
- Custom Tracks are automatically disabled online, use the "Allow Online Custom Tracks" option to play in the community.

Normal features:

- Added Melody Sanctum (by SpyKid & Mecha).
- Added Castle Of Time (by MegaKart69 & Mecha).
- Replaced CT Canyon with Autumn Forest (by JorisMKW & Mence).

- Updated Shower Circuit.
- Updated GBA Sky Garden.
- Updated Concord Town.
- Updated N64 Mario Raceway.
- Updated Wii Wario's Gold Mine.
- Updated Evergreen Crossing.
- Updated Elemental Cave.

- Updated NTR to 3.6.


- Fixed the downloader.


- Updated N64 Rainbow Road to the latest version.
- Updated DS Cheep Cheep Beach to the latest version.


- Replaced Coral Cape with DS Cheep Cheep Beach.


- Updated SNES Mario Circuit 1 to the latest version.


- Finally fixed the crash in GBA Bowser Castle 3.
- Fixed a bug where some tracks were not being correctly disabled from the manager.


- Updated NTR from 3.4 to 3.5 (fixes streaming on 11.4)
- Using other BootNTR apps will no longer work, the CTGP-7 app is now required to launch the mod.
- You can use other BootNTR apps to launch your own plugins as CTGP-7 plugins are now in a different folder.
- Improved OnionFS speed, thanks Nanquitas ^^
- Minor bugfixes.
- Removed cia method.


- Added 11.4 support (thanks to Nanquitas).
- Updated DS Yoshi Falls to its latest version.


- Updated OnionFS to latest version.


- Updated OnionFS to latest version.


- Fixed menu edits to JPN game.


- Fixed lag caused by the 0.12.3 update.


- Made 1.1 update patch compatible with CTGP-7.
- Added Japanese game text edits (English only for now).


- Added Speedometer plugin
- Dropped NTR 3.2 and 3.3 support


- Added Silver Arrow Kart.


- Added Gold Mantis Kart. (by Tomix)
- Added Arcade Kart. (by Yawshi)
- Added MKDS Monster Tires. (by Tomix)
- Updated Green/Red eggs to latest version.
- Added cc modifier plugin.
- Added 11.3 support and updated NTR to ver. 3.4 Preview6. (thanks to cell9 & Nanquitas)
- Removed LED tricks plugin. (was only a POC)


- Improved the custom font.


- Updated Bandicoot Team Kart.


- Removed 1st place beats.
- Updated N64 Frappe Snowland.


- Added DS Yoshi Falls Custom Music(by JoshhMarshh)
- Added N64 Moo Moo Farm Custom Music (by Inasa Nijiotoko)


- NTR method installation bugfixes.
- Better NTR method update source.


- Bugfixes for the new NTR method.


- Faster NTR installation method.


- Fixed "Failed creating SSL context" error.


- Fixed some ingame repeating text. (thanks to Gaming796)


- Fixed crash for N3DS users (notification being added with ntr loaded).


- Add 11.2 support to ntr method.
- Fixed bugs related to ntr loading.


- Added Mario Kart style loading animation.
- Fixed N64 Frappe Snowland crash (again).


- Manager bugfixes.


- Updated 200cc plugin (made compatible with any MK7 version/region).
- Fixed a bug when 200cc and led tricks were both enabled.


- Updated Miku's Birthday Spec.
- Updated 200cc plugin (EUR/USA v1.1)


- Added 11.1 support to NTR method.


- Fixed GBA Cheese Land bug
- Fixed SNES Ghost Valley 2 bug
- Implemented Nanquitas' BootNTR into the manager


- Added LED tricks plugin
- Updated Banshee Broadwalk (fixes lag)
- Improved the NTR manager


- Added custom music to Concord town. (music)


- Added Banshee Broadwalk 2
- Added Elemental Cave


Q. Which method do you recommend?
A. I recommend using NTR CFW, as it can be installed very quickly, updated without the need of a PC and allows some extra features. If you don't have CFW, then use HANS method, since it can be used with Homebrew Launcher.

Q. I can't go online because the game tells me to update Mario Kart 7. (HANS method)
There are two different MK7 versions, 1.0 and 1.1. You can only go online if your game is in 1.1, even without the eshop 1.1 update patch. Let me explain this, Back when Nintendo released the 1.1 patch in the eshop (about 2012), they stopped producing 1.0 cartridges, and started producing 1.1 cartridges, which had the update patch already applied in the rom itself. I'll refer to those games as prepatched games. (this applies to cartridges and digital versions). Only 1.1 prepatched games will be able to go online, because HANS just doesn't load the eshop update patch. (You may still see the v1.1 label in the multiplayer menu, but that's just because the romhack is based on 1.1 files). If you have bought a 1.0 digital version, backup your save, uninstall the game and download it again from the eshop. This action will install the prepatched 1.1 game. If you have a 1.0 cartridge version, nothing can be done right now.

Q. The game crashes at some points.
A. This mod is not perfect, and that's why it's still in BETA. If the game crashes during a race, try disabling L2 cache and cpu settings in luma if you are using CFW. Else, please report it here, or if you don't have a github account, send me a PM.

Q. Will this mod overwrite my MK7 game?
A. Nope, the patches are temporal and will be gone after a reboot. It will however overwrite ghosts if you beat your previous ones in Time Trials. You can backup your save with JKSV.

HANS method (not recommended):

In this guide I assume:
- You have access to homebrew launcher, and have the latest starter kit copied to your SD.
- You have a MK7 copy (physical, digital or installed cia)
- You can open zip files.
- You know that MK7 means Mario Kart 7 :P

0. If you already have a decrypted cia/3ds file the same region and version of your game, or dumped from it, go to step 6.
1. Download braindump, and copy the braindump folder to the 3ds folder in your SD.
2. Get into homebrew launcher and select braindump and press A. It will ask you for a target title, select MK7 and press A.
3. It will start dumping your game, if it fails, power off and try again (may need a few tries).
4. After it has finished dumping, extract your SD and go to your PC. You should see "0000000000030X00.cxi" (X = 6 -> JAP, 7 -> EUR, 8 -> USA) on your SD root.
5. Download official CTGP-7.zip from the link above, and extract it somewhere in your PC. Then copy "0000000000030X00.cxi" to the same folder you extracted CTGP-7.zip
6. Run Build_CTGP7.bat (it may tell you not to execute bat files if you don't trust the source, it's up to you if you trust me or not :P).
7. A black window will open, ask the questions by pressing a number and then enter. (Game region, cia install availability and the method you want to use.)
8. After you have selected hans method in the black window, it will ask you to for your MK7 cia/3ds/cxi filename. Just press 00 and then tab key, so it autocompletes to 0000000000030X00.cxi and press enter.
9. Now it will start building CTGP-7, just wait until it finishes.
10. Go to log folder and open errorlog.txt, if you see any errors, read the troubleshooting section before proceeding.
11. Copy the contents of "output" folder near Build_CTGP7.bat to the root of your SD.
12. Insert the SD in your 3DS, go to the homebrew launcher , you will see CTGP-7 icon, run it.
13. Enjoy.


NTR method (recommended):

In this guide I assume:
- You have a MK7 copy (physical, digital or installed cia)
- You know that MK7 means Mario Kart 7 :P
- You have a CFW set up. (I recommend Luma3DS)
- You can install cias. (I recommend using FBI)

1. Copy the CTGP-7.zip file (use Google to find the CTGP-7 download) to the SD root (the zip should be 200MB more or less). Don't extract it, just place it there.
2. Install the CTGP-7 installer cia (qr code for FBI -> Remote Install -> QR Code):

3. Launch the CTGP-7 installer cia, it will do the rest of the process automatically. (If you get error codes, read the troubleshooting section.)
4. Once it's done, the installer will automatically be replaced by the CTGP-7 manager cia, don't remove it or install the CTGP-7 installer again!
4.1: You may get an error the first time you try to launch CTGP-7, a reboot will fix it.



- Black screen after selecting CTGP-7: You may have an old starter kit or *hax installed, try updating to lastest starter kit and lastest *hax version. (Tested with *hax 2.8). NOTE: Rosalina homebrew laucher is not compatible with HANS, use NTR method instead.

- Missing target title:
It can't detect your MK7 copy, either the game card isn't inserted, or you have selected the wrong region in Build_CTGP7. (Remember that "0000000000030X00.cxi" X = 6 -> JAP, 7 -> EUR, 8 -> USA).

- CTGP-7 icon doesn't show: You haven't copied the files to your SD correctly, make sure you copy the contents inside "output" folder, not the "output" folder itself to the SD card root. Also make sure you are using the most recent homebrew launcher.

- The main menu shows version 1.1 but I can't go online: The 1.1 string is there because the mod is based on 1.1 files, however if you have a 1.0 game, you won't be able to go online. Read the FAQ for more info.

- There is an error inside errorlog.txt:

- Error: "Not decrypted/MK7 game/error extracting romfs"
- Solution: The cxi is corrupted (try dumping it again, braindump may create bad dumps sometimes), or it isn't Mario Kart 7.

- Error: "Error opening input file"
- Solution: This can be because you have entered the wrong cxi filename, or braindump didn't dump the cxi correctly. Repeat from step 2 if this is the case.

- Error: "Error creating (foldername)"
- Solution: Ignore it.

- Installation error codes:
You may get error codes if something goes wrong in the installation, here are their meaning:

- Errors 1 to 5: The zip data is corrupted and some files are missing, check you have dowloaded the latest zip and installer.
- Error 6: The "CTGP-7_installer.cia" and "CTGP-7.zip" versions do not match, make sure you have downloaded lastest CTGP-7 zip and CTGP-7 installer.

- After launching CTGP-7, an error pops up: This may happens sometimes. Just save and reboot and try again. :P

- #Unknown firmware: Make sure your system version is compatible with NTR method. If Nintendo has released an update recently, a CTGP-7 update will be released soon to fix the problem. It may also happen because your CFW is outdated.

- Infinite 3DS logo when launching MK7 or starts unmodded: Make sure your CFW is updated. Make sure you are not using an outdated CFW such as rxtools. Make sure you are not using an outdated CTGP-7 version.


DarkFlare: Custom Track Maker & Original Idea.
PabloMK7: Custom Track Maker, menu edits, manager app, plugins.
Ermelber: Custom Track Maker & KMP expander developer.
MKGirlism: Custom Track Maker & server hosting.
MK7Tester: Custom Track Maker.
Stewie1.0: Custom Track Maker.
SpyKid: Custom Track Maker.
Mence: Custom Track Maker
MegaKart69: Custom Track Maker.
JorisMKW: Custom Track Maker.
Baoulettes: Custom Track Maker.
Dandy: Custom Track Maker.
Mecha: Custom Track Maker.
Szymbar: Custom Track Maker.
Maxi.: Custom Track Maker.
TheZoroak007: Custom Track Maker.
Gericom/MKDS3: Every File Explorer developer.
Yoshidude4: Custom Track maker & Custom Kart Maker.
Tomix: Custom Kart Maker.
ElKerouz: Gold Mario, menu icons.
Cochu U: DS Desert Hills music maker.
cell9: NTR CFW developer, leyeredfs.
Fishguy: Speedometer
smealum: *hax and hans developer.
Rinnegatamante: lpp 3DS.
Nanquitas: help & BootNTR Selector.

m 00 vin
All the people who helped in reddit and/or github!


If you want to contribute to the project, send me a PM.
If you see any glitch/bug ingame/in the manager app, please report it here.
I highly appreciate any of those contributions :D
Author Posted on 2015/10/28
Platinatic That's pretty cool!
The fact that it can be done using Tube/ironhax is even better!
Good Job!
Author Posted on 2015/10/28
Platinatic *This post was created accidentaly due to site lag*
Author Posted on 2015/10/29
Noahkiq Sucks that it doesn't always work. :/ But CTGP-7 is still really cool.
Author Posted on 2015/12/15
Y0shimario0 The unofficial online community is: 13-1941-7476-1448
Author Posted on 2016/02/15
MK7tester In case anyone doesn't know yet, CTGP 7 v0.3 has been released.

- Added NTR CFW support.
- Added 4 new tracks (SNES Ghost Valley 2 by Stewie, GCN Peach Beach, SNES Choco Island 2, and GCN Waluigi Stadium by me)
- Added some custom kart/emblem
- Added Gold Mario and MR L.
- Removed Sandcastle Park

According to pablo, this update is going to be followed by some smaller updates adding more tracks.

Also, if pablo reads this, one of these next updates should REMOVE GCN Waluigi Stadium. Although I can't test it myself, a few sources have told me that the track lags really bad online despite working fine on single player. So, unless Pablo's okay with it under-performing online, we could have Stewie's Miku Pinball texture or Alex's cool cool pinball texture hack until there is a release for Waluigi stadium that is more stable online. It saddens me to want to exclude my own port, but it will be aggravating if someone chooses random in a CTGP room and it gets Waluigi stadium, only to prompt a long, slow, boring laggy race.
Author Posted on 2016/02/16
MKGirlism MK7Tester, use just the Video ID to embed it.
Author Posted on 2016/04/18